Using 0W-20 Oil Won't Reduce Valve Noise During Winter. But this will... Avoiding a costly repair

Question about ending your engine valve noise:

Can using a thin oil quiet and end the problem?

Mobil One Answer:  "Use thicker oil, if thin oil won't quiet the valve noise."

However, you will notice, thinner motor oil does not quiet or end the problem!

Attemts at ending valve tap. What works. What don't!

If you tried changing from one brand oil, or oil additive product or another that failed to work, or changed oil thickness and your car or truck motor still runs with a noisy tapping sound. Even if your motor sounds like your grandmother's old sewing machine, this product from Mega Power will quiet your motor's noisy valves - in just a few minutes to a day of driving. As explained below.

Here's why thinner or thicker oil can't quiet your engine's noisy valves - and how you can do so using this new, easy, inexpensive way.

About valves

  • Valves - which operate in temperatures 3 times that of what any motor oil can stand, must operate with plenty of oil running over them cooling them and lubing them continuously. About 600 to 1200 degrees temperature. In that extreme...
  • Valves operate quietly by movement of several parts all touching each other in their up - down cycle, dozens of times a minute.
  • In time, a sticky residue from the breakdown of motor oil - collects on valve heads and the related related parts.That is the enemy causing your problem. That tar-like stickiness slows down your engine valves snappy closing movement.
  • When that slower closing actions happens, a space between valve parts opens up. What you hear are those parts banging loosely against each other.  Tap tap tap
  • So, as you can see, much more than what's in motor oil and in part store additives is needed to clean and free valves of their tar-like coating.

One Remedy

Tearing apart your motor by a mechanic and replacement of those and related parts are the normal  valve noise ending $2000 plus remedy.

Take your car to several mechanics for their opinion and cost Your choice will keep the car for a week to tear into and rebuild the top half of your motor.

As you can see, this is a serious problem.

Our New Valve Noise Ending Remedy from Mega Power

  • Research has shown, it takes 6 different ingredients to get in and go where your  motor oil can't go, there under those sticky residues - to remove them.
  • Mega Power uses those ingredients to remove, free and clean and smooth or heal, and end noisy valve problems. In most cases, Mega Power does so in a few minutes to a day of drving. Driving does the fix. Nothing to take apart. For under $100.
  • Mega Power, using your motors extreme temperatures as an advantage uses Hi-tech chemistry as the only way found to stop your valve noise - instead of your taking your motor apart.
  • Works in transmissions to protect them, too!

Order the Mega Power Valve Noise Ending Treatment NOW!

     Your car motor and wallet needs Mega Power.

     Order now online.

     Mega Power comes to your door by FedEx, with easy-to-install              directions, phone help, and money back guarantee.

     Mega Power comes with 6 items. One is added to the gas, one to           air intake, and oil, and 3 a week later during an oil change. Results         are quick and quieting!

     You need this product to end your car's valve noise and prevent             other wear and tear problems. Order by phone or online, now!

Order one Mega Power Valve Treatment 6 items as shown Just $65 plus $15s&h =$80 total. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 2-3 days, with easy-to-install directions, phone help if needed, and a money back guarantee.

Order two Mega Power Valve Treatments to protect  both cars 12 items as shown Just $115 plus $15s&h =$130 total. Save $30. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 2-3 days, with easy-to-install directions, phone help if needed, and a money back guarantee.

Order Mega Power for your Motor and Transmission 9 items. Shipped by FedEx to your door in 2-3 days, with easy-to-install directions, phone help if needed, and a money back guarantee. Just $115 plus $15s&h= $130 total. Save $25

Mega Power crawls to frees engine and transmission valves to end valve noise like tapping, and rough shift in transmissions.

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