This engine protector ends engine noise at startup - permanently.

Simple 2 step treatment anyone can install not only "quiets, knock and ticks - it made my transmission shift smoother, too!" [It's also a proven transmission protector

"It ended my engine noise at start up! 

Thousands of car and equipment owners have found the same tick quieting ability to be true in their cars, after usage of this product from Mega Power.

Its ingredients are so unique and powerfully quieting it even "revitalizes worn out, noisy engines needing overhaul - for years more driving usage!" 

"I put it this product in every engine and transmission I own - and drive my cars trucks and equipment, running good as new-like,  years past what my neighbors can who use other methods and additives."

"Mega Power has been the secret product of thousands of us car buffs, use who found they depend on Mega Power for quiet, yet powerful motor and transmission dependability. We laugh when others say, 'Lucas or BG is better' - Lucas and BG cannot even come close to what Mega Power can do to quiet engine noise at startup. And smooth out gear shifting, too!"

Mega Power is a unique product using chemistry's finest anti-wear research in  an easy-to-install product. It is added anytime and commomly when servicing or changing older oils and fluids for new.

Mega Power, using cleaners, conditioners, and protectors combine in one treatment of 3 to 6 products, provides both hidden and obvious engine and transmission wear and tear ending negatives.

Mega Power has proven to be the only product to help brand new cars and heavy equipment end the break-in cycle - a condition where initial friction never stops. Yet help even worn-out vehicles enjoy a second life time of service - putting off overhaul for years - customers tell us. That's my experience too!

Not just for cars and trucks. Even works perfectly well protecting huge commercial engines, ending their engine noise at startup. "A great engine saver," heavy equipment owners tell us.

Directions: Mega Power uses a simple 2 step procedure using 3 products in the gas and oil, them 3 additional product a week later during oil change as its engine noise at startup remedy.

Directions and free phone help included. Shipped to your door in about 3 days

"It makes brand new motors even stronger, years longer than any other method of care or oil." - claim some mechanics.

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