Additives to end truck engine problems

Mega Powers 3 Part Engine Treatment Gives older engines a 3 system tuneup in minutes that last for yearsMega Powers 3 Part Engine Treatment Gives older engines a 3 system tuneup in minutes that last for years

If you want a method of care that cuts repairs in half and doubles the life of your cars, understand the following.

Is your engine suffering from these problems?

  • Most engine problems like the following are ended With Additives called an engine treatment from Mega Power.
  • Hesitation/stumble. "Is it electronic fuel or wear caused," no matter.  I used these 3 products to clean internal conditions - to remove wear and residues causing problems. 
  • Blowby. "Is my engine shot? Do I need a new engine?" These 3 products limit blowby and controls it from then on!
  • Maybe oil burning. Oil consumption. "Is an overhaul in my near future," they wonder? Install these 3 products as shown and watch oil burning subside to normal again.
  • Exhaust smoke under acceleration. "Is my fuel pump going bad? Or do I need my injectors removed and bench tested?"
  • That is how I stop my diesel engine problems?
  • Will it do the same for your engine? There's a good chance if you red this far. 
  • Order and Install this Mega Power Engine Treatment in your fuel and oil to rid it of internal problems from wear and residues.
Mega Power Diesel Engine Treatment Helping truck equipment owners end internal problems - to keep trucks going.Mega Power Diesel Engine Treatment Helping truck equipment owners end internal problems - to keep trucks going.

Ordering Mega Power Engine Treatment info:

Usage to restore motor performance upon delivery to you:

  • For 3 gallon to 5 gallon oil capacity motors.
  • Add red label to fuel tanks. 2 quarts to each 25 to 50 gallon tank.
  • Add white label to motor oil. Drive for a week. Overfill if full. Won't hurt.
  • Do oil change. 
  • Include black label gallon with new oil.
  • That Mega Power Engine Service recipe ends all common engine problems. Directions included. Satisfaction guarantee included.
  • Shipped to your door by Fedex 3 day. 
  • Cal to ask a question: Order by phone 512 665 388

Includes 3 gallons needed. Just $299 total ship any 50 usa states. Elsewhere $40 to $70 ship charge - add after order is place to your cc.

To order Click crt button. Order 1 or more kits to service each truck. Gas or diesel.

Problems and products to end them.

What at could be wrong?"  Those types of problems can be a pain to track down, and if the problem is an intermittent one, it can be months before the cause is found.

With my truck last year, I was on a 400 mile trip with about 50 miles to run. I decided to pull over in a small town for a break. As I was part way through a U turn, doing about 5 mph, the engine stumbled and cut out.

Power steering dropped out, but luckily I was able to bring the truck to a stop just in time to avoid smashing into a curb. Started the truck again, and you know, this problem has never happened since.

However, the problem I have now I feel is a wear problem. Do you think with lots of miles, I headed for an expensive repair?

 The engine would idle perfectly, but as soon as you put your foot on the gas pedal, the rpm's seem to rise a bit slower than it use too.

Truck engine problems.
I feel your trial of Mega Power will introduce a self fix to wear and tear causing as your engine problem. 
Here's What I know from research.

More... engine problem and solutions

At higher revs the engine seemed to be slightly down on power. I'm thinking the problem was fuel delivery?  I spent a lot of time looking at things in this area, and tired those truck stop additives. Ther's not much to them in the help. 

This article isn't intended to be a complete treatise on wear and residue identification but helpful to a certain brand of Mega Power truck engine additives  I feel your trial of Mega Power will introduce a self fix to your problem wear and tear is causing as a - your engine problem. Here's What I know from research.

  • Mega Power will end all of the above problems chemically. 
  • Mega Power is not cheap! Cheap stuff can't have much in them - neither can expensive products - but these are field tested with against every other additive - and me and thousands of truckers and truck owners love Mega Power helping our truck engines and gear boxes run good as new - even in older worn units.
  • Sulfur in fuel and oils  when mixed in a stew of air, heat and oil create acids.  Mega Power will nutralize acids and coat engine parts to prevent future acids from etching piston bearing and gear suraces.
  • Mega Power is a Friction Modifier. It will lube up to the melting point of metal!
  • You can decide to have your engine fixed - but if you try the following link on Mega Power Truck Engine additives nd purchase a treatment 2 treatments - one for a good like new truck engine and one in a worn truck - both trucks will suddenly give impresice results!
  • The truck with running = wear - performance. or blowby, oil burn, smoke problem will suddenly run good as new - from the chemical rejuvenation.
  • This Mega Power Treatment cleans and heals from the fuel tank, filter, pump injectors, intake manifold, combustion area, rings and valves - and the entire oiling system below in the engine. 
  •  Mega Power enables a return chemically to years-back in time solution quickly. Mega Power for the above reasons will prove to be your first line of defense.
  •  And a return of years more service - you did not know was possible chemically.

If you are going to fix it yourself, then you must invest in learning more by reading a few pages and thinking about what research and chemistry can do for your truck it is doing to help you when ailing. 

While this article concentrates on a Partial quote from: Refrigerated Transporter Web Site it will help you understand engine problems and solutions Mega Power offers to help your rigs run great at the lowest cost per mile. 

Truck engine problem rates in 2010 accelerate,
J D Power study reveals. Sep 7, 2010 10:23 AM

Emission and electronic problems grow.

  • "The study also finds that the number of engine problems increases by 55%, on average, after 50,000 miles of usage—up to 80.5 problems per 100 vehicles (PP100) from 51.9 PP100. As a result, satisfaction with engines decreases by nearly 40 points (on a 1,000-point scale) after 50,000 miles.
  • Now in its 14th year, the study measures customer satisfaction with engines and transmissions in one-year-old heavy-duty (Class 8) trucks. Engines from Detroit Diesel and Navistar perform particularly well.
  • The most commonly reported engine problems are issues with electronic control module calibration (cited by 14% of owners) and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valve (13%).
  • This study is based on the responses of 1,682 primary maintainers of one model-year-old heavy-duty (Class 8) trucks. The study was fielded in February and March 2010.
  • J D Power and Associates 2010 US Heavy-Duty Truck Engine and Transmission Study released recently."
  • For more information, visit

Problem solving truck additives for truck engine problems

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