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Valve Tapping

Engine valves Contact info: On a smartphone, to ask a question, order this product, call me at 512 665 3388... george

Valve problems can cause tapping and rough idle  - And their repair costly. Here's an alternative that's cheaper and better! 

      When your engine suddenly sounds like its going to pound itself to death, you gotta be worried a little! You might be wondering if your motor will just bust apart as you're going down the highway?

     The good news for those with this engine problem. If you can add oil and gas to your car you can do the service to quiet your motors noisy parts.

 What the mechanic thinks is needed.

   If you know from your mechanic that the sound indicates a $2000 to $4000 engine overhaul is needed, you already know it will cost you your next years vacation money. And while in the shop for a week or so...

   And, a lot of car shuffling while the car is in the shop for a week! Who are you gonna get to pick up kids at school, finding a ride to work, and such spin-off headaches?

   A better solution.

    Follow this Engine Valve Service To End The Tap Problem. A permanent fix. Avoids Its Repair Need.

   In less than an hour - here's what to do to end the problem and at a 10th of what the car mechanic wants.

   This may be your quickest, and best solution.   Read this article a couple times...to get it.

The Mega Power Valve Treatment -

     Mega Power, a leader in automotive service products primarily used by mechanics and heavy equipment owners around the world - and me, a mechanic with a different spin on their ability to solving engine valve problems - without repair.

    Here 's the made easier process to the install - so that in less than an hour - and for a fraction of what us mechanics will charge for actual repair - give you the same satisfactory result!

This Mega Power method stops more than valve tap.

    The success for ending valve and lifter tapping is to add to the motor powerful ingredients to go to the tapping problem area: 

  • Where oil and traditional additives can't go.
  • Do a cleanup and conditioning that ends the tap.
  • Remove the causes of valve tap and rough idle, stalling, loss of power, even backfire.
  • Smooth out the power and noisy problem.

Now you can decide when engine repair is needed!

     Now, anyone can stop valve tap! Not just mechanic! Stop your worry!

    Chances are good your engines tapping - or rough idle and stalling, comes from sticky intake and exhaust valves - or their lifters. 

   These internal parts use cam power to pop open and snap close at eye blinking speed the engine valves - giving your motor its ultra quiet power and operation. However...

Ending engine valve problems using Mega Powers' Valve Treatment.

 However, when the valves operating temperatures - around 600 to 1200 degrees cook dirty oil into tar and this coats them - they operate slowly - losing the quick open close stance. This create a space that was not meant to be there. As a space enters into the slow closing process - the other parts are moving away - and returns in rotation they now slap them with a hammer tap noise as they rotate and close the gap - every second or so. My remedy... Mega Power!

Ending Valve Tap with Mega Powers' Valve Treatment. A service to end tapping.Ending Valve Tap with Mega Powers' Valve Treatment. A service to end tapping.

Ending Valve Tap with Mega Powers' Valve Treatment. An oil change service to end tapping.

    This is my, easy to use, Do-it-yourself engine valve treatment you can easily install and that will have your car running quiet-and-strong-as-new-again - avoiding costlier, tear apart and hand cleaning repair methods.

Yes, this is a Hi-tech Fix, but any man or women non-mechanic can easily install the product in their motor called Mega Power, and let driving do the fix in as little as 15 minutes. Just $250 if a mechanic installs Mega Power. Under $100, if you do it yourself - its easy! 

In minutes after you install Mega Power, you'll have a quiet, smooth, strong running car again - amazingly.

That's my experience too, with my wife's 2002 Ford Windstar. Mega Power quieted the valves in just minutes. That's also what customers tell us. They say....

  • "The tap tap tap just stopped a few miles down the road after The Mega Power was installed."
  • "At first, nothing happened. Then the motor kinda caught like it was clearing its throat - and the motor tap noise that so worried me - just went away. Thanks for introducing Mega Power, a great repair avoiding invention!"
  • Engine Valve Tap Solution.
Mega Power Engine Valve Tap Ending Product

This easy-to-install engine valve cleaner and  engine conditioner is what you need to avoid a costly $2000 to $4000 "valve repair"- the mechanics term for this motor fix. Install Mega Power to stop the tap and prevent permanent damage.

     Why wait? Order now! In a few days you will be able to get your life and car back  - enjoying what modern car care can do for you - with my help, of course!

The simple install method to quiet engine valve tap:

  • Just add 3 of the special cleaners [in the box shown above] into your motor oil and fuel. One item goes into gas, one into your motor's oil, and one into the motor's air intake system - I'll show and explain all that in the directions - and by phone, if you choose to do the install - its easy.

  • Those 3 items get to your dirty motor problem-causing areas, top side of your engine, cleaning valves from the fuel side and starts the residue removing, and quieting process. This gets the cleaners to the combustion area side of your 8 to 24 engine valves  - doing what the mechanic does to clean by hand - doing so chemically using the motors heat.

  • A week later add the other 3 to your motor oil during an oil change which flushes out the tapping causes. Driving finishes the engine valves tap end fix. That's it! Very simple.

Why 6 products?

     That is what has been found to work! They have what your motor needs for chemical cleaning, freeing, and lubing, to stop tapping and rough idle problems.  A complex job - the mechanic charges a an arm and an leg to do!  Mega Power can do for you! The 6 give you a powerful bit of knowledge to protect every engine  - and transmission you want to protect - works in ti and the radiator and steering components]  to remove, and keep your vehicles trouble-free!

   This instal uses engine action to - end the tap tap tap engine sound. Nothing to take apart. And the best part is this. You can do it yourself in 15 minutes for under $100 - not $2000. Order Mega power below

Ordering Info: stateside

One Mega Power Valve Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. $65.00 plus $15s&h=$80.00 Total

Order 2 Mega Power Valve Treatments for 2 cars, save $30. 12 items. $115+ $15s&h=$130 total. Not $160. Save $30. Protect both cars. Subject to any advertised price increase. Order Now!

The techincal explanation for those that what it.

Why your engine valves and valve lifters tap. How to quiet them easily with Mega Power.

End engine valves problem with Mega Power

Shown are 2 of your motors 8 to 24 valves and a block representing one of your engine pistons. The upside down T - on the right - is your engine fuel intake valve operating at 400 plus degrees. Cooler incoming air and fuel mixed with 200 degree hot misty blow-by fumes bathe it constantly.

The other upside down T, the exhaust valve, runs over 1000 degrees hot. When dirty, one or both valve will stick creating a space and the tap noise you hear.  The problem is because...

In time, your oil just cannot clean the residues that lube your valves to keep them freely closing. 

Once dirty, valves, and your motor's pistons rings also become sluggish. This causes blowby. Blowby is another engine valve  residue causing problem. Mega Power ends those conditions for you, cleaning and freeing those parts and restoring clean movement, and stops the tap!

Blowby refers to combustion that slips past your sticky lazy combustion piston rings - downward arrows. Blowby runs 1500 degree - mixes with your oil, sludges it, and then is recycled into the incoming fuel air blend to be reburned. Another problem Mega Power Ends for you...

Notice the 2 way arrows. They show fuel or combustion being pushed backwards escaping, because the valves are still closing. Noticed I said the valves were still closing - when they should already be closed?

The tap occurs as your dirty sluggish, slow closing valves creates a space and a bang occurs as their cam lobe slaps them - which you hear as a tap tap tap! Mega Power will get in there where oil can't go and clean and free your dirty sticking, tapping valves... and that stops the tap! Pretty clever invention, wouldn't you say! That's what your motor needs.

To end that problem, get a $2000 valve repair or try this Mega Power Valve treatment - to end it.

I'd say, try the Mega Power first. Its guaranteed! To do so, order here.

Ordering Info: stateside

One Mega Power Valve Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. $65.00 plus $15s&h=$80.00 Total

Order 2 Mega Power Valve Treatments for 2 cars, save $30. 12 items. $115+ $15s&h=$130 total. Not $160. Save $30. Protect both cars. Subject to any advertised price increase. Order Now!

Illustration: How the tap occurs

You know the several things causing valves to stick - right?

Combustion temperature runs between 1800 degrees and over 2000. That exhaust heats up the valves to about 1200 degrees.

Now, to illustrate, over time thin layers of residue begin to bind the valves, and cause one or more performancep-problems.

To illustrate: Grip a pen by wrapping it inside your closed fist.

Now, relax the grip so the pen can be pushed up with a free finger and easily fall down as your finger drops and inch or so.

Notice you can create a rapid up and down movement as long as the grip does not restrict up or down movement.

That is the way your valves operate when clean, and near new.

However, after some years, thin layers of goo from combustion, recycling gases, oil breakdown residues, and more friction, bind the movement of the valves - just as - if you ever so slightly, tighten your grip so the pen just won't drop to the floor.

Now try to raise the pen - it will go up - if the grip is slight - but will not drop when your figer is taken away. In your motor, that is your problem Mega Power ends - it takes away the restriction of goo and friction - allowing the valves to snap close - not hang up - and creat a space and the tap!

So Put Mega Power To work in your motor to clean your engine valves. Order now.

One Mega Power Valve Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

Just $65, plus $15 s&h= $80 total.

Order 2 Mega Power Valve Treatments for 2 cars, save $30. 12 items. $115+ $15s&h=$130 total. Not $160. Save $30. Protect both cars. Subject to any advertised price increase. Order Now!

To ask a question or to order by phonne call me at 512 665 3388 ... george

Trouble ahead

In your engine these restricting negatives slows down the closing rhythm of the valves. Like being out of step. That lazy, dirty, friction binding action has the valves still closing when they should have snapped close already.

End engine valves problem with Mega Power

So, as you see by the two way arrows around the valves - meaning the valves are leaking, not sealing, the piston will suck some exhaust back in - or push back out some fuel or both. Depending on the direction and cycle the piston is in.

The cause of your cars problem

This abnormal operating condition reduces the full charge of incoming fuel. With less fuel, power development is reduced. Less power slows down your cars zip and road speed by 5 to 10 miles per hour.

To go faster - the higher speed you want, you press the gas pedal down and feed more fuel into the engine. Of course, piston rings also stick and your motors oil is now sucked into the combustion process. Increase blow-by also occurs and blackens you oil half way thru the oil change interval - much sooner than it use too.

Do those conditions sound like your cars problem?

The problem you have - How to end it for under $100 in ten minutes

As engine valves bind or stick, its valve-raising parts - the cam lobe, the hydraulic lifter, the push rod, the rocker arm, all move such, a space opens up and then quickly closes as the cam lobe rotates - causing a tap, sounds of a worn-out engine, oil burning, lousy fuel economy, and thoughts of a $3000 overhaul need - or, a $20,000 pre-mature new car replacement, as the fix.

Not any more A new product made to cure engine valves problems - as describe above, by cleaning and friction modifying, can quickly restores the snap-closing action of dirty engine valves. The product - a treatment, restores like-new quiet, powerful motor and valve operation again - for under $100 - guaranteed.

Learn how this product ends your valve problems. How You can use it yourself to instantly restore a smooth quiet like-new operation to your car - in minutes. That is the only guaranteed way to end your engine valves problem.

Since this is an educational site
for mechanics on what's new, Please notice that Directions are easy to follow for any non-mechanic, man or women! Thousands of car owners ordered this product and love it, as you see from the above. Nothing to take apart! Just add as directed. Its easy. Driving does the actual fix. Ordering info and explanation below.

As you look over the picture below notice the two-way arrows shown going around the engines valves. There is your problem. I have your remedy. Consider... the valve stems

As wear and tear occurs a sticky film layer of used up oil residue coats your motor valve stems - and it binds annd slows valve closing movement. A space appears that was not there before. As those parts rotate, the space between the cam and valve closes - and you hear that as the tap.

You can now correct the problem chemically to end the cause of your engine valves problem

What you should know to end your problem - and be car care smarterh this knowledge and Mega Power usage:

Valves operate in dirty, almost metal-melting temperatures.

The picture shows the 1,800 degree combustion area of your motor - where the your tap sounds comes from and your engine valves do their work.

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