New DIY transmission flush contains anti-wear cleaners that end shift, slippage, leaks, chatter in minutes guaranteed

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A New DIY transmission flush product ends automatic transmission rough shifting, slip, chatter problems in minutes guaranteed or free. Tips, phone help, online ordering info and review.

Transmission cleaning and flush product ingredients have not changed much in 50 years. That is, until Mega Power came out with their Mega Power Transmission Service Product.

- Which introduces to the car care transmission service Do-it-yourselfer the first superior transmission flushing cleaner. Its by far superior to all other products because Mega Power slams the brakes on the rate of wear out, as the Mega Power ingredients stops rough shifting, gear slippage, seal leaks, and that transmission chatter occurring around 45mph. That's all good, of course.


What is Mega Power's "anti-wear cleaner," and why is that ingredient safer than flush products using solvents?


  • For over 50 years both engine and automatic transmission flush additives have use a solvent something like lacquer thinner to loosen and flush out engine and transmission sludge. At first, the idea was for the mechanic to add the flush just before dismantling the transmission - or engine, as a cleaning aid, just for overhaul.
  • While it was known that solvent based flush additives strip the residues off the gears, bearings, valves, and such, they also strip the oil film off those moving parts - creating a lot of metal-to-metal friction during the short time the flush cleaner remained in the transmission.
  • That increase in friction is no good of course - however, since new parts were to replace the worn ones, the damage mattered little. Overhauls at today's prices run way pass $3000.
  • To increase sale of flushes, parts stores also sold the product to individuals wanting help with their transmission problem - or a cleaner to prevent such.
  • Every transmission flush additive sold in part stores and quick lubes have a strong warning on the label that the motor is only to idle, and car not be driven. Can you guess why?
  • Mega Power's ingredients are chemical friction modifiers that clean without danger of friction increase - as the cleaning process occur.  This does more than clean. It ends your transmission performance problem.
  • Tow trucks and towing vehicles who install Mega Power will notice their transmission housing temperature will drop up to 40 degrees. The same is true of stick shift transmission and differential housing temperatures. A traansmission saving benefit.
  • In fact, Mega Power cleans and reduces friction, and adds what I call a healing smoothness to every part. Clean and smooth gear and shaft and shift valves ends rough shifting, slip, and chatter problems, usually in a few miles to a couple days of driving. Driving returns the smoothness.

The picture shows Mega Power's DIY Transmission Flush Treatemt Product.

  • Mega Power also works in power steering systems, hydraulic systems, and new and even worn out motors - revitalizing those components for years more dependable service.
  • Mega Power uses a simple Do-it-yourself DIY transmission flush procedure which is easy for anyone to do to end wear and residue problems and extend the life of their transmission.
  • The Mega Power DIY Transmission Flush is a 3 item Treatment. You add the cleaner to the ATF Fluid dip stick tube to send the cleaner with MC+ into the dirty fluid. With the motor running, move the gear selector into and out of all the gear and part positions. Then drain the fluid out as directed.
  • You can install the Mega Power flush cleaner, then drive to your quick lube to have them replace the dirty fluid. On top of the new fluid the remaining two products are added. Drive as usual.  Smooth improvement that will last for years is always noticeable immediately - guaranteed!
  • Ordering info and more diy transmission flush and help are at this page.

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