Will an intake air breather improve my horsepower and fuel economy?

Ask any mechanic. Will a part store add-on intake air breather help with better power and gas mileage? The answer is no!  If to keep the performance up, or restore - try the Mega Power Oil Change Treatment.

Answer: About the  intake air breather.

It just erks me when this subject is covered. Here is why. Like your mouth and nose, the air intake for your motor is ideal for all conditions and changing it never improves fuel economy - despite the ads and parts store promos for them. Will you run better if you enlarge you nose and mouth openings? No! Neither will your motor.

Avoid buying an intake air breather unless you own a race car! They help race cars - but hurt street cars! 

Here's why. Your motor runs ideally, at 18 parts gas to one million parts air. The computer is always adjusting fuel and timing to keep instantly close to that parameter. By replacing the air intake you introduce air flows the computer cannot control. Altering the air flow so changes those controlled conditions the computer will harmfully alter the correct fuel amounts. 'Is that what you want? No! No, of course.

The real power problem is inside you need to end. You may have hidden problems internally causing power-robbing problems - which is friction and sticky residues which grow overtime, lowering your engines full power development.

You may be pressing the gas pedal down more to feed more fuel to the motor to keep your speed up. Negatives stealing power is friction and sticky moving parts. About 20% of normal power at any given speed is lost due to those wear-out factors.

Mega Power increases power and fuel economy. Maybe, you might try special additives that correct those problems like Mega Power, which is made to improve mileage by ending the wear and horsepower stealing problems they cause.

Would Mega Power reduce the excessive amounts of friction and sticky residues deterring your power be your problem? Yes!

After a couple of years age, Mega Power is what you need! Not a larger air intake.

Below is a picture of a new Mega Power Treatment you can install easily to make your motor run a lot better. It works to instantly improves fuel economy and horsepower by removing harmful dirty conditions in the combustion area, freeing sticky piston rings, and valves - two cause of power loss.The other way is to take your motor apart to do so. Mega Power avoids that need. 4 red and yellow item cleaners in the treatment do that.

Better than an intake air breather. Because this brand also has MC+ friction modifiers, wear roughen piston, bearing, and gear surfaces will smooth out, taking away their wear-increasing, and horsepower negatives. the knock down your horsepower and increase fuel waste. The 2 black items do that. Just add.

Driving in about 15 minutes restores power like a bigger motor would give. You can feel the power comeback. Such treated cars go 20 to 40 more miles distance on each weeks fuel fill up. That's my experience, too!

Hope this idea helps - and you skip the air intake breather idea.

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