Motor oil additives are helping motorist an equipment owners gain years more from their vehicles.

Motor oil additives ending car engine problems. 

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What you should know about Additives.

If you read the labels on additives, you will see most are solvent based additive cleaners and their labels warn of being harmful to your car.

Detergent additives are now showing they are harmful to most motors.

And thick, molasses type motor oil additives also found to be harmful to today's motor oiling methods.

Don't use thick additives because today's cars require water thin OW-10, 5W=10, and 10W-20 motor oils. 

What we like about Mega Power - and you will too, is that Mega Power ends your present internal age, Hi-mileage, sludge, friction-wear caused problems. Something part store additives just cannot provide. Our Review

This review covers how this web site - and Mega Power, a developer of automotive and industrial problem-solving additives, will point out the exact product you need, and show how to properly install them - to end your car problem.

Mega Power has taken the guess work out of additive usage and my expertise covers which to use for your vehicle problem, and why. Use them with full confidence you’re doing the exact right thing – guaranteed! As this report shows.

Mega Power has done so by developing products research shows end specific car and equipment performance decline problems. I'm here helping you find the one right product you need to prevent or end your older car engine transmission wear, friction, and residue performance caused problem. For heavy equipment, Mega Power for Trucks. 

The picture shows how Mega Power covers the 3 major areas of motor concern with their 3 pak, fuel system, injector, combustion, and oiling system coverage - using the 3 strongest ingredients known - included as Mega Power's MC+ on the label. friction wear reducers included.

We chose the Mega Power Brand for 3 area coverage:

  1. A great, no quibble guarantee. This lets you try the product at no risk.
      Compared to other popular brands having just one or two advantages, Mega Power 6 advantages making for a complete performance restoritive benefit that will last for years - when nothing else can do so.

      Mega Power's power is in a combined

      1. Cleaning of 6 motor sub-systems
      2. Freeing of rings and valves
      3. Smoothing of friction heavy rough, worn piston bearing valve and gear surfaces
      4. The adding of an anti-wear coating to fill worn surfaces
      Th cleaning, freeing, smoothing, and anti wear coating is a motor conditioning, and protecting factor promoting years longer life - by the removal of rapid wear friction and residue problem causing factors.

      Removal of acidic residues, carbon formation, excessive friction and anti-wear results in noticable improvement often occur in minutes after installation.

      Mega Power does this in the motor, radiator, transmission, steering and air conditioning system

    Read over the list of motor oil additives below. I'm sure you will find just what your looking for your age and car condition.

    Order online or by phone. FedEx to your door in 3-5 days. ...George Call with a question. To order. 1 512 665 3388

    Mega Power Brand, motor oil additives

    What you should know.

    I want to keep my new motor clean. I know after a couple of years, oil changes are leaving a sticky, acid heavy, gooey residue on my motors pistons, bearings valves, and gears.

    The additive I like for my still-kind-of-new cars - is a clean-before oil change product, a fuel system treatment, and a protect-after product.

    I install these during my oil change. They fortify my motor. You can tell as soon as you run on the road. It gives more zip.

    I believe these products provide years longer, great running performance because of their cleaning, freeing, smoothing, coating, conditioning, and protecting benefits.

    Mega Power Motor Oil Additives

    The "before" refers to conditioners with fast-acting cleaners. Mega Power Engine Conditioner and Flush. The yellow item in the picture.

    You add the yellow bottle - the cleaner, to your dirty oil, drive to the oil change place, and have them change the oil. This item liquefies the sticky, wear-increasing residues oil changes leave behind. At last, a way to drain it all out with the dirty oil.

    Mega Power is the only producer of an engine flush cleaning product

      You can drive with it in your motor - its good for the motor.

      No other brand can say this. In fact, other brands of engine cleaner warn you - because they use harmful solvents as a cleaner - not to even speed-up or increase the speed of your motor, as it could instantly ruin it. Why do they sell it? I don't know!

      Stay away from all engine flushes containing solvents. They are harmful! Mega Power is 100% beneficial, not harmful.

    More about this motor oil additive

    When you add the Mega Power Flush to the dirty oil, that is the time to add the red bottle; MP Fuel System, Fuel injector, Combustion Cleaner to the gas tank.

    You now have the best way, the only way to remove harmful, problem-causing residues, from the top and bottom of your motor and fuel system - without taking the motor apart.

      This fuel cleaner cleans fuel injectors, the idle adjuster valve, sticky gas-intake and exhaust valves, piston rings, spark plugs, and dirty combustion area. It will breathe and combustion the fuel nicely again.

    The 3rd product - The black Engine Treatment product shown in the picture above

      Is an anti-wear, anti-friction treatment. You add to the new oil. Also included with this anti wear is a protective coating ingredient. Protects moving parts and surfaces and makes them slide freely with little resistance.

      The cleaning and anti-wear combination of the 3 above products provide more driving zip performance and rapid wear-out avoidance.

      The above reviewed product adds a pleasurable maintenance method for me.

    Now, its your turn to enjoy the best way to take care of your newer cars. Here is how...

    Order this product.Its called: the MP Engine Service ES3. Just $35= $15s&h= $50 total. Order two sets for two cars save $25. Just $75, including s&h. Order by calling 1 512 665 3388

    Our next favorite motor oil additive .................................................................
    Our worn motor oil additives.

    For my older worn motors, a serious internal cleaning is needed and now possible - to help restore its lost power. You do so by installing the Worn Motor Treatment pictured here.

    I know it sounds crazy - but it is the only motor oil additive invention I ever found that works on older, even worn out motors - to give them a second life time of service.

    Me and thousands of motorist have enjoyed this marvelous motor oil additive, and its engine power and dependability restoring ability.

    So will you. Learn more ...

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