Motor Oil Flush Continues...
Mega Powers Engine flush Review

Mega Powers Motor Oil Flush Continues: Ordering info end of story

How sludge forms and causes your engine trouble.

    Engine sludge forms as cooking hot fumes that slip past your motor's dirty, lazy operating piston rings. Those fumes mix and then cook your motor oil, turning it into an acidic sludge. Mega Power cleans and free piston rings blocking the  future formation and cause of sludge. 

    Sludge blocks oil delivery by blocking the oil pumps pick up screen often causing oil starvation and creates more wear-increasing negatives.

    What Mechanics do.

    Mechanics dismantle engines to hand clean them and rebuilt it as the fix. Cost run $2000 or more. Mega Power cost $250 if a mechanic chooses it as the cleaning method. Under $100 if you install it yourself. Its easy as shown below..

    How Mega Power Motor Oil Flush Cleans

    Mega Power Motor Oil Flush Cleans cleans the the screen allowing full oil flow again. Mega Power is a better, Hi-tech motor oil flush method.

    ...Acids pit and eat away your engine and transmission's originally smooth piston bearing valve and gear surfaces - creating a sandpaper like effect - creating friction. Mega power neutralizers and removes acid affected oil turned gravy like.

    The motor oil flush continues:  Mega Powers Method.

Mega Power's Engine flush, using 3 items to clean the top of the motor, and 3 for the bottom oil side of your motor ends the horsepower consuming drag effect sludge has on your motor. You NOTICE THAT EFFECT ON YOUR MOTOR? See picture of Mega Power Flush.

Motor oil flush continues..

  •  While most engine sludge removers called engine flushes, sold in parts stores and quick lubes are harmful, it is because they clean "too good!"
  • They removed to much sludge and drop it along the way. This often plugs up the oil pickup screen  and blocks oil to your engine - engine disaster follows. Such solvent-based motor oil flush products are not meant to stay in your engine more than a few minutes. 
  • Science and chemistry has help Mega Power Engine Flush Treatment avoid removing too much sludge, holding what is removed in suspension for drain out. 
  • Mega Power safely frees and cleans trouble causing parts and prevents lubrication starvation problems and its damage with conditioners and friction removers in a special chemical penetrate that lets oil flow to starved parts.
  • Mega Power removes sludge on each part - not that on surfaces not causing any trouble, as you drive, and what it removes drains out during an oil change. These features clean and restore engine performance as you drive. Protection with added lubrication is with MC+. A metal lube aid.
  • Mechanics will clean and overhaul your motor - which is good, but costly - running over $3000 in most cases. Mega Power is $250 if a mechanic installs it. Under $100 if you do it yourself. It's easy! More...Motor oil flush continues..

           While sludge may be choking the life out of your car, using solvent based flushes may caused other detrimental problems. 

  • I'm against solvent-based flush products sold in part stores and quick lubes because they clean too good!
  • We chose Mega Power Flush because it is a TREATMENT that cleans and holds in suspension sludge removed, and protects with added lubrication called MC+.
  • Mega Power is a chemical engine cleaner that cleans your engine as you drive - removing sludge in 3 safe ways. 
  1. Is a lube and sludge remover combined.
  2. Holds sludge in suspension and will not let it resettle.
  3. Contains MC+ engine recovery ingredients no other motor oil flush product has.

Motor oil flush continues...

  • More on this in the directions below. Order Mega Power to get your engine going great again!.

Mega Power. Directions.

Directions call for 3 items to be added to the fuel and motor oil. Drive for a week and do and oil change using the 3 remaining items. Repeat in 3000 miles if further cleaning is needed. 


    Ordering info: Mega Power Motor Oil Flush Engine Sludge Removing Treatment

           Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. 6 items shown Includes my easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. $75 plus $15s&h= $90 total. That's way less expensive than a $2000+ engine overhaul. 

Motor oil flush continues:

Order more - Save more.
.. Protect both cars! Special.

Two Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatments. Protect both cars: 12 items. $115 total. Plus $15s&h= $130 total. Save $30. Gain years more clean running operation for your cars.

End Motor oil flush continues..

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