Truck engine complaints and remedies: fuel, combustion, an emission problem-ending  strategies.

Truck engine complaints and remedies.

JBPower Car/Truck Reports:

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Reducing emissions creates new and costlier engine problems

Quote: "The most problematic engine and fuel problems are driven by technology that is designed to reduce emissions from heavy-duty truck engines. 

Increase in performance problems for truck owners 

"Following the revised EPA regulations in 2007, there was an increase in problems and a decline in customer satisfaction, and we anticipated the same thing would happen with the introduction of 2010 EPA-compliant engines," said Brent Gruber, director of the commercial vehicle practice at J.D. Power and Associates. 

The problem is a dirty one

"Emission-related technology results in a high rate of problems, particularly with ECM calibration, exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) valves and engine sensors. The new, more complex engines are resulting in more problems and downtime."

More downtime. More expense

Vocational truck customers experience an average of 2.2 unscheduled maintenance procedures per year, resulting in an average of 7 days of downtime, while on-highway owners report an average of 2.9 unscheduled maintenance procedures, or an average of 7.7 days of downtime." End of quote. See this article for emission problem preventing Treatments. Using fuel, combustion, an emission additives to end emission exhaust and cat dirty problems.

Some truck owners are taking a lesson from car owners in-the-know, who, in cars have avoided fuel combustion an emission problems, and trucks owners using certain brands of fuel and engine fuel combustion and emission cleaners - like car owners, have  for years avoid those avoidable, premature, engine problems - most truck owners experience.

Mega Powers method of engine care is simple, pays for itself, and may keep thousands more of your hard earned dollars in your pockets for other concerns.

The picture: While nearly all mechanics miss the concept of how acids heat and combustion form sludge, and of how acids create friction, to produce years sooner wear-out, you should remember that point.

By use of Mega Powers protective Engine Treatments you are investing in a product that cleans where no other oil or product can, and neutralizes acids directly and indirectly, an keeps clean your fuel, engine, and emission parts clean 2 to 4 times longer - truckers who use Mega Power, tell us.

What you should know

As  mechanic and Mega Power Believer, who has torn down engines using Mega Power, as well a those using other forms of care, I find the Mega Power treated engines always to be clean, few worn parts - and repair needed  was because a part broke or failed in some way not related to wear.

Video of wear preventing benefits

With Mega Power, you gain advantages no other additive brand offers. Mega Power friction modifies! This advantage will heal an stop the eating away of the surfaces of your pistons bearings valves gears - you gain a powerful, but inexpensive.

These vehicle owners have ignored the hype about additives and tried Mega Power. So should you!

That brand of fuel and engine fuel combustion and emission cleaners favored to avoid, or put off fuel combustion an emission problems is from Mega Power.

Learn more about ending your truck engine complaints and what remedies works to clean and protect  your equipment motors, running clean and protected and great running for years to come.

On a smart phone, to ask a question, order products mentioned in this review, call me at 512 665 3388

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