DIY Service Product Does More Than Stops Car Engine Smoking. 

   Some people don't do any servicing of their vehicles - and with good reason not too. They don't help prevent trouble - that's way. So when an automotive fuel engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, or a/c problem appears - they spend the thousands need for its repair.  However...

   You will find - Not me - and not my customers. For years I've sold 6 service products to end my car and equipment, and my customers 
automotive fuel engine, transmission, radiator, power steering, or a/c problems -  using these 6 products.  Avoiding their repair need. And for tens of thousands who tried them.

And here you will find, I'll give you the product nd explain their secret additives, and service that stops car engine smoking.  And can - if so serviced, avoids your other vehicles 5 component, expensive to repair troubles. Avoiding thousands in cost for you.

Don't settle for just any additive - and hope for the best when my guaranteed Auto tune Up and Repair Avoiding Additive Way to end oil disappearing, and - stops engine exhaust smoke - even in older, worn motors - also contain one other secret!
The secret to
avoiding your cars other - expensive to repair 
component troubles - now in the making problems, too!

End you engine exhaust smoke problem and service your transmission, radiator, steering and a/c systems  - its really easy my way.  They are overdue to have their fluids changed out - and avoid repair problems developing in them -  in the same way - Read on to learn both secrets!

The better way to end - not just automotive engine problems! But the tens of thousands  in expense not doing so is costing you!

    What you will learn is How to have a better running car/truck, and avoid its costly repair need with my stops car engine smoking treatment. 

Message to Every Man and Women Vehicle Owner, Equipment Owners, Repair Shop Owners Wanting A Better Engine Solution.

    Acids, residues and friction in any order cause all automotive internal problems.

Once you understand Mega Power's Stops Car Engine Smoking principle to remove them, and the genius behind it - you will join the many who found my secret to preventing costly transmission, power steering, radiator, and a/c cost-to-repair - worrisome problems - that end the cause of internal, unseen problems in them that will, otherwise... eat away tens-of-thousands of dollars of your income away.

For Repair shop owners, This product will give you a missing-revenue-source to help customers maintain their vehicles, when a $4000 to $10,000 new engine is not in the budget Q.

end - better yet, prevent will want to use it in all your vehicles to prevent this, and all other costly-to-repair engine problem in their good engines.

by freeing sticky piston rings, & by conditioning your worn motor surfaces - to add a second, unique way to also stop oil burning and exhaust smoke.

While other products thicken your motor's oil with a sticky goo-like liquid to control exhaust smoke - Mega Power's Engine Treatment won't - yet will stop your exhaust smoke cause.

Did you Know...

Thickening your oil with thick, gooey additives adds a negative to you motor's thin flowing 10w-30 oils and oil thickening nature will slow its lubrication - not thick oil, like in cars some years back.

Mega Power uses four water-thin penetrating cleaners that go where oil can't, around each of your pistons set of 3 rings, to clean and free them - allowing their oil-blocking flexability to again block oil escape into your combustion process - ending blowby as well.

That's one way Mega Power control your car's engine smoking. Shown by the downward arrows in this picture...

The interesting part is that Mega Power's success to clean and free your sticky piston rings - when others products cannot, comes from it cleaning treatment of both the oil side rings and by cleaning your top piston rings exposed to the motor's air and fuel side - not possible by just adding an additive to your oil.

Mega Power's freeing of piston rings is a great motor help motorist are using to avoid a $2000  to $4000 motor overhaul alternative, or replacement.

Lo-Cost of Mega Power is a fraction of those amounts - and you can install this product in your motor in less than 15 minutes. Results happen almost instantly, as you drive. An inexpensive touch up ingredient at future oil changes keeps the stops car engine smoking problem away almost indiffinitely. That's my experience, too!

Other, stops engine smoking advantages, no other product offers

Two more, stop car engine smoking aids from Mega Power, include MC+ conditioners. These add two more items to make 6 for this products ability to stop your car engine smoking problem. 3 are for the top of the motor treatment. 3 are for bottom motor treatment - because that is what works! Simple directions, phone help, and money back guarantee make for a winner here.

Besides freeing sticky piston rings to stop car engine smoking problem - by freeing top and bottom piston rings, these two Mega Power ingredients included, called MC+, do the following to also stop the other causes of engine smoking -  and restore power your motor has lost:

  • MC+ adds a protective slippery coating to fill worn cylinder walls, closing your engine's worn space - one more way to block oil escape and your stop car engine smoking.
  • Doing so stops excessive blowby - where combustion ecapes pass worn cylinders and sticky rings. Stopping blowby escape results in a returning of full combustion being available to to push your piston down completely - not doing from loss due to blowby reduces the full horsepower development your motor needs. Does that make sense to you?
  • Friction is a power stealer. Friction roughen surfaces break thru your oils lube film. As more and more friction occurs, it doubles your motor's wear-out speed. And friction absorbs horsepower - making your motor sluggish. That happens more as the miles pile up.
  • Mega Power's MC+ uses new Hi-tech Friction Modifiers that also circulate as a cleaning engine cleaning aid, then soaks into the surfaces. As friction occurs Mega Power's MC+ changes those rough, fast wearing surfaces to smooth - true metal conditioning. Becoming smooth, two advantages occur.
  • MC+ smoothing means your oil's lube film remains - that good!
  • MC+ smoothing means horsepower absorbed by friction is now released to speed you faster down the road -
  • So, in several new ways, the Mega Power Engine Treatment, I call the "Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment" stops car engine smoking and restores your motor's lost power, as a great product bonus.

Try Mega Power by ordering it at this link, where simple directions are given, and ordering info, also.

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