Fastest acting valve tap additive to quiet your motor tap, uses friction modifiers to do so - not harmful solvents.   Our product for your engine quiets and slows wear-out, to provide you years-more stronger, like-new quiet power.

Valve tap additive from Mega Power ends tapping 3 ways.

If you can stop your engine noise sooner than later, you have a good chance of avoiding one of your pistons busting out of your motor. 

Our Mega Power Valve Tap Additive recommendation will do just that for you! Just install it - its easy, and drive. Driving ends the tap and chemistry returns a quiet- stronger running, like near new motor for you, again!

If you seen a mechanic, you may be surprised that the tap tap tap fix runs more than $2000.

What is the cause of your engine noise?

The cause of tapping occurs by these 3 problems Mega Power ends for you:

  1. Residues are caused by "Blowby" which block oil to space-reducing automatic valve wear adjusters, causing them to collapse  - a sudden space appears, and the tap you hear when the space closes during each engine rotation. Mega Power removes these residue blocking negatives restoring the oil flow to pump up and move the adjuster outward to fill your motor's wear space - ending that cause of the tap for you. You want that advantage working for you!
  2. Residues on valves stems. Gooey, tar-like residues will slow down the snappy closing speed of your engines many valves. This creates a space and causes the tap tap tap noise. Mega Power removes these gooey residues now choking down your valves fast closing speed - ending that cause of the tap for you.  You want that advantage working for you, also!
  3. Friction drag: As engine parts wear away, and transmission parts and gears for that matter, lots of horsepower reducing, horsepower stealing resistance spreads through out your engine - making your motor seem worn out - when its not - yet! Mega Power removes your engines wear caused friction, and fills worn spaces - ending that cause of your engine noise - and adding years more stronger, quieter, like-near-new power to your car again. You want that advantage working for you!

Mega Power Valve Tap Additive uses 6 items found to end tapping, restore lost power, and this product puts off actual need for repair - often times for years to com - say our customers. 

Details: learn more here.

Mega Power Valve Tap Additive removes your engine's  residue and friction caused tap, and fills worn spaces - ending the cause of your engine noise. You want those advantages working for you!

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