Weaknesses of BG Products.

Most additives are using new chemical cleaning compounds and conditioners to meet engine cleaning needs, while BG uses weaker 45 year old detergents limiting todays tune repair performance results.

Weaknesses of BG products can be offset by Mega Power additives  that do more for the engine and gears, as this picture shows.Weaknesses of BG products can be offset by Mega Power additives that do more for the engine and gears, as this picture shows.

Weaknesses of BG products:

Taken from: http://www.flatratetech.com/community/index.php?showtopic=30471

.... "Not to hijack, but what evidence have you seen with BG that it sucks so bad? I've used it for ~2500 passes and ~70K miles changing it evry other year and have ahd no problems. Not questioning what you have found, just curious? 

Answer: Weakness of BG products

"Sure, no problem! What we run into is many of our customers are running our trannies on the edge of breaking and well beyond the designed limits of the gears. This allows us to see what an oil is doing very quickly. I would assume you haven't seen anything due to the fact that with your vehicle the gears may not be working as hard.

"It has come to the point now that when a customer tells us they are using BG additives, we know the unit is going to be a disaster. Every time we tear a BG trans down, we find the following:

Weaknesses of BG products

1) Severely worn hub thrust surfaces, which we never see with the Redline or Mitsu fluids.


2) Wiped out shift forks. The aluminum wipes off and transfers to the slider.

3) Excessive gear wear. Sometimes it's so bad that the gear would start fretting. With Redline or Mitsu fluid, we see a nice polished surface. With products like BG, we see a smeared and wiped out surface and sometimes it gets so bad that chunks of metal will start to come off the teeth.

4) Bearings under a lot of pressure, like our intermediate shaft bearings, will start fretting.


Many other things in the trans will also just be worn out. Usually a BG trans will cost more than our standard rebuild as it will need so much more replaced.

Weak BG products:

The reason people love BG so much in the DSM world is due to the fact that the stuff is so bad, and creates so much friction in the unit, that it makes worn synchros feel better. The added friction in the unit due to the BG oil will allow the synchro to operate a little better (synchros use friction to synchronize the assembly) but this will also create friction in other places too, which is a very bad thing.

"DO NOT use Synchromesh, BG Synchroshift I or II, or Royal Purple. These fluids will destroy synchros and gears and void your warranty! What is Clutch Drag and Why Should I Care? When a clutch drags, it is not letting go of the disk fully which overloads the synchros and burns up the friction surfaces quickly. " http://www.jackstransmissions.com/search?q=bg

Weakness of BG products Forum

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