Slo-wear motor additive for valves to end noise, rough idle problems. The quiet in minutes remedy!

Motor additive for valves contact infor: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order items listed rather than on line, call us at 512 665 3388

Slo-wear's motor additive for valves is easily installed. This convenient method quiets them quickly, and for fraction of what repair cost.Slo-wear's motor additive for valves is easily installed. This convenient method quiets them quickly, returning a new-like quiet for a fraction of what repair cost.

Imagine how savings of car-repair-downtime and repair avoidance cost can help you keep on the road - and get you over this normally expensive repair problem? So effective, Slo-wear is guaranteed to end this, and prevent future engine tapping!

Cleaners and conditioners included also end rough idle, power loss problems. It becomes the best form of help and protection you can buy! Works as your drive. nothing to take apart! Shown above...

How new products end tap problems - avoiding a repair need.

Car owners with engine problems where noise, tapping, rough idle, backfire, coughing, and mysterious stalling are upsetting their cars quiet performance; usually costing $2000 to $4000 by repair, are finding this "motor additive for valves, treatment" inexpensive but a highly effective remedy with a product I call my, Slo-wear Valve Treatment.

Its install: 2 easy steps are performed.

  1. Step 1 uses 3 items and you drive with them in your gas and oil. 
  2. Step 2 uses 3  items during an oil change a week later. That is your motor additive for noisy valves. 
  3. Ordering is easy and fastHelp tips, and directions, and guarantee include in the order. Just $80 plus $15 s&h=$95. Shown here.

While there are many additives sold for engines, not one quiets valves.

The reason being is that part-store and quick-lube additives are general purpose products - and in a diluted form. Sometimes, a harmful one!

Since more strength is needed, and a safe cleaning one, Slo-wear has the ingredient called MC+. Meaning, Slo-wear uses multiple cleaners that enhance lubrication, along with friction reducing, and anti-wear features, to assure a long-term fix as you drive solution. Also, MC+ provides secondary advantages...

Secondary problems are also removed, to contribute to your cars engine restorative benefits. An able benefit you should also add to your transmission, for its service and protection, that matter.

To understand Slo-wear's Engine Treatment Hi-tech approach to quieting valve tap, rough idle, backfire, coughing, and mysterious stalling problems- all of which Slo-wear ends, It helps to understand, the trouble your engine has are caused by a near 2 dozen total group of small dirty, very hot operating "doors" called valves, that let fuel into, and spent fuel - combustion out into the exhaust.

Slo-wear's Engine Treatment, the most powerful motor additive for valve cleaning and freeing is the result of field experience, where many ingredients were isolated to test which set of ingredients are most successful to end valve tap, end rough idle, backfire, and coughing. 6 items make up the treatment.

Not just for engines.

Slo-wear Transmission Treatment a $75 3 pak, uses 3 of the 6 items in the Valve Treatment above to smooth shifting and extend life of transmissions like it does engines.

They make for an ideal complementary engine transmission cleaning and freeing treatment for shift valve cleaning and for a smoother shifting, longer lasting transmission. 

Results of both products customers tell us, makes the car pickup, truck motorcycle so serviced seem to run as if suddenly having a bigger motor, yet go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks fill up of fuel.

Both follow my 2 step method that is easy to do. Both end engine problems where noise, tapping, rough idle, backfire, coughing, even rough shift happens  - returning a smooth quiet performance. Order both or one now!

Order the Slo-wear Combo Pack Engine Transmission Treatments.  9 items. Includes easy-to-follow directions, phone help if needed, guarantee, shipping. Regular $170. Now just $140. Save $30.

Mysterious problems- all of which Slo-wear motor additive for valves and transmission ends, because it removes those negatives that cause your car problem. 

They are mysterious problems- all of which Slo-wear ends, because it removes those negatives caused by dirty, very hot operating conditions. 

Valves let fuel into, and spent fuel - out of the combustion area and into the exhaust. That is why they are so problematic - and so is their cost of repair.

Mechanics are trained to fix the problem by dismantling the motor having the valve parts - along with the block of metal they operate in sent out to a machine shop for reconditioning. They also replace valve adjusters - bad or not, deep in the motor - adding more expense. 

The motor additive for valves from Slo-wear is the latest engine problem solver for car owners troubled by tapping, rough idle, backfire, coughing, and mysterious stalling problems. Order Now! In a few days, have your car running like it use to. Doing so a lot cheaper and better than any other way!... I guarantee it!

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