New product stop engine ticking. Add, drive, end engine ticking in minutes

    New DIY product stop engine ticking.

    Add, drive, ends engine ticking in minutes.

    Avoids costly repair. Restores motor power too!

Mega Power  ends engine ticking in minutes

The 3 Problem causes and 2 steps to end engine ticking in minutes.


Add 3 of the products to your motor, then drive.

Problem ends.

Add 3 remaining products to motor to remove loosen residues, smooth, coat and protect the motor from future residue and friction wear problems in the future.

The problem areas cleaned and freed.

  1. Gummy residues causes the valves to close slower than normal creating a space where the lifter can lightly tap the bottom of the valve. Mega Power ends this problem.

    The more sticky valve stems among the 8 to 24 your motor has the more ticking sounds you hear. Dirty, slow-closing valves also cause rough idle, stalling, an added engine wear.

  2. Dirty oil passage ways - from piston blowby, crud's up and restricts oil going to the valve lifters - lowering their little piston adjuster. A space develops - which you hear as engine noise and ticking. Mega Power ends this problem.

  3. In one or more of the valve lifters, its check valve can get sludge coated, and not seal close. This prevents the hydraulic part of the valve lifter to to collapse, creating a space, causing the tic.

    Order Mega Power to end this problem on the links below.

How valve lifters are freed

Stop engine ticking and the tap

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