Mega Power Additives:
WHY Mega Power?
Their benefits:

MEGA POWER and the Company Behind the Products


Why Mega Power Products? 

Trouble inside your motor, transmission, radiator.

The problem!

Inside your motor transmission and radiator acids and residues are constantly eating away and coating the original shinny smooth piston, bearing, valve, gear and seal surfaces.

As residues form they gain a foothold causing a tar-like sticky movement.

Those dirty, friction increasing conditions remain when oil is changed. Those negatives go on to cause running and performance problems - and, of course faster wear out. Now is the time for additives.

But which ones? Our review on them. Why the Mega Power Brand?

The answer: To solve and prevent wear and performance problems not possible in any other way. The problem: Cars - like people, depend on many things to operate properly.

As for the oils and fuels in our cars, they can only do so much good to protect our cars from the effects of friction, time, and wear.

When a wear and tear problem affects driving performance, its distracting, increases anxiety about what it means, it speeds up wear out, and can turn into and expensive repair. So, ending the problem becomes the goal.

The benefits that makes Mega Power additives superior?

The difference is ability it ability to perform functions that reverse the problem - ending it! Dirty, worn ,wear roughen conditions are most likely causes.

Mega Power will clean and remove those dirty conditions  where other brands cannot.

Provide ingredients to smooth heal and protect ending problems not possible before. About ingredient example...

MC+ , Mega Power's unique metal conditioner. This ingredient helps reduce friction, heat, and wear, while protecting against rust and corrosion.</li><li>offer protection against acids.</li><li>Smooth and fill worn spaces on moving parts.</li><li> A uniqueness that makes our ingredients great for universal application: ie:  engines, transmissions, differentials, heavy equipment, or anything that moves. "

When oil and fuel fail performance drops, wear increases, fuel is wasted, and the car, truck, tractor, or equipment just will not run right. I liken or compared the situation to a human ill.

For your car, Mega Power helps cure, fix, and restore our cars health, dependability, and longest possible, trouble-free life.

Your cars once clean, shinny, smooth, close-fitting, and freely moving pistons, bearings, valves, gears are dirty, their surfaces have wear roughen. Increased friction drag, fuel waste, less power, and performance problems result. It is a faster ride to wear out.

How Mega Power Helps

This stage of wear calls for powerful cleaning aids an ingredients to free, smooth, heal, coat, protect, and end the problem.

Mega Power does that to keep you going on-down the road, but does so with anti-wear to make suck years longer than othewise possible.

You can install the products your self. They are packages as treatment to solve specific problems. Mega Power treatments work quickly and results are guaranteed. That is our confidence in Mega Power.  </p>

<p><B>Mega Power ingredients </B>include cleaners and protectors that work where oil and store-bought additives cannot reach - to end the 7 most common problems every vehicle experiences.

<p><B>All together </B> you get all the power lost - back, to speed you down the hi-way, with like-new zip, on less fuel.

<p><B>With Mega Power additives, you have a simple, inexpensive way</B> to prevent or end negative conditions in your new, and older, and worn cars, trucks, RVs, marine, industrial machines, and heavy equipment experience. </p>

<p><B>Another very important difference is me </B>

- George Christ, America's Problem-solving Additive Expert.

I train mechanics and tune techs in the use of Mega Power, as the other half  - the inside half of a good tune up and  quality-care repair. Mega Power brings back the power.

And I can help you personally solve all your cars and equipment wear problems. Perhaps gain years-more service from them, too! Here are two ways.</P>

<p><B>Talk directly to me, by calling 1 512 665 3388</B>.

Order The Complete Set of Mega Power Products; Radiator, Engine, Transmission, gear and bearing, A/C, fuel and tune up products for just $200 - Save $35.00, along with easy-to-follow instructions. Order call 1 512 665 3388.

Receive our #120 $15 160z Penetrating Spray; Free, with any order, when you order online. Offer ends 12/31/10.  </P>

<p<B>Product Advantage Details. </B>Only Mega Power additives are formulated to fortify, protect and maximize life of engines, transmissions, differentials, heavy equipment, or anything that moves. "The Proof is in the Performance". Our products have been tested and approved by many national chains such as Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees, Midas International, Meineke, Tuffy/CarX and others throughout the years.
<p><B>The Mega Power Company.</B> Since 1984, Mega Power has manufactured and supplied top-of-the-line vehicle care and maintenance products to its customers worldwide. Mega Power's phenomenal growth now spans five continents. Following the purchase of the company by CAM2 International, LLC in July of 2007, Mega Power has enjoyed steady growth. From its International Headquarters in Oldsmar, FL, Mega Power's  research and development team delivers state-of-the-art technology to our customers. This provides our distributors and their customers - the products needed to keep today's cars not just running - but running better than before.</p>
<p>Mega Power and its worldwide distribution network provides personal training and education classes, in-store demonstrations, service literature, marketing and sales help literature, how-to manuals and a toll-free tech line.(for North America). </p>
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<p>Mega Power  blends and packages more than 35 additive & lubricant products including automotive and industrial lubricants and specialty fluids. that have been exported into virtually every industrialized country in the world.</p>
<p>Mega Power additive bottles are color coded by application for public appeal. Red for those that go into the fuel. Yellow for cleaners. Black for those added to oils and lube fluids. Blue for radiator.

Our products have been tested and approved by many many in the service and repair business, and national chains, such as Jiffy Lube Association of Franchisees, Midas International, Meineke, Tuffy/CarX and others throughout the years.</p>

<p>What we do best for you: We help you achieve recognition as a supplier of Quality Lubricants, Specialty Products and related Services.</p>
<p><B>Leading in Product Development:</B> We are committed to providing you with non-are-better, quality products, and services; to help your customers produce tens of thousands of dollars extra income, not possible in any other way. <br />
We improve our products through testing, research, and actual in-the-field testing to insure you and your customers have the fastest acting, often unique, no one else can match.</p>
<p>Our employees are vital to the success of our business. They are empowered to actively participate in our quality improvement processes. Our Lubricants Executive Team regularly reviews and monitors our Quality Policy, Objectives, and Progress.<br />
With Mega Power Additive Products and this strong marketing combination, you have A TOTAL PROGRAM to build your future successfully with. </p>
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        <h2 id="businessopportunities">Business Opportunities as a Distributor</h2>

<p><strong>What we offer<br />
</strong>Since 1984, Mega Power has provided a superior performance line of automotive additives, lubricants, preventative maintenance programs and service equipment to the Automotive, Marine and Industrial markets through a Distributor network.<br />
<br />
<b>The Marketplace</b><br />
The market potential for our additive products is virtually unlimited. Automotive additive sales in the auto lube, tune, and repair retail sector - our market, approached nearly $1 Billion, with a growth potential of $72.6 Billion.

Our market position, as a quality product manufacturer, allows our distributors to earn healthy profit margins. We currently have new territories with explosive growth potentials. See if one is open near you!<br />
<br />
<b>Your Mega Power Investment</b><br />
The minimum initial investment for this business opportunity is a modest ($16,000 to $25,000) and is comprised of start-up inventory and equipment – no franchise fees. We provide the training necessary for you to learn the industry and successfully launch your new business.<br />
<br />

<b><font size="3">To order Mega Power Products for your shop, fleet service, or personal use. For help, Or, for more information about a local business opportunity for your area, call me now George Christ 1 512 665 3388 today!  Email your interest to: </u></a></font></b></p>

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