Engine Sludge Help/Do-It-Yourself Method When Other Methods Fail

Engine Sludge Help/Do-It-Yourself Method When Other Methods Fail

One additive company Mega Power, is providing new safe, Hi-tech chemical cleaners to clean all six areas - for about $250 if a mechanic does the install. Under $100 - if you do so. Its an easy product to install by any car owner.

And before after results are impressive. See picture...   Nothing to take apart - Mega Power does the cleaning as you drive! A factor all other sludge removing additives do not recommend.

Is that what you're after? Our review...On Mega Power

  1. Mega Power removes sludge safely and neutralizes acids too: While your engine critical parts are cleaned and freed, Mega Power neutralizes acids ... a major sludge maker. Something no other flush product does! 
  2. Mega Power opens clogged oil passageways: Having chemical cleaners, Mega Power uses them to dissolves the 6 different types of sludge for filtering out, and drain out at oil change removal. While 100% of sludge is not intended or needed to be removed, sludge that binds and restricts  movement is guaranteed to be removed. This restores  strong motor function - not sludge on non-moving surfaces. 
  3. Mega Power restores your motors proper breathing: Breathing is restored  by cleaning piston rings, dirty intake and exhaust valves, and several smog reducing components related to breathing. Like cleaning congested lungs.... helps you when ill.
  4.  Mega Power is a simple 2 step cleaning treatment for both top an bottom of your motor. It includes freeing and cleaning of your fuel system, combustion area, piston rings, and their valves, all sludge maker negatives.  You want this product to do all that - and your budget may, also!
  5. Mega Power Best Engine Sludge Remover Treatment provides 3 conditioners. They heal, smooth, and protect worn, dirty surfaces  after cleaning. You might say this is an extra life preserver function helping your engine to recover and gain years more service for you. Is that what you want?
  6. As you can see... the Best sludge remover 
  7. This quick 6 point education shows your motor needs the best sludge remover. That means Mega Power for more than sludge removal! Order Mega Power Now!

Ordering Mega Power by selecting one of the specials above.

Best sludge remover.end

The only safe sludge removal method 

  • The Mega Power cleaning and freeing process - uses 6 anti-wear chemical cleaners and conditioners to open clogged oil delivery passage ways and hold the residue in suspension for drain out. Shown above. No special skills needed. These 6...
  • Mega Power cleans an lowers blow-by 50% to 75% -the engines sludge maker. This is possible by cleaning and freeing your pistons 3 bracelet-like steel rings- when dirty, allow more combustion to slip pass the piston to mix an sludge your oil.  
  • Mega Power Conditioners not only clean, they heal wear roughen and damaged surfaces - a power-boosting, engine-revitalizing advantage that adds years more service life to your engine. See sludge removal demo video on this point. 
  • Compared to quick engine rinses - store sold common sludge removal flushes - that are often unsafe because they loosen sludge  to fast an this plugs  up small oil delivery passageways. 
  •  Or, even the expense of $2000 taking your motor apart by a mechanic for cleaning is often not guaranteed. The Mega Power Engine Sludge Removing Treatment is safe, improves performance 3 ways, and it all happens as you drive in 2 easy steps an easy to follow directions given, sent to your door by FedEx in about 3 days. Comes with a 100% satisfaction or money back guarantee!
  • Results are fast. Install is simple. Driving does the cleaning. Order now! Get on down the road of life trouble free again with Mega Power.

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