Transmission additive lies, mechanic tales about them, and part store additives you should stay away from.

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Ordering Mega Power

The Mega Power Transmission Treatment comes with 3 items needed.  Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. includes directions, tips guarantee, phone help if needed. Just $75 plush $15 shipping and handling. 

While there are lots of additives for sale, most are older repackaged formula's that didn't work many years ago, and may be even worst in  today's Hi-tech transmissions. Stay away from part store and quick lubes additives. They have the most complaints!

Shown here the one brand I favor - from Mega Power, a leader in anti-wear, problem-solving products. where actual street usage in tens of thousands of automatics and stick shifts gave no complaints!

Mega Power works because it is a problem-solving transmission treatment. A treatment requires specific steps. Mega Power is different from every other additive because it is a chemical anti-wear that goes where oil can't. There, to free, clean and friction modify - a triple whammy against troubled shift and gear problems - Having a restorative, smooth shifting restore result that avoids costly overhaul to remedy.

How Mega Power works compared to other additives.

Most additives use a solvent formulas. The thinking is since residues are among the biggest problem causers, removing the residues with solvents should do the trick - but prove harmful.

One reason most part store type transmission additives with a solvent don't help is because solvents-clean-to-well. What solvent additives removes is carried along to settle elsewhere - and oil delivery blockage is the number one bad result gained by sludge resettling. Blocking oil delivery is not a good thing, and speeds up instant failure possibilities - lots of car owners discovered, to their dismay. 

Other additives use detergents - also a 40 year old idea found to do little good in problem solving shift problems - back then, and now.

The problem with those transmission additives is that both types, solvents, an detergents products do little good where the problem originates. For example...

When new, transmission parts were clean, very smooth, and fit close    together.  Over time, O rings - rubber washers, tend to wear, get hard, shrink. This causes fluid under pressure to escape - losing the power needed that fluid under high pressure promotes - such as in gear shift.

A  condition Mega Power corrects by removing acid that shrink seals, this, allowing them to resize back to their sealing stage again for a smoother less slippage shift.

Over time, those shinny clean close-fitting pistons, gears and shafts become rough, create friction and heat, burn the fluid, an  attract footholds for such residue to layer upon. Heat nearly bakes that coating into tar.

Acids also do as much pitting of shinny surfaces as friction - and increase friction and power absorbing demands.

The Mega Power Transmission Additive ends rough shift, jerk, slip, hangup. A simple two step treatment restores smooth positive shifting, again. This restore feature ends worry by avoiding the need for expensive repair

Residues become repositories for sludge causing them to move after resisting such - creating the hard shift or jerk.

Mega Power Transmission Additive is a cleaning conditioner from the research of chemist who tested such. The cleaning part is chemical in action and works near heat to undue residues coated like paint on critical shift parts.

Mega Power Conditioners improve film strength so less metal-to-metal contact occurs - a wear reducing advantage, yet does not alter the free-flowing watery hydraulics need to use fluids to shift gears like thick, honey-like additives thicken the fluids..

Other Mega Power Conditioners change your transmission's fast wearing surfaces to smooth, slow wearing surfaces.

The smoothing of rougher surfaces releases any attached residue - a prime trouble maker. And smoothing...

Smoothing also benefits the horsepower and smooth shifting by taking away the course gravelyness of worn surfaces - resulting in a second and third advantage that benefit the return od easy moving, and smooth shifting again. 

Your transmission needs this kind of treatment to end its shift negative and put it back on a clean long-wearing schedule again. Order now! get on down the road of life shifting smoothly again with Mega Power's help!

Directions for 2 step Mega Power is simple. Nothing to take a part

You add and install item #1 shown on the cap, into the tube holding the fluid measuring rod that caps off the tube. With in an hour of driving, replace the old dirty fluid with new.

Step Two: To the new fluid add items # T2 and T 3 to the new fluid. driving does the actual correction and smooth shifting Transmission additive ends rough shift, jerk, slip, hangup. Simple two step treatment restores smooth positive shifting, ending worry by avoiding an expensive repair.

Ordering Mega Power

The Mega Power Transmission Treatment comes with 3 items needed.  Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. includes directions, tips guarantee, phone help if needed. Just $75 plush $15 shipping and handling.


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