This transmission flush review offers How-to tips & introduces you to problem solving conditioners. These are the secrets you need to get shifting smoothly down the road of life, trouble free again

OUR transmission flush review.

What you should know about new ways to end your transmission problem.

When your car was new, your transmission shift valves, bearings, gears, pumps, and clutches were clean, shinny smooth, and fitted close together. That made gear shifting effortlessly and your clean engine produce the best horsepower.

Problems start as acids and friction etch away and roughen your transmission's smooth, shinny gears and bearing surfaces into dull, power absorbing parts.

In time friction and residue buildup causes shift valves and gear shift parts to resist smooth movement. You notice it causing your shifting to be rougher, jerky, slow, or slipping - and worrisome.

If not stopped, those negatives increas wear-out and speed-up costly repairs, years sooner.

Until a product called Mega Power came out, you couldn't do anything about it.

The typical remedy for such problems are a fluid and filter change.   If this does not remedy your problem, most any transmission shop will tell you it takes  $1500 to  $3000 for a transmission overhaul to end your problem. Not anymore!

Instead, try our transmission flush reviewed product from Mega Power first. Mega Power will end your problem.  And do so for under $100 - yourself.

Our Mega Power FLUSH review. We will shows you how easy it is to use this service product as a required transmission fluid exchange service . With Mega Power you change your dirty fluid, one trouble maker - but not the top problem maker.

With Mega Power you also smooth and clean the dirty troublesome friction roughen surfaces. This is what will end your shift problems! And Mega Power goes one better by adding anti-wear advantages no other product has! Mega Power benefits you with years longer trouble free transmission problems. That is the best way to prevent and end problems in your transmission. Please note:

If you read this far, you can see how your transmission problems are occurring. What you need is Mega Power to end them.

Mega Power's Transmission Flush and Reconditioning Treatment is what you need to order to correct  or eliminate your transmission  rough shift, slippage, and leak.

Transmission flush review Directions

Mega Power for your transmission is a 3 part treatment, shown here.  Online ordering. Money back guaranty info.

Mega Power uses a simple 2 steps method to install. Driving ends your problem. It comes shipped by FedEx in about 3 days, with directions, and phone help if needed, and guarantee. Ordering info below. Directions....

  1. Step one is to add the yellow item in the box - the flush chemical, to your transmission fluid. Drive for 10 minutes and shift the gears into and out of all positions -  and then change the old fluid with new.

You can add the cleaner at home and drive to your quick lube             have them do a fluid exchange.

       2- Step two. After the new fluid is installed, install the 2 remaining Mega Power MC+ Conditioners in on top of the new fluid. Drive as usual.

Driving as usual completes the Mega Power conditioning as the chemistry smooths, heals, then coats. Those unique advantage returns movement to your cars former like-new operation - then keeps it that way for years to come.

Our Transmission flush review shows you this marvelous invention that works in both new and older engines, transmissions, power steering, and radiator cooling systems. Each neutralizes acids, removes problem causing friction and residues, and add MC+ anti-wear to add many years more dependable service to each car serviced with Mega Power.

Harmful products.Please note: Part store transmission flush additives require a 2 minute rinse time to avoid friction and raid wear damage. Avoid those products, covered in this link.

Transmission flush review: Mega Power Ordering info.

Order one Mega Power Transmission Flush Treatment. 3 items as shown. Includes easy to do instructions, phone help if needed, guarantee, shipped to your door by FedEx or USPS in about 3 days. 

Why wait until your transmission gets beyond this help and breaks? Order Mega Power now! Avoid a big car repair bill - make your wife happy you found a fix you both can live with!

Ordering info

    One Mega Power Transmission Treatment. Pictured above.

           Includes 3 items, easy to follow directions, and my phone help if needed during installation. Guarantee. 2-4 day delivery by FedEx to your door. Just  $60+ $15 s&h= $75 total.

Two MP Transmission Treatments for two cars or trucks. 6 items.  $100+ $15s&h= $115 total. Save $35.

    Fleet or Auto Repair resell products: Six Treatments for 6 cars. Just $240+$20s&h= $260 Total. Save $130. Shipped to your door or business. 2-4 day delivery time.

Order Mega Power for your Motor and Transmission Save $30.
Just $110+ $15s&h= $125 total. Regular price $155. 9 items included.

To order by phone, or ask a question, call me... george at 512 665 3388 Small additional charge outside of 48 State Side delivery.

    Email: Prompt replies always.
    Address: 210 Durango Street. San Marcos, Texas 78666

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