New! Worn tractor engine additives rebuilds power, stops exhaust smoke, oil burning. Run hours longer on fuel with its friction reducing protection.

Review: New Tractor Engine Additives.

Here is a new, clever product and way to put-off your tractor, truck, and car engine overhaul by revitalizing your motor - and gain years more work from it, while doing so!

This new product from Mega Power may be what your motor needs.

It provides an inexpensive solution to an expensive problem!

How Mega Power revitalize your motor's horsepower, by ending your horsepower-sapping wear and tear problems.

Mega Power thinking is somewhat like grandma's remedy for getting sick kids well.

Grandma took a teaspoon of  bitter "medicine" and made you swallow it to flushed out your guts - and before you know it, you're running and playing just great again.

Mega Power uses new Hi-tech anti-wear cleaning chemistry to clean your motor out - grandma would approve. Not just one cleaner - no!  6 cleaners are installed into the fuel, air intake, and motor oil - and before you think about it, the Mega Power Medicine has your motor running great again. You'll be as pleased as grandma was - with results.

Here's the story....

Usually, when peformance declines, you add fuel injector cleaner - and hope for the best! But, this time, you may feel fuel injector cleaner is not enough to help for what your motor really needs. For example...

Look at this usually hidden section of the business end of your engine.

As you can see, residues in several areas are hindering  your motors full horsepower development in your piston combustion areas.

One loss of horsepower - lower fuel loads.

This is shown by the arrows - which....

...Picture shows how residues lower horsepower, causes lousy fuel economy, engine rough idle, loss of power, combustion blow-by, and noisy valves - and makes you think your motor is worn out - when its not!

Those are the four places - of the 6 places Mega Power cleans your motor to remove residues that slow the closing of your engine valves such - or, makes your motor's piston rings lazy such, combustion escapes and less horsepower is made. Not good of course!

Notice the 2 way arrows showing the piston is pushing a bit of fuel back out. Mega Power ends this problem for you.

Your motor's many valves are still closing as the piston starts upward. This pushes a bit of fuel back out that should have been trapped - had the dirty valve been cleaned.

Any excessive friction in the motor and gear boxes consume some of your horsepower, too. So, Mega Power includes MC+ -a friction modifier, to end that form of power loss and its wear increasing conditions, for you.

Residues - lower full horsepower developement.

More Friction - by consuming more horsepower to overcome your wear-roughen pistons, bearings, and gear surfaces - takes away horsepower. When new, your engine and gear parts were shinny and smooth, and made full horsepower available to get your tractor work done with ease.

Mega Power specifically corrects those two negatives - to clean, smooth and restore what you thougth was worn-away power. ... It was until Mega Power!

Both wear conditions reduce about 15% to 20% horsepower.

This new Worn Tractor Engine Additive Treatment rebuilds power, stops exhaust smoke, and oil burning. Results runs your equipment hours longer on fuel with Mega Power's cleaning/friction reducing protection.

Right now, to get more power, you feed extra amounts of fuel into your motor - to kick-up more horsepower to replace what's lost. Those dirty parts are what the mechanic hand-cleans, and replaces, if worn, when taking your motor apart! You know that, of course, and its cost runs many thousannds of dollars.

This picture shows, when you add Mega Power to your diesel fuel and motor oil - and gears, Mega Power provides 6 power restoring capabilities - even on your worn-out engine. Full power returns!

For that help, Mega Power is collecting many loyal fans, and I'm one of them!

You may want to try Mega Power to see if Mega Power's power-restoring benefits is what you need! It is helping to "put-off overhaul - sometimes for many years," customers tell us; and is a product you will want to order to have working for you.

What Mega Power does sounds easy - but additives mechanics sell and part store additives have failed to do for 50 years. That is to free sticky ring and valve parts that now deny full combustion development.

Mega Power's success is from their anti-wear chemical engine cleaners and conditioners that go where your oils and other additives can't go - to free and clean - one of several power restoring features.


Mega Power reduces friction - you have a lot more friction now than your tractor use too, as wear on your pistons, bearings, and gear surfaces become rougher. Mega Power conditions by smoothing, thereby reducing the cause of rapid wear - and releases horsepower that use to be absorbed. Make sense?

Only Mega Power reduces worn metal surface power sapping friction!

And Mega Power does even more...

To also help restore all of your tractor engine loss-of-power - Mega Power, after freeing and cleaning your rings and valves, fill your worn motor spaces.

Mega Power does so by adding a slippery co-polymer, to narrow your worn piston to wall, bearing-to-shaft space. This keeps combustion above your piston - pushing your pistons down, and stopping piston blowby and quiets your motor - more power restoring advantages.

The Mega Power Tractor Engine Additives Treatment

The Mega Power Tractor Engine Additives Treatment includes:

A special Mega Power Fuel Conditioner that removes intake and combustion area residues. Cleans and lubes injectors and fuel pump.

A special Mega Power's Engine Flush and Emission System Cleaner, to clean and free piston ring, valve, lifter, oil lines and pump valves.

And this Mega Power Tractor Engine Additive to help chemiclly rebuild in your motor oil. That gallon is what I'm using.

Not shown is the Mega power Flush and Emission Systom cleaner.

Usage: Mega Power Tractor Engine Additives Treatment

  1. You add one gallon Mega Power Diesel Treatment to 100 gallons fuel.
  2. You add 2 quarts MP Motor and Emission Cleaner to your motor oil - treat 5 to 10 gallons oil.  Drive as usual for a week, then do an oil change this way.
  3. You add 2 quarts MP Motor and Emission Cleaner to engine. Run motor for 10 minutes, then perform oil and filter change.
  4. To your new motor oil add one gallon Mega Power Tractor Engine Additive Oil Treatment. Driving finishes the treatment. Near full power will engine retune  is usually felt in an hour or so of driving or work. The other alternative is a $5000 engine overhaul. Your motor needs Mega Power. Order now!

Mega Power Tractor Engine Additive Ordering

  • Mega Power Tractor Engine Additive  includes 3 gallons listed above to do all 4 steps. Shipped FedEx to you in 4 days, with easy-to-follow instructions, and phone help anytime. I'll explain usage to your mechanics and maintenace  people. Outside 48 states call or email for shipping charges. Just  $285 + $25s&h= $310 total.
  • Treatment for 2 motors: 6 gallons. $495 + $25s&h= $520 total. Save $85.
  • Fleet purchase and resell: 12 to 24 Treatments. 3 gallons per treatment to do all 4 steps per engine. $200 per treatment plus $15 s&h= $215 per treatment.
  • Call if you have a question, or to order Mega Power. 512 665 3388
  • Shipped from near Austin, Texas.
  • 210 Durango St. San Marcos, Texas 78666

For your older, worn, tractor and equipment engine additive rebuild remedy you will want to perform this successful remedy each oil change. Mega Power Pays you in repair avoidance and fuel economy improvement to use it. Your paying for Mega Power. Order Mega Power Now and enjoy it many benefits!

For more info on Mega Power's tractor engine additives products, and ordering info, go here

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