Best engine flush protector to remove sludge quickly and safely, and give your engine a tune up, too!

Best engine flush protector

 Engine Sludge Protector Removal:

How to use this product.

  1. Drain oil.
  2. Fill crankcase with this sludge removal product inplace of oil. Note product makers engine safety cautions. Run at idle the motor for 10 minutes.
  3. Some flush brands cannot stay in the motor longer than two minutes. This Mega Power Flush requires 10 minutes. 
  4. Drain out the flush and replace and fill motor with  required fresh oil and a new filter. This easy method is 100% guaranteed..Just $49 and Free Shipping. Click cart button to purchase.

Engine flush protector

How sludge got there.

  • Sludge comes from "combustion" escapes into an engines motor-oil - and heat and acids form trouble-causing sludge.
  • Normal amounts are removed during oil changes, and with chemicals designated to clean all parts of the engine during recommended service intervals sludge is avoided.* If this complete service is skipped, sludge soon overpowers and wears down engines performance. This article offers the complete engine service for sludge removal.
  • This includes causing dirty and lazy operating piston rings, valves, and smog systems to allow much more combustion to form sludge in the motor. That is how engines become full of sludge. * The product offered in the review exceeds piston, ring, valve smog service and sludge removing specs. 
  • If piston rings and valves and smog systems are serviced every 2 years with any product similar to the 6 items listed above, they will be able to remove the motor's sludge.
  • 3 engine damaging negatives then occur that Mega Power removes no engine flush can:

      Mega Power frees those sticky rings so they again block  combustion from making sludge in your oil - ending its acidic combustion cause - allowing oil lubrication to every part again.  

            Mega Power neutralizes those acids as it cleans. 

        Acids also etches away the shinny smooth surfaces and increase friction as they  touch.  Mega Power carries with it MC+, a super surface-smoothing co-polymer. 

           With MC+ every rough surface gets a smoothing treatment.

          Instantly has every part is operating smoothly again. This is the second power-losing problem ended.

         Valves and lifters may start making tapping noises. They are scary problems this product ends. Tapping helps lose more power.  MC+ and cleaners will quickly stop the dirty tapping condition.

 Anti-wear and anti-friction ingredients assure a safe clean out.

            Mega Power Engine Flush Protector carries with it MC+ super cleaning conditioners to every part. This Super MC+ Lube and surface smoothing      additives instantly has  every part operating smoothly again.                   

This is the third power-restoring engine problem Mega Power develops as an engine flush protector. 

     Mega Power leaves most of the sludge where its at mostly. It's just sitting there  doing nothing anyway. Removing en mass can cause oil delivery blockage elsewhere. Removing it slowly over time like Mega Power does, well its cleaners and condition heal your ailing motor is the safest, fastest way to return your engine to its great running state again.  

Us mechanics take apart your engine to hand remove sludge, Then rebuild it. Cost can run over $2000 and a weeks time in the shop.

Mega Power cost about $250 if a mechanic sell the service. If you do it, it runs under $100 and is guaranteed to please! Order below and have in a few days and in your motor getting it back to normal again. It's easy to install. Nothing to take apart. 

The Mega Power method for engine sludge removal is quite different. Shown here. It avoids the costly $3000 engine overhaul your mechanic suggest as the solution. its a good one, but other options are just as good.

You might be shown engine flushes.

And as you will see, compared to both ideas, Mega Power is very effective in bringing your motor back to life - in about 15 minutes; which is really what - other products just can't do! And does so at a fraction of the price of an overhaul.

How the install process is done.

If you don't know much about removing sludge, read the following: 

  • Safe compared to quick 5 minute engine flush removal  products.
  • Engine flushes use solvent to remove flush. It is a 5 minute or less rinse that must be removed. Damage occurs anyway. Our method is better, 100% safe.
  •  Anti-wear and anti-friction ingredients assure a safe clean-out.

Compare Mega Power ingredient cleaning to other brands:

  1. One way Mega Power is different is it uses 6 chemical cleaners that leaves most of the sludge where its at - at first, but concentrates on cleaning the oil filtering screen, oil passageways, getting lubrication and additives to free stuck valve lifters, cleaning  piston rings - and valves first. Then goes removing what's left slowly, elsewhere.
  2. Where as, all other flushes immediately starts stripping away the sludge from everywhere - which you might think is a good idea - but, its not! Its so strong that method wipes away the oil's lube  film between your motors moving parts.
  3. Removing that oil lube film, as it removes non-troublesome sludge elsewhere causes metal to metal friction drag. That becomes a new wear problem - where as, Mega Power add an anti wear hi-yield lube factor to every part, right from the start to avoid, or end this problem - create it. Why remove sludge not causing a problem? Its just sitting there doing nothing anyway. 
  4. Why awake that sleeping engine killer? That's the trouble with other additives - like those sold in part stores, and quick lubes - they awaken that engine killer! How? They rinse everything mucky loose - and that sludge often resettles blocking the oils pickup screen - and then you can lose all lubrication. That is no good, of course. 
  5. A simple 2 step procedure - easy for anyone to do - not just mechanics, gives guaranteed professional amazing results!

Why? As this picture shows, more precise cleaning is an important reason why Mega Powers superior ingredients really do more than remove sludge.

To get to your trouble-causing affected engine areas of your motor - Mega Power has:

  • A powerful Crawling Cleaner called MC+that crawls thru sludge to open oil passage ways, and free stuck rings valves. 
  • Anti-flocculants to prevent sludge removed from reforming, and ready to drain out.
  • 2 Conditioners that heal damaged surfaces in 2 ways ending your motors performance problem.
  • A top engine air fuel combustion cleaner to restore breathing, restoring full engine performance.

Those Mega Power's differences - no other product claims. Its  idea avoids the problem of removing sludge all at once, en mass like other products do. Part store and quick lube flushes never gives parts having problems the help your car needs our slower, but more internal cleaning provides. Order the Mega Power engine flush protector product below. 

If you read this far, I'm sure your engine will be helped by this  Mega Powers engine flush protector product.

3 sludge removal engine treatments. Click cart button to order this engine flush protector product.

Drain out the flush and replace and fill motor with  required fresh oil and a new filter. This easy method is 100% guaranteed..Just $49 and Free Shipping. Click cart button to order this engine flush protector product.

End engine flush protector product review.

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