These Tune up Products End Motor Wear, Tune up, Performance Problems. Restores power, zip, fuel economy fast!

Have a motor running, tune up, or performance problem?

    I'll show you how to install these inexpensive, fast acting, pour-in-n-drive product secrets so you can quickly end your own residue, sticking, binding, tap, tune up, or motor wear performance problem, yourself.

    They are a great new way to restore and then add years more of great, dependable, driving from any car, truck, or tractor.

We use these tuneup products in gallon sizes - because of convenience.

    However, here is what they look like bottled, when we send them to you - with simple easy-to-follow instructions, you - and any man or women can easily follow, to end your motor problem.

Tuneup Products, Additives from Mega Power

What you should know

    This tune up brand is not sold in parts or discount stores - only online direct.

    Provide a great running motor again - a few minutes after the install.

    Save yourself the costly labor part of the service [about $70] by doing the 2 steps we show you. Or, your mechanic can install the product treatment for a small fee. Either way, it's easy, I'll show you how...

Let me explain why these tuneup products are different, better, and the ones you need to use.

    They are the exact product I use to end my customers motor, tuneup, fuel injector, car problems.

    The very same ones I use and teach mechanics to use.

    They are a Mega Power Brand, Professional Grade Product.

    That means, no other product is stronger, safer, or has the exact ingredients needed to do the job right, as this brand.

You can install them - if you know how to add gas and oil to your car.

    You will have the same, simple, 100% effectiveness, as if you came into my shop, for me to installed them, for you.

    Since you're probably in some other part of the country, my do-it-yourself tuneup method gives you the same desired results I give - guaranteed!

    I gladly refund you your cost - if this happens to be not the item you need. You keep the product - for trying my suggestion - as part of my way of saying - "try this and see."

    Please Note: No refunds requested for over 287 days.

Here' why Mega Power is different and why it works.

Mega Power is designed to correct and end

    Friction-based problems - the primary cause of most "power problems."

    Friction causes abrasion and drag - and when it occurs, pistons, bearings, valves, and gears rub - and absorb power, instead of passing the power along to turn the wheels.


    Residues are a close second cause of sticking and a primary cause of performance, tuning, fuel waste problems in areas where oil cannot reach - cannot end, but, Mega Power does.

    As you can visualize, we are ending problems where new spark plugs and electronic parts can't remedy.

    Those occurring deep inside, wherever fuel, air, oil, and exhaust go. That is where Mega Power works. A great invention!

    Minutes after following my simple install procedure - your car, pickup, truck, RV, and heavy equipment will feel and sound just like it has just gotten the best tune up money can buy! Even better!

Please Note:

    This is not a miracle product. No! Its smart chemistry, by a company leading the way with new products for today's cars and equipment maintenance and care.

    For us and fleet servicing, they are packaged in gallons.

    For others, they come as you see above, in 6, 12oz containers - called a kit.

    3 are installed in the top of the motor, and 3 installed in the bottom of the motor - a week later. Because that is what works.

Each install has the maximum ability to seek out and end each different cause of a problem - not just dirty injectors. Using the 6 needed items, for a "treatment effect," include the following:

  • Four heat-attracting cleaners that work among your motors extremely high temperature - that is unique.

  • Two, super powerful penetrates are included. These help the cleaners free sticking piston rings, lifters, and valves - so smooth operating action occurs again.

  • On top of that, Mega Power includes two wear-resistant surface coatings, to fill worn spaces, and and so moving parts slide freely - passing power to the wheels. This makes the motor run quiet, smoother, but powerful, again - like when near new!

My tips are Field tested, not advertising hype. They are the reason why we Guarantees results to be exactly as stated - or your money promptly refunded. They work every time!

Product cost is $99 to $149 installed.

Product Kit Cost is just $75 plus $15 s&h= $90 total, shipped with instructions, guarantee, and my personal phone help included, when you install the product. Shipped FedEx to your door. [Pay by Visa M/C]

Order 2 sets, for 2 vehicles, total $150 and get free shipping. Save $30.

To order this product, have a question, call me... george at 1 512 665 3388

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There, you will have my other do-it-yourself "recipes" - and those products that are the same as I teach mechanics, to fix their customers wear and performance problems.

Call me to order this product..... George Christ. 512 665 3388 Order on line or by calling me. Call me for help if you like. America's expert on additives.