Removing engine sludge
just got easier. A new way
to clean your engine  -
- just got easier! 

Removing engine sludge contact infor: On a cell phone. To ask a question, order items listed, just call me...George at 512 665 3388

As this chart shows, only one product has the best remedy to clean your troublesome dirty motor - and get it running great again. A product called Mega Power.

How Mega Power removes sludge.

It's a common experience to see engines bog down with sludge. You would think today's motor oils would prevent sludge - but not so!

While poor oil change practices are one cause of sludge, the other is a cheap change by car makers to save a buck on your engines  venting system.

For most engines there is no problem with engine combustion "blowby" - hot combustion escaping pass sticky sluggish piston rings. Sticky piston rings and a dirty crankcase venting valve are the trouble makes, and prime contributor to sludge formation.

Mechanics suggestion for removing engine sludge:

  • Some say, the fix is a "new engine!"
  • Others say, an engine tear down, rebuild is the fix.
  • Cost run $3000 to $5000.
  • George Christ, a mechanic, whose effort to save his customers that costly engine expense, has good success offering his customers what he calls his "sludge removing treatment."  Thousands have sold already and you should be a buyer too! His story....

The best removing engine sludge method to get your engine running great again.

My engine removing sludge method.

Some time back Mega power produced to engine tune up cleaners. As you can see in the chart - it has every possible advantage that chemistry for sludge removal can offer.

I found, by a slight change in Mega Power product usage, a new engine sludge removing product appear - its a treatment - that works well, and is way less expensive than repair:

  • Because it cleans every engine system. 
  • It is selective in that it cleans every part that is dirty that bogs down engine rotation.
  • Its uses a simple 2 step method where you drive for a week with 3 items shown in your gas tank and motor oil. #other are added during a n oil change as the removing engine sludge remedy. 
  • It works so well, with 2 complaints last 267 days, and will be all you need to clean and restore your motor's good clean life! Guaranteed! Or your money refunded!
  • Good even for dirty transmissions to end rough shifts.
  • Works while you drive - which is way different from every other idea. Or engine flush product.
  • Mega Power avoids a costly repair fix by cleaning and freeing sticky pistons and dirty combustion emission recycling parts - when dirty starts destroying your engine and that cause sludge. 
  • Because smaller recycling parts saved car makes millions of dollars at your expense - now!
  • If you read this far, it sound like what your vehicle needs? Don't you think so?
  • Ordering info

Removing engine sludge Product Ordering info:

Mega Power Removing Engine Sludge Treatment comes as a treatment of 6 needed items. Sent by FedEx in about 3 days. Beyond USA borders additional ship cost. Comes with easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. $50 free phone help on the install if needed. Just $84 plus $15s&h= $99 total.

Mega Power Engine Sludge Treatment$99 and its Transmission Cleaning companion product $75 comes as 2 treatments, 9 items needed. To cleans and protects both engine and transmission.

Delivered by FedEx in about 3 days. Comes with easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. $50 free phone help included. Both items total  $174 -

Order now BONUS! Receive our $29 Power Steering Treatment for Free! Savings total.  $64. and you protect your power steering, to! Easy to follow directions included.

10 items as listed  Now - Just $135 plus $15s&h= $150 total. Save $53. Click cart button for ordering.

This is not a Madison Ad Agency Ad like others use. This is a real world, field tested solution for dirty engines I researched. Performed thousands of times without a hitch, and well respected for.

So effective are these products cleaning options that their usage is called upon in shops having the program by us, when servicing the oils, fluids, and coolants - in new cars for their cleaning ability. To prevent sludge buildup problems.

Google:  Removing engine sludge data.

Google sends a lot of people here - and is the web site giving you the exact product you need to get your car or equipment back running good as near new again - as your best option!

This also covers products that are harmful sludge removing products to stay away from.

Removing engine sludge Directions and success is easy. 

Please note:

However, unlike harmful engine flushes which strip away all sludge in a few minutes, Mega Power leaves sludge not actually affecting performance just sit off to the side, slowly removing it over time.

But, directly cleaning and reconditioning actual sticky parts, to restore proper running performance. Sludge remove is taken out by the filter - or held in suspension for drain out. You drive normally to do so.

As the picture shows, there are 6 items needed. 3 go in the fuel and motor oil. Drive as usual. A week later the other 3 are installed during an oil change. That's it!

With so few complaints it is now Sold with a 100% money back guarantee! This is to take the risk out of trying our products. 2 refunds last 267 days. 

Here's how to clean sludge out for yourself!

They are removing engine sludge, problem-solving solutions "out of a can, that fix mechanical problems chemically - like these - if your motor has them. a double benefit." 

This removing engine sludge treatment ends oil burning, engine miss, tap, rough idle, leak. Rough shift or slippage. Gear howl. Growl when turning steering wheel. Leakage. 

Ordering Info:

Mega Power Removing Engine Sludge Treatment comes as a treatment of 6 needed items. Sent by FedEx in about 3 days. Beyond USA borders additional ship cost. Comes with easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. $50 free phone help on the install if needed. Just $84 plus $15s&h= $99 total.

Mega Power Engine $99 and Sludge Treatment $75 comes as a treatment of 9 needed items. Cleans and protects both engine and transmission. Sent by FedEx in about 3 days. Beyond USA borders additional ship cost. Comes with easy-to-follow directions. Guarantee. $50 free phone help on the install if needed. Just $135 plus $15s&h= $150 total. Order now and receive our $29 Power Steering Treatment Free! Save More! $64.

Removing engine sludge Video

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