This... Stops engine stumble, miss, stalling, misfire. Restores a smooth running motor fast Guaranteed!

Engine stumble: On a cell phone, have a question, to order by phone, call me... george


If after an expensive tune up, your motor has an:

    Engine stumble or misfire's - like it does not always fire on every cylinder.

    Back-fire's - sounds like the engine breathing section had a minor explosion in it - it did!

    Stalls mysteriously

    Lost its former days of great power

And you feel something more than a tune up is needed.... you may well be right!

Those forms of engine stumble are corrected two ways. By overhaul. By a special kind of what I call, sub-system-cleaning - an internal cleaning.

However,  not 1 out of a 1000 mechanics knows how to clean those systems - they are in the business to replace parts - not clean them.

This product's success for engine stumble -works well - and tens of thousands of car owners like its stumble ending results because it's the first and only product to go wherever fuel, air, combustion, exhaust, and oil goes... when nothing else can go to end engine stumble.

  • Those sub-systems are where your trouble makers are! 
  • Wherever there are air bleeds, fouled spark plugs, dirty fuel injector sprayers, dirty smog reducing parts,  sticky piston rings, sticky valves and valve adjusters, various dirty sensors -
  • And friction drag, wear, and residues. They are the bad guys we want to rid your motor of - to return its formers smoothness back again. 
  • One or more of those areas are causing your problem and need cleaning....

      - And I'll show you the easiest and best way to clean all of them - yourself - and have the smoothest, most powerful running car you every had - following a simple  2 easy step method outlined below! The treatment by Mega Power is shown here. 3 items clean the top of your motor and 3 clean the bottom - because that is what ends engine stumble.

End your engine miss my easy way......Your engine problem

    Is caused by one or more of your engines dirty parts including engine valves - their dirty condition holds open the valve when they should be closed tight. They caused engine stumble because all the other parts are sending residues to them! 

    As this picture shows, dirty valves are your problem. We invented the product to clean dirty valves in an eye blink - and get you on down the road again smoothly!

    I'll show you how to do the service that ends the problem with a  complex cleaning - done easily as you drive.

With residues holding the valve open when it should be closed, red-hot combustion slips pass the valve like stormy winds blowing pass a front door ajar. In this case...

    That burning hot combustion slips pass the partially closed valve and ignites the next amount of gas waiting to be used by your motor. A small explosion occurs.

    Notice the two-way arrows around the valves showing the leakage. Not shown is friction that also causes faster wear out and a place for residues to stick.

    Mega Power smooths and heals every part oil goes, as one additional way to end engine stumble, and this advantage add years more dependability to your car life!

    That is what makes the stumble. Mega Power is what your motor needs! Order it online below.

Costly repair avoided

    Most times a $2000 valve job is the answer, mechanics say. My method is just as good and cost $250 if a mechanic installs it. Under $100, if you follow my method below.. You can end the problem yourself.

    Introducing the Mega Power Engine Tune Up Treatment. - shown above. 

    Directions are simple:

    You install 2 items in the fuel and one in the oil. Drive as usual and let the cleaners get to the troubled areas.

    A week later, you use the 3 remaining items at an oil change to keep the problem away and revitalize your motor. That's it!

    Mega Power uses several anti-wear ingredients that cleans, protects, and quiets noisy engine valves and lifters; and works equally well to free sticky transmission valves - if added to the transmission to end their cause of rough shifting.

    Ordering Info

    One Mega Power Engine Treatment Includes 6 items shown. Easy-to-follow directions. Phone help if wanted. Satisfaction Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days.

    Just $75, plus $15 s&h= $90 total. Price increase subject to change to $99 soon. Mega Power is a 6 item treatment easy to install.     

Order 2 Treatments, protect both your cars, save $40. 12 items. $135+ $15s&h=$150 total. Not $190. Save $40. Subject to an advertised price increase, soon. Order Now!

Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars engine and transmission $75+ $90 =.  9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. save $30

Why engine sub systems causes stumble when dirty

Rough idle, stumble, stalling is the result of oil blockage, and or from residues causing resistance on valves plugs sensors and related parts.  Residues and wear friction creates resistance that should not be there - like mucious does in your throat and hinders your breathing.

Mega Power is more than an engine flush. Mega Power is an engine cleaning and valve quieting conditioner.  A super engine treatment for noisy engine valves. Unlike other additives that can ruin your engine - and you can't drive with them in your motor, Mega Power requires driving to make it work!

Order Mega Power now and protect your motor and your budget. Get down the road of life taking care of life - not an expensive engine repair - with Mega Power.

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