Five easy to install additive fuel economy improvers that also extend your engine life

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Dear Meng,

Let me try to help you here. Let's take one of the product that you are trying to market here i.e. fuel economy improvement aids.

I have been doing some readings...

    Fuel economy improvement aids that work are specific mechanical and chemical products that pack more punch, or restrict air and fuel amounts going into the combustion process. Or they restore and improve specific movement-efficiencies - all of which increase fuel economy.

    According to George Christ, one of America's Experts in the use of automotive additives, these are five most successful Fuel improving methods:

Fuel economy improver and power increaser

1- Superchargers.

    A device, you add to your engine, [comes on a few engines from the factory] that forces a bit more fuel and air into the combustion cycle. Doing so provides a greater push-down on the piston, providing additional impetus to forward motion and higher speed - which increases fuel economy - if you back-off gas pedal to maintain the normal, lower speed. That is how superchargers become a fuel economy improver.

2- Economy cam.

    You can restrict air/fuel and increase fuel economy with an "economy cam." A cam is a steel shaft with egg-shaped lobes. As the shaft turns, the lobe lifts- opens fuel-intake valves, letting fuel come into the piston top area, then closes just before combustion occurs. A different lobe pushes open the exhaust valve to permit flow of spent combustion out to the exhaust.

    An "economy cam" limits the fuel intake cycle duration and limits fuel "waste-duration" periods. Most people prefer the cam that came with their engine because the "waste factor" provides a reserve to provide snappier performance when needed.

    You can have greater fuel economy with an "economy cam," and no reserve power as the option for fuel saving, or you can have a bit more reserved power - or, a lot more power out put - with a "racing cam," where fuel economy improvement is given up for, more power, but not both options - with a different cam style.

3- Special cleaners: Fuel economy improvers

    These are designed to clean 5 areas of an engine and 3 in transmissions. While most cleaners are ineffective and rip-offs, those that work are specified for the oil-side, fuel, fuel injectors, air intake, and combustion areas - and also include friction modifiers. A good cleaner specifically removes dirty, power-deterring buildup, and quiets and frees noisy, sticky valves and lifters. All of these areas must be cleaned at the same time -- to restore stoichiometrics, the peak fuel economy level possible.

    How cleaning and reducing friction drag in your transmission improves fuel economy.

    In transmissions, detergent cleaning products with friction modifiers perform the two actions needed to restore and maintain the exact shift point.

    If a gearshift occurs; say, two seconds, instead of one second before, or after peak horsepower development - due to dirty fluid, and dirty, sticky conditions, and friction, there is less than ideal or full torque available to propel you forward, and lower speed occurs.

    If the shift develops before the peak time - caused by a dirty, laboring engine speed, your car or truck weight - having lost a bit of momentum, becomes a negative drag, and this drops power even lower, lowering vehicle speed. An improper shift is doubling the weight the engine must move - and those conditions bogs down the power output of the motor.

    Out-of-time, rough shift, and slippage problems miss maximum torque-ing of the gears, lowering speed, causing more fuel usage to reach full speed.

    How do you make sure your transmission is timed to the peak power output at any given gear shift? Clean and friction modify your transmission with products labeled to do both.

    Friction drag [requires more fuel to overcome] and dirty engine and transmission conditions [rob power away from the wheels] or [reduces full power development, as describe above] waste fuel. Clean and correct all such dirty, friction increasing conditions, and you improve fuel economy - by restoring the exact shift time for the easiest and best forward momentum.

4- Octane boosters.

    Chemistry is capable of slowing combustion. Thereby giving a bit more push to the downward thrust of each piston. This advantage gives you a bit more speed for the same amount of fuel. You save fuel by constantly backing off the throttle, lowering speed. A fuel economy improver saving ploy. Octane boosters are use by most people when towing, or racing. Watch out! Most brands of octane booster are caustic. [Most cars cannot be helped by an octane booster, due to engine design, and computer controlled algorithms].

5- Friction Modifiers.

    Two companies have friction modifiers capable of actually permitting more power to pass thru to turn the wheels faster.

    Here is how they become a fuel economy improver.

    Friction modifiers work in two ways. One-way is to smooth wear roughen surfaces - thus reducing drag. Less drag, less fuel-wasting characteristics.

    Another kind of friction modifier "coats worn areas" - which fill worn spaces, seal combustion from escaping - called blowby, and also permits slipperier movement. This is a fuel economy improvement aid because you have improve fuel wasting conditions, and released absorbed power. Both help to kick up speed levels. Backing off on the gas pedal to drop increased speed is a fuel saving advantage. Two companies are known to have these special motor, transmission, fuel economy improvers, friction modifiers of worth.*

Any product not falling within these specific five categories cannot improve fuel economy.

Which one of the above does your product belong to?

---------------- Cheers/Mabel

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