Engine Sludge Removing Options and Recovery

Service advisor saying, "your engine is full of sludge and needs a new engine as yours can't be repaired."

Engine Sludge Removing Tips.

Usually, mechanics can't end the problem by repair so they recommend a new $4000 to $6000 engine as the solution. I know! I'm a mechanic who worked in new car dealer repair shops and my own shop and know the success rate is low by repair.

However, there are engine sludge removing products that work and are what you can use yourself. I'll show you additives those you can remove sludge with - and  have your engine running good as new.

Its not an instant thing but well worth the process if you can't afford a new engine. And...

I'll show you sludge removing additives that are harmful and those to stay away from.

Arrows show dirty rings and vales allowing combustion to escape and sludge the engine.

   Engine Sludge is  caused when the motors oil vent system is sluggish and needs cleaning.    And by dirty, lazy piston rings that allow combustion -  called blow-by to slip into the motor's oil - The blow-by is acidic and curdles the motor'soil.  Those are the causes and... I'll show you how to end the problem - yourself, with my engine sludge removing treatment. Warning...

Additives to avoid.

  • Avoid rinsing your motor to remove sludge with a fast flush additive - a bad idea as fast flushes are solvents -  They strip sludge away sludge from places they should not and some can plug oil lines, starving engines of needed oil delivery. Bad!

Read the label warnings. 

  • Avoid if not recommended to keep in engine longer than a few minutes. 
  • Avoid those having solvent as an ingredient.
  • Stay away from quick flush, fast flush products.
  • Fast flush, quick flush products are usually sold in parts stores and quick lubes and on line. 
  • Look at the main ingredient: Does it contain solvents? Avoid if so.
  • Look at its warnings: If it says, avoid driving with product in the engine. Avoid that product.

Select engine sludge removing products with these features.

  • Offer a slow, deep cleaning while driving.
  • Cleans the motor oils blow-by vent system to help end the problem-  like Mega Power's Flush and Conditioner.
  • Holds sludge removed in suspension for filtering or drain out - like Mega Power's Flush and Conditioner.
  • Contains friction eliminators such as MC+ to give lubrication a needed boost while removing sludge. Like Mega Power's Oil Treatment and Engine Treatment. 
  • Frees rings and valves - the second cause of the problem. Like Mega Power's Combustion Cleaner.
  • Cleans upper engine air ways, fuel injectors, and combustion passage ways of carbon and sludge - removing the 3rd cause of the problem. Like Mega Power's Fuel System Cleaner.
  • Friction modifiers provide like-new engine recovery. Like Mega Power's Oil Treatment.
  • Adds co-polymers to fill worn spaces returning engine to it sludge avoiding state - Like Mega Power's Engine Treatment.
  • Package as a 6 item treatment. The treatment features allow a safe, safe engine sludge removing process in a week times. While removing sludge off critical parts, the ingredients are protecting your motor while cleaning. 
  • Justice Brothers Additives and Mega Power Brand Additives offer these safe engine sludge removing features. 
  • This article covers the Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Steps.

Sludge is caused when the oil vent system is sluggish and needs cleaning.  

Sludge is caused by lazy piston rings that allow combustion to slip into the motor's oil - Mega Power cleans ends during its cleaning process.

Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment  Cleans:

  • the PCV Vent System 
  • Cleans, frees your motors rings, valves.
  • Oil vent system.
  • Its smog reducing system.
  • Adds protectors.
  • A do-it-yourself product.
  • Takes less than an hour total time.
  • Require driving to work.

thereby returning normal engine operation.

It does so with chemicals using the motor's operation to do so - the opposite of what quick flush product can't do.

Your engine needs Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing cleaning, healing, smoothing and conditioning advantages.

The engine healing feature is worth the price of the treatment as it helps end the sludge problem and its damaged, and restore its function - a good thing! See friction modifying.

Ordering info: Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment

    One Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. 6 items shown
    Includes my easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. $75 plus $15 s&h= $90 total. Other charge = $107 Total

    Order on line by clicking the cart button below - Bonus item shown there.


Why don't engine sludge removing flushes do so?

  • Common auto part stores and quick lubes promote solvent flushes which stay in the motor for mere minutes and must be quickly removed - or worst damage occurs.
  • That is because part stores and quick lube solvent flush products clean to well, and have no way of controlling where the sludge goes, once removed in your engine.
  • If- if residues collect in tiny lubrication channels they block engine oil  delivery and oil starvation and friction occurs. Mega Power end before real final damage occurs.
  •  And stops part failure is in progress.

So Mega Power Engine Removing Treatment ends that lube problem - and ends the noise with friction-reducing and lube-modifiers. Conditioners that starts a healing progress. Complex problem solving at its best!

Order now. You need this form of sludge removing help!

Mega Power method, instead of just rinsing your motor to remove sludge, as all other products do, Mega Power ends your motors cause of sludge called "piston blowby."

Piston "Blowby" is the results of sludge first attracting your motor's piston rings.


This Engine Sludge Removing Treatment Review covers the Mega Power Engine Cleaning Treatment. Ordering info below. It's the right way to remove your motor's sludge - without taking your motor apart.

Mega Power ends your motor outcome worry by cleaning and freeing your troublesome dirty moving engine parts. Those causing your valve tap, loss of power, loss of compression, oil burning - ending the wrong conclusion, "that your motor is worn out," when it is not! That is what you really want, I know!

No other product has been found to remove sludge formation, and restore your motor's clean operating bill of health - to keep it strong running and sludge free.

Of course, spending a couple thousand dollars to tear apart your motor is the real answer. This product will push that need into the future, giving you maybe, years more car usage, before then, Mega Power customers tell us.

    Mega Power's new Hi-tech chemistry does all that for you. It is complex in its internal sludge removing methods, but easy to install by anyone. Its 100% safe, as you actually drive your car to clean your motor - something, all other engine flush products forbid.

    Order Mega Power now, online, while you have the chance. Protect your motor and your budget. Get on down the road of life with Mega Power! The guaranteed product that comes with easy-to-follow directions, and phone help if needed. Relieving your anxiety about it, now!

Engine sludge removing directions, tips, and phone help if needed, come with, and are included with your order. 

Ordering info: Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment

    One Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatment. 6 items shown
    Includes my easy-to-follow-directions. Phone help. Guarantee. Shipped to your door by FedEx in 3 days. $75 plus $15 s&h= $90 total. Tax8 = $107 Total

    Order on line by clicking the button below - Bonus item included

Order more - Protect your other vehicle engine...

Two Mega Power Engine Sludge Removal Treatments. For 2 cars: 12 items. $150 total. Plus $15s&h= $165 total. Save $30. Plus $50 bonus treatments for Power Steering protection.

Mega Power and my advice for you to buy - sold on a 100% money back, if not satisfied guarantee. Note: 2 refunds last 276 days.

Your Mega Power Treatment includes 4 engine sludge removing cleaners, including 2 "engine anti-wear" and "sludge removing friction modifiers"for unique cleaning and protectors for your motor.

Mega Power's engine sludge removing treatment, directions, tips.  

Your extra engine sludge removing treatment bonus

    - No other engine flush or method offered is as unique as those Mega Power characteristics. You gain a stronger like near-new running motor performances - only a $3000 motor overhaul remedy give better, but for under $100!

    I call it the Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment

    My method using Mega Power is simple to install, nothing to take a part, works in two very simple steps, stopping present and future sludge formation. You gain by the products maker, Mega Power, a method of sludge removal that's more than a rinse-out - that in other engine flush brands have been harmful to today's Hi-tech engines, reports say. But, not Mega Power's Engine Sludge Removing Treatment!

When you discovered sludge has taken over your motor

    You may have started imagining a costly $3000 engine repair lay ahead as sludge wrecks your motor and budget.

    That $2000 expense is usually the painful remedy. But, not anymore.

    Or.... You may wondered about the best way to take apartas little of the motor as possible, to rid your buildup of sludge by hand. As a mechanic, we face that problem quite often. This method avoids that option.

    This Engine Sludge Removing Treatment Review covers this Mega Power engine cleaning treatment, you should order today. It's the right way to remove your motor's sludge - without taking your motor apart. Mega Power ends blowby, and frees and cleans your troublesome dirty moving parts. Those causing valve tap, loss of power, loss of compression, oil burning - and the wrong conclusion, your motor is worn out, when it is not!

The Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment

    Mega Power removes your sludge and conditions the cleaned surfaces to stop raw power-stealing friction affecting your pistons, piston rings, valve stems, combustion, fuel intake, and exhaust areas. Shown in the picture above.

    The Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment also cleans the oiling system by opening clogged passageways. This advantages will again allow oil to flow to your valve lifters,  and quiet the motor.

    Valve lifters are adjusters taking up wear slack. When dirty, or starved of oil they fail to take that slack space up. That space causes engine tapping and your noisy engine - which Mega Power ingredients will quiet once again for you.

    Other Mega Power anti-wear ingredients fill worn spaces to also reduce blowby, oil burning, and quiet noisy worn, loose motor parts from banging against each other. Something no other flush product ever could do.

    Since no engine flush can removed bake-on varnish like Mega Power, and get to the root of your engine sludge problem - nor apply anti-wear advantages like Mega Power, cleaning this way helps you gain a second clean life of service in this cleaning process.

    I'll detail how, and explain the Mega Power engine sludge removing treatment ordering method for you below.

How Mega Power works compared to other products.

Our Engine Sludge
Removing Solution

Engine sludge removing treatment. The Mega Power engine sludge treatment ends a half dozen engine sludge wear problems - as it cleans and removes your dirty, motor goo. Special ingredients go on to end a half dozen performance problems your engine sludge may be causing, and restores your motors performance as it cleans.

Motor Cleaning Tip: If you been to a part store seeking a flush cleaner, you may have notice the "Danger!" and "Warning Caution Suggestions" about the danger and damage those engine flush products can do to your motor.

That warning and caution is because those products use solvents as their cleaning ingredient.

Stay away from Harmful engine sludge removing treatment products

Solvents are excellent cleaners - in fact, they clean too good!

"Cleaning to good" refers to several negatives those part store and most quick lube flushes have: including

  1. The fact that, solvents strip your motors oil flim away, for one thing. Your motor pistons, bearings, valves, gears and such work well of a paper-thin lube film of oil that keeps those parts from touching as they get you down the road.
    • Yes, you have lots of oil in your motor, but only a thin film, the thickness of the period at the end of this sentence, is what keeps your motor from going into sudden self-destruction.

      Well anyway, solvents clean that lube film away - and those product brands usually tell you not to rev up the motor, nor drive, nor keep the product in the motor for more than a few minutes - for those reasons.

      Do those flush and sludge removing products seem safe for your, or any engine? No! Stay away from them!

  2. Another problem with part store type flushes is the fact they remove sludge from one area and deposit that sludge in another.
    • Its not uncommon to have an engine fail soon after flushing with a solvent cleaner because the oil pump oil screen became choked down with sludge - like a persons arteries may do - causing a heart attack. That's no good, right?

      Please note: Modern flushes and engine sludge treatments are detergents or chemical cleaners and do not have those negatives solvent brands of flush have.

      The product brand we favor, Mega Power, as an engine sludge treatment contains no solvents. Note its protective value when removing your engine sludge safely.

      Mega Power includes MC+ ingredients. MC+ are anti-wear ingredients that help clean, neutralize acids, and soak into the metal parts surface.

      Mega Power removes sludge and reduces friction. Mega Power acts as a lube, when oil can't lube, and stops raw friction damage between motor moving parts.

    That makes Mega Power an ideal engine sludge removing treatment - a safe method of cleaning your dirty motor, and an aid to extending the life of your motor and transmission - if you add Mega power to it. Isn't that what you're after?

    Order the Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment and use its advantages to protect all your cars - dirty and clean ones, to protect them, too. Here's how...

    Call in your order. Special savings below

    As shown above, the Mega power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment has 6 items - 3 items you install easily clean the top of your motor, and a week later, 3 more, added to the oil, finish the Sludge removing and protective advantages - during an oil change. Includes simple instructions, guarantee, and phone help if needed. Shipped FedEx to your door in 3 days.

    Just $75 for one 6 item Treatment, plus $15s&h=$90 total.
    Just $135 for two Treatments 12 items, for two motors; includes shipping. Just $130 total. Save $50

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