For improving Your Hot Rods fuel economy and tire burning zip, install  these  slippery  ingredients which smooth's your wear-roughen piston bearing and gear surfaces helping valves close faster, parts turn, spin push and pull easier - boosting horse-power by 10 to 20%
-engine transmission fuel 

Improving your Hot Rods Fuel Economy Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, or to order products listed, Call me at 512 665 3388512 665 3388.... George

Here are Hi-tech ways and products for improving your Hot Rods Fuel Economy and horsepower output - by slamming the breaks on friction.

Most people writing about such, don't know a gas cap from radiator cap - you can tell such ignorance when they suggest, you - change your oil, your air filter, check the tire pressure, and read your car manual, as the way to improving your hot rods fuel economy. That's no help at all - right?

This article will show you a simple chemical anti-wear "tune up" option  instantly improving your hot rods fuel economy and by releasing 10 to 20% more horsepower - now hidden by adding special additives called Mega Power to your fuel and oils that go where even the best oils cannot - to rid your motor and transmission of their fuel-wasting  gummy films, and  horsepower sucking friction.

Oh yes, fuel-wasting acids, gummy films, and friction are bigger gas wasters and faster wear-out producers - than you imagined. So removing them gives an instant power boost and fuel mileage improvement of 10% or more.

I'll show you what I learned from my dyno testing and from a special additive treatment from Mega Power. The fuel economy improvement and their problem solving results prove Mega Power is the best out there to neutralize acids, remove gummy resides on radiators, piston rings, valves, valve lifters, gears, and the carburetor or fuel injectors. Removing those negatives will restore your rods fuel economy and performance. And do so in the cheapest and longest lasting way!

You'll see, that using this method - to improve your hot rods fuel economy works because it will end your hot rods hidden negative conditions. That new skill will improve your hot rods fuel economy to its highest level - and all other cars you treat, guaranteed!

Right after the install, your motor will start with a sweet snarl, run smoothly, and soar on down the road - leaving your budies dirty internal, bucking, back firing machines choking in your dust!

This will impress others. You will be Hot Rod Smarted than all your buddies with my help. They will wonder what secrets you know - they don't! You will be improving your hot rods fuel economy permanently, this way.

Knowledge has power! Your secret motor tune up knowledge, gained here, and in our site is powerful. It represents High tech research put to actual usage. It ends the 4 causes of power decline and lousy fuel economy, and the anxiety that ignorance of the real problems they cause you. The 4 are

  1. You'll learn how to remove a thin acidic film coating the radiator and engine block, that acts as an insulation. And you be shown a chemical to increase heat trasfer by up to 35%. If not removed, that film blocks your engine heat transfer into the coolant and out to the air. Holding in more heat, your motor block oil temperature will climb to over 250 degrees. Above that temperature, your oil film strength drops to almost zero - and more metal-to-metal abrasion and friction occurs. 
  2. The  Mega Power Radiator Service #RS3 Treatment and the Mega Power Engine Treatment covered below, make the oil run below 250 degrees, stops friction, and actually heals the damage. They give an amazing amount of fuel increasing help. Not even the best synthetic oil can match that!
  3. We also cover your transmission, differential, gears and wheel bearing friction, and power steering and A/cCending their power absorbing, heat increasing negatives, using Mega Power .
  4. Let's begin in your fuel system and caruretor or fuel injectors and give them a tune up. Then the motor, radiator, and finally, your transmission. That is how this knowledge will be improving your hot rods fuel economy.

Carburetor causes of lousy fuel economy - and what to do right now, to end its problem, and improve Hot Rods fuel economy.

  • For gas to power your car, your carburetor mixes the right amount of air with fuel. There are 2 to 4 "air bleed holes" in most carburetors that uses atmospheric pressure to do the exact air/fuel blending.They are fuel wasters when dirty, and speed up engine wear out 50% doing so.
  • So, that is where you always begin.
  • At idle and to 20 miles per hour, air goes into 2 tiny 1/8 tube carrying fuel tubes. The air and fuel mix is drawn into the motor by engine suction. You have two sets of these tubes. They carry fuel from the fuel bowl to the carb throat, and exit just at the throttle plate.
  • One or both  of those tubes can clog up. Then four negative things happen - in your motor to cause lousy fuel economy. What happens, most mechanics don't understand. That ignorance could be costly for you - were it not for this web site - and me!

Trouble starts gradually each time you shut off your motor. Motor heat - there's a lot of it, dries out those tiny gas carrying tubes -

When gas dries, it leaves a sticky film. That film will crawl up the tiny air bleed intake tube and eventually block off the incoming air.

The problem and my secret fix

Over night, with gum your closing off your carbs air bleed, a siphon action causes the gas in the fuel bowl to drain and empty into your motor. Your car starts right up, because it needs a rich mixture to run when cold. It has one now for sure - with all that gas  -but that gas is washing away your piston and valves lube oil - increasing friction. That's not good, of course. Don'r worry. What I show you to do and use will open the air bleeds and and heal any damage, and instantly start improving your hot rods fuel economy, power, and longer life!

Well, back to your dirt carb and starting it.

It cranks, runs - then dies, as there is no gas in the carb bowl to continue the fuel feed. You start the ignition cranking of the engine, the engine fuel pump fill the bowl - the car then starts. You wonder what's going on!

Something similar happens with fuel injector pitles, at the tip of the injector nozzle - in that both dirty conditions allow a wetter fuel soak - that means  a richer amount of fuel enter into your motor.

Rich-fuel-conditions, during combustion eventually stick your rings and valves - and more fuel wasting problems develop to rob you of great fuel economy.

To correct the air bleed problem and free your rings and valves, therby improving your Hot rods fuel economy, do the following:

While most Hot Rod Care Advice about improving your hod rods fuel economy is worthless -The following tips and product using them is what you need - for all your cars. You will find these tips worth their weight in gold! You will fill confindent of total control of your cars, and have enjoyment knowing they are running alwys at their peak.

When you order Mega Power - shown above,  you will improve your fuel economy by ending power robbing, fuel wasting conditions. To learn about what needed for improving your hot rods fuel economy,  go here. To learn what to do for your radiator, go here. For your power steeing, go here.

To service your engine to restore your hot rods fuel economy, follow these instructions:

  1. To do so, take the red product in the package with a 3. I put a #1 on its cap, and pour it into your fuel tank. 
  2. You will take black product  in this package with #2 on the cap, and add it to your motor oil.
  3. You will take the 3rd Yellow item I put a #3 on its cap, and - over a five minute time, pour about a table spoon full into right side of the front two carburetor venturi's.
  4. The motor will run rough, then smooth out.
  5. Next, pour a tablespoon full into the left venturi. The motor will run rough, then smooth out. Good, that's what I want!
  6. Keep repeating this feed of Mega Power into one side, then the other until the contents are installed into the motor. Put the air cleaner on afterwards, and go for a 15 minute ride to purge the carbon out of the motor, and set the MP MC+ friction reducing ingredients. This drive will frre and clean the rings and valves and start the healing prodcess.

You will suddently feel your motor come alive and have more zip, power and performance.That's how to begine improving your hot rods fuel economy.

In a single venturi carb,

Improving your hot rods fuel economy using my research

By my research - from top chemist, and from my own field testing for problem solving test results,  I'll show you

How your Hot Rod lousy fuel economy problem came to be.

  • How best to end it .
  • And how to use new High Tech chemistry based products to do so. 
  • And how to use these products to heal the damaged it caused.

Lets get to How to help you improve your Hot Rod fuel economy

First of all, I'm assuming your Hot Rod Car is not broken, but rather friction and sticky residues and a bit of wear is causing your problem.

If not broker, improving your hot rods fuel economy starts with My Car Car with Mega Power class 101.

Let's start with three most common Hot Rod fuel economy problems and products to end them - to have your Hot Rod always starting, idling, and running with full power and zip - for years to come - while others, using other methods, always have trouble and spend alot to fix them. OK?

Here are Fuel Economy secrets you should know. And how to end them with new chemical anti-wear, problem-solving products. You will find these hot rod fuel economy tips and products superior, and worth their weight in gold!

Tip One The big fuel economy improvement secret

  • Hod rods suffer fuel economy problems because of negative fuel conditions and the resulting combustion degration.
  • All gas, diesel fuel, and oils have sulphers in them. Don't listen to the ads. That's ad agency hype! Were that not so, there would be no need for all the chemicals in fuels and oils to counter both alkalied and acidics left over from refining. They are not in there to promote longer life!
  • All oils and fuels must meet gov specs! That is what those codes say. A testing lab found for many years that oil, bought off the shelf of stores around the world fail to meet the code specs. Got that?
  • Acids form when combustion, heat, humidity, and different with different metals bathing in a solution - sludge and surface damage develops. That's how your marvelous battery produces electricity!
  • In doing so, the acids eat away the lead plates. What does that tell you? It tells you, its doing the same thing inside your radiator, your engine, your transmission, your exhaust system, and your A/C system.
  • So, acids need nuetralizing or removing every oil change and every 2 years in all other systems with oil and fluids.
  • Countering acids problems and correcting the damage they cause.

The product that neutralizes acids in the fuel, the radiator cooling system, the transmission, power steering, and A/C system is Mega Power.

and the builldup of acids the number one and two trouble makers. Number three is something called "metal migration - the worst kind and most destructive type of wear all hot ropds suffers from.

aHere's the fact and how to end thos eproblem - and raise your fuel economy to new heights.

The products suggested contain the only know "active ingredients from Mega Power," improving your hot rods fuel economy. improve Your Hot Rod’s Fuel Economy, cut to zero NOW avoidable engine, radiator, transmission troubles. Restores lost horsepower.  Drive happier!

The tool shown connected to a car and to train mechanics for improving your hot rods fuel economy, can be purchased for just $125. 

Call me if youe want help, or have a question about improving your hot rods fuel economy, at 1 512 665 3388. ... George Christ.

I'm in San Marcos Texas 78666 at 210 Durango street.

Mechanics who want to add Mega Power to their Car and Equipment problem solving services should call me now. I'll help you get started and suggest ways to capture more income and have lots more satisfied customers wanting your Mega Power Expertise.

Improving your hot rods fuel economy with Mega Power makes real dollars and sense!... Mega Power is for all your new and older cars, RV's motorcycles, boats, and heavy equipment.  Mega Power pays you by helping your cars and equipment run more economical, avoid avoidable repairs, and last years longer than by any other method of care.

PS: this web page covers another trick I promote

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