The Perp0se of My Auto Tune Up and Repair Options

Your first paragraph ...The idea behind Mega Power Anti-wear Solutions for cars and diesels. 

    When new, a vehicles power and zip is at its pick. Its because internal part surfaces are smooth, clean, and move freely to drive maximum horsepower to the wheels or work process.

   Over time, acids and friction eat away the smooth movement and start absorbing horsepower away from the wheels. And sticky residues bog down.  Pressure on the weakest parts cause premature wear out and some problem. 

   Our anti-wear solution:

   We invented the chemical process to reverse acid and africiona nd residue. Even end the problems they cause. That's the Mega Power You are buying.

Protection from day one.

 Me and smart vehicles owners add mega Power to stop friction wear  in brand new vehicles - a new vehicles most common ailment the car maker may pay . This gives them twice the life of usage.

   Anytime usage: New, or older, even worn help is given that needed.and newer vehicle component, anti-wear protection servicing products.

   P\roducts you add to fuel, oil, and fluids that slam the brakes on a vehicles hidden internal wear, friction and residue negatives to avoid problems those negatives create.

Protection so advanced it does what even synthetic oils can't provide. It gives you the ability to internally keep, or restore and keep a like-new, low-wear, powerful state of protection on every part and every system to keep vehicles young operating as they grow old.

   Vehicle protection comes from five Unique, Mega Power Brand Anti-Wear Servicing Products covering the 5 major vehicle components requiring service - detailed on what they do, and their install to gain their benefits.

   Each of the five component product ingredients provides:

  • Removal of acidic loaded scum ends a negative wear and problem-and-repair causing factor that grows between oil and fluid change intervals. Acids and scum  crate friction wear and that deteriorates the original, factory smooth surface on each part of your cars 5 components. This changing the surface to rough causes most repairs years sooner than expected. The product removes the scum, friction, and residue foothold acidic scum creates - so the bog down movement - is also removed with 2 ingredients in the service product for each component servicing.
  • Acid pitting eats away the factory-smooth power of your piston bearings valves and gear surfaces and produces and-paper like  friction drag.  Both a horsepower absorbing, wear out parts faster negative - that cause performance and operating problems and their costly repair are removed. For maximum protection the product  treatments also contains a chemical anti-wear that re-smooths  each part surface as it removes residues, called MC+.

  • To top off your vehicles 5 component protection, a slippery co-polymer then heals and fills and re-smooths all surface areas. What results is a tune up feel from your cars so they act as if new again. 
  • To Restore the Like New Feel And Trouble-Eliminating Protection, order what We Call Mega Power For The Fuel System, Engine, Transmission, Radiator, Steering  and A/C System You Can Feel Protecting.

Pricing, and deals for  individuals, repair shops, fleet equipment owners for a 5 component entire vehicle service  come with directions, 3 day shipping, phone help if needed, guarantee, are as follows:


  1. Fuel engine service treatment. A 6 item service. Value $225. 
  2. Transmission service treatment. 3 item service.  Value $125
  3. Radiator service treatment. 3 item service.          Value $  95
  4. Power steering treatment.  3 item service.           Value $  75
  5. A/C service treatment 1 item.                               Value $  55

                                                         16 items. Total Value     $575 

                                                                 Our price just     $225

Click cart button to buy the 5 vehicle components protection treatment special. Service exceeds 25,000 mile, 50,000 mile warranty service specs.

My motor is new! All I need is good oil to protect it!

You won't say that after reading this review.

Valvoline, a motor oil maker reports that between motor oil changes, this harmful list of ingredients bathes your motor pistons, bearings, cams, valves and gears as they pass through your engine:

  • 3 gallons of fuel.
  • And a cup of carbon.
  • A cup of acid.
  • 100 gallons of water. 

Those wear increasing ingredients form in your oils, transmission fluid and anti-freeze coolants and bathes your motor pistons, bearings, cams, valves and gears. In your motor they slip pass your pistons as they go up and down.

That is why we recommend Mega Power as part of your oil change and tune up and repair addition - as the best possible engine transmission  cooling system protector and anti-wear.

In the course of thousands of up and down revolutions of your pistons 3 gallons of raw gas, moisture and acids will slip pass your pistons as your pistons compress a quart size fuel mix into a whiskey glass space - ready for combustion, and as combustion occurs.

Did you know that?

Yes,  that much gas, acids, and moisture slips pass your pistons and mixes with your motor oil - then gets sucked out - or eventually drains out during an oil change - so what? Well, think about the purpose of car care and repair avoidance  ...

  • Most of the gas and water will get sucked out and reburnt pretty quickly in your motor smog recycler - but not all of it. 
  • Any acid, gas, carbon or water remaining does 3 harmful things" to cut the life in half of your engine transmission, and cooling system. 
  • Those harmful ingredients thin out your oil, and thinning weakens your oil lube films ability to separate moving parts.

So what is happening is that metal-to-metal contact occurs, more friction results, faster wear out happens - years sooner. You don't want that negative inside your car do you? No! 

The purpose of car care and repair avoidance. 

Mega Power helps your cars stay healthy by actually healing such damage with MC=, then by adding a anti-wear slippery protector to those surfaces so they slide on the protector - rather than raw metal, like before. That is what your car engine and transmission needs. That is better than doing nothing, but hoping for the best - isn't it? Sure.

  1. Those harmful ingrdients form acidic residues that make for sticky moving parts - resistance results -  a prime reason for most repairs. And your motor ands transmission is made for no resistance to run at its best longest time.
  2. Acids etch the smooth shinny surfaces of your cars pistons bearings valves gears seals and such. This changes those surfaces to rougher, friction making surfaces that cut car life in half.

That means, the purpose of a car owner using Mega Power is introducing preventive measures that keep their cars and equipment at like new peak performance, years pass when others car and equipment owners can using other brands of additives, and conventional methods of oil change and care.

In the course of thousands of up and down combustion cycles a cup of carbon, a cup of acid, 100 gallons of water will slip pass your pistons as combustion of the fuel creates a powerful force, repeated thousands of times an hour to mix with your motor oil as the power made speeds you down the road. 

The oil break causes moving surfaces to touch. A bit of metal-to-metal friction occurs and produces resitiance to slow you down a bit. As athe surfaces touch and slide a bit of grinding occurs during that moment in time - and wear occurs. Start up is the worst time for this.

When you change oil, the watery stuff drains out with any acids and carbon in it. However, a thin sticky film remains behind and that acidic film etches the smooth shinning surfaces of your clean shinny smooth pistons, bearings, valves, and gears. 

That's not good, nor about the purpose of car care and repair avoidance. It keeps trouble going..

Tens of thousands of car dealerships and auto repair garages perform millions of repairs on cars - cause by those contaminants - not to long after the car makers warranty expires.

So, is there anything you need to worry about? All that, of course.

Mega Power is a research company with the purpose, who specializes in chemistry anti-wear products that neutralizes acids, heals the damage it caused, and add a protective layer over every part - thereby doubling and tripling the time and extending by many years before acids, raw gas, oil break-down friction, and wear out occurs.

Once residues build up, Mega Power includes pre-cleaners to remove those  harmful acidic residues then, heals the damage acids and friction causes, and add a protective layer over every part - thereby -  the purpose of car care and repair avoidance.

doubling and tripling the time and extending by many years the engine, transmission, power steering, and radiator cooling system before acids, raw gas, oil breakdown friction, leaks, and wear out occurs.

Are not all additives the same?

What Doug says about Mega Power.

What Mike says about Mega Power.

 sizeand mix with your oil. Similar negatives are occurring in your transmission and radiator.      Acids are an engine and transmission sludge maker.  

Would  you not like to keep your new car that way?  This review shows you the best way know! Others have different opinions. However, you will like our  new are protecting products from Mega Power - as you see the hidden help your new car needs - that Mega Power provides you.

For example: Google "new car break in," and you will read varying opinions on what should be done to protect your new car or truck or equipment. None are as good as the one this review shows you.

Most people will tell you to baby your new car - that means, don’t hot rod them, or drive them at top speeds for long, until driven so many miles, or until the manufacturers suggested the first oil change.

Some will suggest no break in at all.

Most people are going to follow the advice of the manufacture and that's fine. My point is this. The purpose of car care and repair avoidance is to stop wear negatives from growing in new motors and transmissions - and they our service and products to help gain this advantage. They need anti wear solutions for cars that only Mega Power provides. he purpose of car care and repair avoidance. 

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