Mega Power ends oil pressure light on problem protecting your motor against oil loss failure

I have a 1998 Dodge Stratus 2-5L v-6 auto with 84,000 miles. My oil pressure light came on while in city traffic. Checked my oil level and oil level was good. Replaced oil sending unit and nothing changed. During highway drive the oil lamp light is off. Help! 

My oil pressure light comes on. Why?

What people say about the oil pressure light problem

"I had that problem too. So, I tried 20 40 oil instead of 10 30. The light came on when I pulled up to a stop sign anyway. Very puzzling - and I'm sure low oil pressure can't be a good thing for any motor. But I found the answer and ended the problem happily. Basically its this...

"All oil thins out - more so the hotter it gets. In newer motors its not a noticeable problem. Some engines, as they wear have more friction - friction creates more heat and oil absorbs the heat.

Once hot, and in engines with wear that hot, thinned out oil easily squeezes out from bearings like air out a hole in a tire.

Under those conditions, your motors oil pressure drops and the light comes on.

The pump cannot replace the oil quick enough. So, oil pressure drops down. The light comes on to warn you. Speed up the motor and the pump again can keep volume up - and the light goes out. Sound like your car problem?

You need a need engine. However, this product will help avoid that expense.

I'm a believer in a product called the worn motor treatment from Mega Power for this and other worn engine problems.

This products ingredients conditions the oil - a term meaning it holds oil from thinning out. Another ingredient fills worn spaces.  

Once installed in the motor the oil light will go out! 

Now with Mega Power not letting your oil thin out, and by filling worn spaces, you end this form of problem where before, that hot, weaken oil easily squeezes out from bearings like air out a hole in a tire.

With Mega Power your motors oil pressure returns to normal and the light goes out.

Those Mega Power product features will end this problem:  More:

Mega Power protects your motor: ends oil pressure light problem

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