This new transmission fix restores instant smooth shift in any transmission. It frees sticky shift valves and smooths rough gear movers - nothing else can, restoring strong smooth shifting. A bonus advantage adds anti-wear for years longer life.

When your transmission acts up, it usually is the results of 3 problems working against each other. They are sticky residues, wear roughness, and fluid conditioning failures. 

The usual remedy is a $2000 to $5000 overhaul. Not anymore though.

New additives can help. Parts stores sell transmission additive solvent based cleaners.

Solvent based additives sold for engine and transmission flush do clean, but they strip away critical lube films needed for healthy lubrication in the cleaning process. The complaint against such products is that stripping away of the lube film can destroy and engine or transmission in a matter of weeks. That is not good at all!

Then, thick honey-like additives were in favor. Good for slipping transmissions - but  the thickness increased wear-out because the thick honey-like molecules restricted the thin water-like flow of transmission fluid and today's engine oils. Thick additives do nothing for freeing and cleaning stuck or sticking gear shifting parts causing the shift problem.

Since residues, with acids and varnish are your transmissions enemies, and heat from friction is another - friction temperature can make the transmission gears run over 100 degrees hotter. That's 100 degrees hotter than any lube fluid can take to lube  and cool your gears.

So, you can add heat to the negatives that cause shift, slip, and that bang at 45mph to your problem solving additive quest.

When looking for a transmission fix, you want to avoid those negative conditions solvents and thickeners cause, and look for advantages that offer no negatives. That is what a good transmission additive should lay claim to. 

Shown above is the winning transmission fix made by Mega Power that meets all your transmissions needs to end rough shift - what ever their cause. And Mega Power  contains friction reducing ton smooth wear roughen, trouble-causing parts. Mega Power all new car and exceeds Mercedes fluid conditioner specs for their cars. The toughest specs out there. That is the brand that works and you should use.

How the Mega Power Transmission Fix Works

Mega Power's simple 2 step process, using 3 products as a transmission fix, have proven successful in thousands of vehicles as it restores instant smooth shift in any transmission. Doing so for under $100.

The Mega Power Transmission Fix Treatment also ends 5 other common transmission problems present, or on the way to causing shift, slip, jerk hangup, leak, and overheating troubles. Order online below...

To order by phone or ask a question call me day or evening at 512 665 3388

It will save your transmission if towing for its friction reducing, heat lowering uniqueness labeled as the MC+ ingredient. Any car, truck tractor, or bus. Works ideally in stick shifts differential gears, and 4X4 gear boxes to make them quiet, easier shifting, and ends their whine or growl fast!

In the sense that Mega Power is a chemical fix for mechanical needs avoids or puts off the need for a costly repair. Wise repair shops sneak Mega Power Transmission Fix into their rebuilds as it solves problems new parts against old parts cannot by means of friction modifying.   

Mega Power does so not only safely - which no other additive brand lays claim to. The cleaner is the best transmission conditioner I ever found. It works fast and is chemical in nature and water thin.  

Mega Power is easily installed like this

The cleaner - the yellow bottle item, is added to the old fluid. You run and shift gears driving for 5 to 10 minutes. Then replace the dirty transmission fluid with new. Do so at a quick lube. Do-it-yourself-instructions also given to change the fluid.

That step frees, cleans, adds friction modifier, the start of the transmission healing process. A variation in a stronger blend works great to restore and protect out of warranty motors. See link at bottom of page.

Step two includes installing  the 2 other included transmission fix products with the new fluid. One heals wear roughen surfaces - slamming the breaks on wear out and as a cause of rough shift. 

The other item is a fluid fortifier to double the lube strength of the fluid without increasing it thickness, and adds complete acid neutralizing, and and fluid conditioning. For hard leaky seals, Mega Power makes seals  pliable, stopping any leakage. Internal leakage is a cause of slippage.

All this is what your transmission needs if its in good shape to keep it that way and slam the breaks on hidden and growing problems.

It certainly is needed if you are experiencing a problem listed here.

Order Mega Power and have it at your door in about 3 to 4 days by the mail man or FedEx to get your car running great again.

The Mega Power Transmission Fix comes with a guarantee of satisfaction, easy to follow directions any man or women can follow. Results occur as you drive in a day or so. Some car owners  have found that even in a known worn out transmission, Mega Power helped put off the repair for up to a year. Both results are good news to many.

Order Mega Power Transmission Fix as shown above cost $65 plus$15 s&h for a total of $80.

Order 2 Mega Power Transmission Fix Products for 2 vehicles. 6 items as shown above.  Just $115 plus$15 s&h for a total of $130 Save $30.

Order 6 Mega Power Transmission Fix Products for 6 vehicles. 18 items as shown above.  Just $300 plus$15 s&h for a total of $315. Fleet and resell. Save $180.

For great protection and a great tune up of your motor, order the Mega Power Motor Treatment, detailed here. Brook-mark this page now then visit the other page item.

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