How Auto tune Repair Options Work To End The Problem

 DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

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Before I show you the DIY products that do so, a little DIY Tune Up and Repair Options Education is needed.

You should know 

  • If it has a broken part do the service first.
  • Use in new to older, even worn out vehicles - car diesel trucks tractors dozers, Rv boats motorcycles machinery, as long as its a mechanical problem.
  • End car and diesel tap, power loss, shift, leak problems. DIY this way...
  • Remove acids, sludge, vanish, and wear-increasing friction buildup. So it takes chemicals to do that.
  • Many thousands are doing so. With a my simple service Chemically

The logic and science behind DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions


Most car and diesel engine and shift and operating, noise, power loss, shift, leak problems are caused by acids, sludge, vanish, and wear-increasing friction buildup.

So it takes costly hand cleaning, or chemicals. Both do the fix.


Its mostly just one or two of the hundreds of those parts causing your problem - though not actually broken. Got that?

Just think about it!

Just 1 or 2 of those dirty parts caused over 400 internal performance upsetting problems. 

Those costly $2000 + Repair Bills, for the mechanic to find and replace them so your trouble goes away.

Instead, use my DIY tune repair option. That's your best tune repair option!

Have A Better Remedy As Your Fix!

This reverses those negatives, heals the damage, cleans out the mess, and ends your internal problem - as you drive - 

All your vehicles need this DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix, Avoid-Fix Solutions

This re-conditioning I call it, is what good, and troublesome vehicles need! Its more than an a fix option!

Its the fix now needed!  Saves your budget and will keep all your new and older cars going strong as long as you want!

Select one of these DIY links below,

or on the left side to get started. 

Compare the old way to end engine transmission problems To this DIY Tune Up and Repair Options: Fix method

The old way to end your engine transmission problem is to take apart the unit, hand clean every part, replace the trouble-causing parts. Pay the mechanic for doing so. Causes those $3000 plus repairs to get your car working great again. 

The new smarter way to do all that is my DIY Tune Up and Repair Options Solutions

This tune repair option introduces products you can use I teach and sell to mechanics to use that remove internal toxins - and restore your cars performance at a great savings for you!

How to end your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c service products It's the new, easy to use, smarter way to restore your engine transmission performance to normal again!

  • Nothing to take apart. Driving does the fix.
  • In minutes powerful toxin removers removes the trouble, and ends the problem, and returns the vehicle to its former like new operation.
  • Money refunded, if not!

Troubles this tune repair option ends

Tapping, sludge, oil burning, blowby, engine miss, power loss, rough shift, and gear slippage problem - to name a few. 

What this option does guarantees to prevent other common toxin caused trouble with its ant-wear feature, for years more trouble-free operation.

Installed as a service that exceeds every car maker specs for 25,000, 50,000 mile warranty service for new vehicles. 

And In This Way This Option Helps you Now, And Later. It Pays For Itself!   More here...

Tune Repair Options Work Contact Info: on a smartphone, to ask a question, order items listed, call me... george at 512 665 3388

Auto Tune Up and Repair Option:

Transmission Problem Solver.

     Mega Powers DIY Transmission Service Treatment does more than any other product to end shift and hang up problems - and even gear growl.

This product does not just end the problems - NO! It reconditions every part to run good as new! You gain a useful fix and anti-wear slamming the brakes on every dirty worn part y the cleaning, smoothing, healing effets gained and given to every parts so touched. Imagine th benefits. 

Driving does the fix! You gain years more like-new life. Only time will show that - but the fact your component is running smoother, quieter, and trouble free shows it licked the total wear problem for you. 

     Mega Powers Transmission Treatment and its MC+ anti-wear adds a worn part slippery film to build up worn away metal! On every part this guarantees a promised smooth shift again.

And with the friction and trouble causes gone Mega Power lowers High Temperature Causes.

Other advantages for its usage is that it offers a total cool internal temp you can notices on TOWING vehicles. That's a sign of protection, too! If you tow or race.

For the ordinary guy or gal, gain the satisfaction you found what fixed the problem! What to do next? 

     To gain a return to your transmission's great performance in under and hour service: Learn More.... 

DIY Auto Tune Up Repair Transmission Fix, Avoid-Fix - Solution. 

Here! The auto tune up and repair options... Cheaper, faster, better way to end vehicle problems yourself!

Do It Yourself How-to site.

The add this, Drive, End your problem Option

No fancy pictures. Just expert tune and repair articles - with your fix explained for quick professional results. At Do It Yourself help and prices. 

Includes FREE phone help if needed. And… Plus car truck cross-over anti-wear benefits.

Fix your problem, and use the solution to keeps troubles away in good running cars, equipment. No hokey poky. No ads.  Just the solution you want!


Try our options, on the page we send you to, you have a NO-FIX NO-PAY Guarantee Promise. Options opposed by many mechanics but in use by men, women, mechanics around the world.

Requires a bit of reading - and driving afterwards to end the problem. However, if now broken, seek other sites for that help.

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