Engine treatment review. One brand makes the "Best Engine Treatment" top choice because it protects and extends your car and truck life solving their motor's 6 biggest wear and sludge problems. Order online. Includes satisfaction guarantee

Our Engine Treatment Review.  We gave the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment the "Best Engine Treatment" Top Choice Award. 

So will you 'on-down the road of life" its many fans and customers claim

That's because Mega Power not only cleans and protects your motor's 6 sub-systems - a more that a $400 value, and because it adds true anti-wear and friction reducing advantages - which are even hundreds of dollars costlier, all for under $100, while other oil treatments just condition the oil - a $20 or less value as their claim to fame!

Mega Power engine treatment review Demo. Shown here, is the winning, easy to install,  Best Featured, engine and transmission protector containing the strongest and safest acting engine cleaners, with conditioners, friction modifiers, acid neutralizers, and anti-wear enhancers - "Feels like the best tune up my motor ever had."

This is because Mega Power is a watery thin cleaning metal conditioning chemistry that can get into tight engine spaces - to free, clean and add anti-wear. It cannot block critical oil delivery - and many Mechanics use it as assembly lube for instant break-in values in rebuilts.  Mega Power is sold with a money back guarantee if not as advertised. [2 refunds last 267 days]

Engine Treatment Review: Oil thickeners

Whereas, common part store motor treatments like Lucas, STP, Restore and other honey-like oil thickeners make your motor oil intentionally thick, and may present an undesirable lube hidderence in today's car and equipment engines.

Today's car and equipment engines require Ow and 5w oils.

So, if those gooey additive oil thickeners become a negative to your motor's  oil flow to their very close tolerance spaces between your engines pistons, bearings, valves, and gear moving parts - serious problems of wear out will develop.

Engine Treatment Review: Ordering Mega Power

That's why we recommend Mega Power every 2 years in your oil, every 4 years in your transmission and power steering and radiator.

To learn more about Mega Power, to ask a question, or to order Mega Power if on a smart phone, call me at 512 665 3388 ....george

And Click the links if you need a special application of Mega Power to solve a specific engine problem... End

 Mega Power's value is that it avoids avoidable engine problems and adds years more new like dependability by solving the 6 biggest engine problems wear - residue caused problems. Order online. Includes satisfaction guarantee.. Comes with easy to install directions, phone help if needed, guarantee, shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx.

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