Engine additives to stop oil burning. Mega Power Additives offer a new way to control and keep oil in your motor. No matter age or mileage.

Mega Power's Engine Oil Treatment. Shown here. Keeps older engines going, but limits oil consuption. A practical solution that puts off costly  repair for this problem.Mega Power's Engine Oil Treatment. Shown here. Keeps older engines going, but limits oil consuption. A practical solution that puts off costly repair for this problem.

Engine Additives To Stop Oil Burning. Mega Power's Help For This Engine Problem.

    Even people who don't know a gas cap from radiator cap, but who can add oil and gas to their car can install the Mega Power Motor Treatment. Its a positive way to stop their motor oil comsuming between oil changes.

    The problem. You check the motor oil level again, and it shows you're one or two quarts low - Again!

    Maybe the exhaust pipe smokes a little - a sign of your serious engine problem. 

     A check with the car dealer and local mechanics suggest the solution as a $4000 [ to $8000 -if a big diesel enginss] overhaul. A complete change-out of the internal part for new.

     Since the Model A Ford's day a thick, gooey additive in pint or gallon has helped some - but often made the problem worst.

      Mega Power 's Additive Researchers took a different approach to the thick gooey additive sold for engine additives to stop oil burning.

      They discovered that sticky piston rings can't expand to block oils escape. Also, friction, causing a jagged surface condition is a cause. Where rubbing surfaces break up the oil's film - allowing oil globs to break away. Not only does it cause a horsepower drain to overcome the problem. It allows oil to be sucked up into the combustion cycle -

      Their solution. A engine additive treatment to stop oil burning - shown above. Just add them as shown to stop engine oil burning.

Picture shows the inside of your motor's 3 places for oil to escape and burn. Controlled by Mega Power's Engine Additives to overcome those causes and in that way stops oil burning.

  The oil burning problem. The way your motor-oil burns away is never by a busted part.

   Of the 3 causes, two are friction caused. One sticking piston rings. 

   Smooth surfaces when new wear rough. They have jagged edges that shred the oil film. In pieces, it easily is pulled into the downward piston pull suction  that draws fuel into the cylinder space. Pulling in lose oil molecues pass piston rings failling to block them.  

   Of additive brands sold, only Mega Power works by removing the 3 causes.

    Compared to other additive brands. Other brands add a gooey mixture to make the oil sticky to limit escape. This tens to work until enough shearing of the molecue cuts them in half - lossing both the sticky hold and oil blocking state. Usually in 1500 to 2000 miles. Then oil escapes starts up again.

    The research by Mega Power to overcome that negative produced the following solution. It works on the 3 causes - instead of thicking the oil as its primary goal. 

  1. 6 cleaners in the formula free stuck piston rings - Also adding a lubrication to them to get them flexing outward. That ends that cause.
  2. Its MC+ ingredient smooths wear roughen surfaces. A smooth surface ends the breaking of the oil lube film. With way less shearing of the oil lube film, there are way less oil globs to be suck into the combustion cycle.  Ending the problem bon cylinder walls and valve stem slots.
  3. By adding additives to the gas and motor's oil and driving Mega power reverses the oil consuming problem.
  • Mega Power's Engine Additives to stop oil burning method is to free sticky piston rings allowing their expansion for blocking that cause. 
  • Mega Power includes in their engine additives to stop oil burning its MC+ surface smoothing ingredient. it's amazing smoothing surfaces  ability keeps the oil film on pistons, cyclinder walls, and valve slots smooth. Smoothness keeps the oil film solid, intack, preventing clusters of oil from breaking away and sucked into the combustion cycle. Thereby ending the other cause of the oil burning engine problem

Order Mega Power Engine Additives to Stop Oil Burning Now to end this problem forever - well, for years anyway.

  • Mega Power Engine Additives to Stop Oil Burning comes as a 6 item  kit. A 2 step install uses 3 items at a time with driving between each step. 
  • The 6 items also include a $100 worth of fuel injetor cleaners and combustion carbon removing additives included for a perfect tune up result. 
  • The kit comes in 3 days with easy to follow instructions. Nothing to takea apart. Driving does the actual correction to stop oil burning. 
  • Also installed yearly in good engines as it yearly tune up need and to prevent oil burning and other costly to repair problems.
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Engine additives to stop oil burning

 Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment to control oil burning contains 6 items that work together to stop the 3 areas of motor oil burning.

The traditional way to end oil burning in your motor versus the Mega Power way.

While a $4000+ engine replacement or $2500 engine overhaul is the common way to solve your oil burning, Mega Power gives you a several year extension before that becomes necessary - for $99. Avoiding a $4000 + expense - if avoidng it is your goal.

This also requires a touch up chemical replacement  during future oil changes  - also extending the treatment benefitss 6000 more miles - you can order online just before an oil change.

Is that worth it? Thousands of car and heavy equipment owners think so - and so do I !Try Mega Power and see for your self!

To order Mega Power, or ask a question about it for your car or heavy equipment motor - Call me at  512 665 3388 ...george

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Engine additives to stop oil burning for trucks and equipment

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