diy engine tuneup additives are better than ever to keep your engines running great. For ending its running or performance problem yourself.

George Christ, auto mechanic and DIY Engine Tune Up Expert,
reveals his  racy performance tune up.
 This service is  also useful to keep the wear our curve flat on all your engines.

=    'This article shows the 6  diy engine tune up additives to restore older engine lagging power. 

  1. Fuel System Cleaner. $49. Red item.
  2. Fuel Injector Cleaner. $69.  Yellow item.
  3. Intake air, throttle plate, idle valve Cleaner. $89.  Yellow item.
  4. Combustion Pistons, Valves, Smog Cleaner.  $99.  Black item.
  5. Sludge Remover. Lifter, Oil System Cleaner. $69.  Black item.
  6. Friction Remover. Worn Space Filler.            $99   Black item

    Specials on all 6 together: $149.  Directions below.
    Their purpose to zero in on removing crud, removing friction, and removing gummy residues:
  • wherever air fuel exhaust and oiling passageways are. 
  • and also on every part just replacing parts can't. 

    The idea is to:

  1. Recover a lost responsiveness the engine had when new. 
  2. To end a performance - upsetting problem.
  3. Perform Yearly service.
  4. Gain a few more years good service. 

This METHOD removes absorbing engine power and the increasing wear-out factors.

Its costlier to replace dirty trouble causing parts. So this cleans them up and conditions them to a new like state. 

If that is not your interest, check some of the other articles.

additives found to do it yourself Every day automobiles are supposively tuned up - but just injectors are rarely cleaned properly, and the few expensive parts replace leave untouched the year of residues, friction, and sluggish movements that make it seem older and worn.

. The vehicle runs as if at the mileage it has - what a shame! Especially when: 

  •  A better set of additives can end every motor's hidden internal horsepower absorbing. 
  •  And they will remove its performance lowering troublemakers. 
  • And boost it horsepower output by 10% to 15% for the same amount of money. 
  • An instantly restore in them a zippy, race care performance - then keep em that way as long as the customer wants. 
  • That is the promise with the use of the  Mega Power Tune Up Treatment.  Its secret in in its 6 item features called the tune up kit, no other product has.

    While most mechanics are not even acquainted with its racy, horsepower upping  features- its internal tuning secret amazes men and women vehicle owners who installed the product - after using it to one of over 21 internal engine problems its ends. 

    Select this Mega Power Engine Treatment to end your engine problem and enjoy its zippy new like performance. 

DIY-Engine-Tune-up Treatment Ordering Info.

Order here, one or more sets of 6 tune up treatments. 

Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatments as shown.  Comes with simple install directions. Then drive for the tune up result. Phone help if needed.  Guarantee included. Price is $65 plus $16 s&h= $81.00 total. Click cart button to order.

   Its powerful internal diy engine tune up secret amazes every man or women who installs in their motor with its sudden tire-burning take offs. And is the secret of many winning race teams = it is the winning edge!  Now tune your troubled engine to end its problem. Producing a quiet, yet powerful performance you did not know was gone; and all other tune methods just can't produce! 

     These 6 diy engine tune up additives end dozens of power robbing problems  - including rough idle, stalling, engine miss, lousy fuel economy, and age and high mileages problems.

These 6 are the fastest, cheapest, engine miss, rough idle, stalling even engine tap problem solvers. New parts needed can't clean what these products can - the secret

And me, and knowledgeable mechanics who really understand engines operation, install these Mega Power Brand Tune up products first before any repair. Why? 

They end hidden problems causing other problems most likely fixe by part replacement. Leaving the original carbon residue and friction basis for them still in your engine - Mega Power removes!

The Secret DIY Engine Tune up

Mega Power - the tune up products name - and for good reason, are the products to return your motor's running smooth and powerful again, and customers claim, anyone can install them.

They get your car truck or even diesel tractor running great again - doing so in minutes, not all day as is common, in a tune up shop! removing the primary causes of what cases tune up parts to get dirty. Order below. Instructions and phone help included for an flawless tune up - guaranteed!

The 2 of the 6 shown, cost over $200 at most new car dealerships.

6 needed, and my simple 2 step install, also explained below, will have you doing a top tech tune up on your car or truck - even if you don't know a gas cap from a radiator cap! At half their cost.

DIY-Engine-Tune-up Treatment Ordering Info

Order here, one or more sets of 6 tune up treatments. 

Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatments as shown.  Comes with simple install steps. Then drive for the tune up result. Phone help if needed guarantee included. Price is $65 plus $16 s&h= $81.00 total. Click cart button to order...

What you should know About Our DIY-Engine-Tune-Up Install Steps

What you should know

  • Today's cars are touchy! They do the tune up mechanics use to do - with the exception of changing tune up parts gone bad.  Mostly, those tune parts become residue coated, and and they can't do their job to refine the cars computer commands.
  • Or, sensors send the wrong data - due to dirty conditions in 3 of your motors sub-systems. When that happens, those dirty conditions begin to cause what us mechanics call "performance problems."
  • Sure, the engine code may actually spot a defective sensor, however in 7 out of 10 times, our method of diy engine tune up cleans the sensors and emission system - the cause of power decline, rough idle, stalling, lousy fuel economy, black exhaust and such - as Troy reported, and had his  Jaquare getting and extra 52 miles per gallon fuel economy, after following our diy engine tune up addiitve treatment.

Some very smart people have tested different traditional tune up cleaner additives to see how they compare with the new additives available for DIY Tune ups.

As this chart shows, popular additives lack alot of advantages compared toi the brand Mega Power, we chose as "The Best" diy engine tune up additives.

The reason for Mega Power's ability to provide a DiY engine tune up is listed in the chart, with 6 new anti-wear, anti-friction, tune up additives  - installed in two easy steps, that clean every internal dirty worn part with conditioners - ending the motor's  upsetting operating problem.

As you know, the cost of an engine tune up can run to $1000 easily, due to the time involved to isolate your particular problem.

Our method is simple. Clean every dirty part - tune up related or not! We found it takes the above 6 Mega Power Diy Tune Up Treatment Products to clean 6 sub-systems of your motor. In among them are the engine tune up sensors that provide the computer tune up data.

We found, by using the strongest cleaners - those having anti wear attributes - 100% of the cleaners use by most mechanics, along with those sold in parts stores, have a negative factor. They do not have anti-wear advantages, as does Mega Power with its MC+ ingredients.

Anti-wear describes Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatments ability to clean and free every dirty piston, bearing, valve, sensor, and such. Then heal their wear roughen, power robbing surfaces. This again allows each Mega Powered cleaned part and each sensor to work good as almost new - restoring your motors performance, as it ends the problems those dirty conditions caused.

Our method is simple because we found they all are dirty, and one or more dirty parts is causing your motor tune up performance problem.

While you can read of the various motor tune up problems listed above - on my other diy auto tune up and repair web site, which explain the Mega Power diy engine tune up additive method to end those problems, you can do the same with your tune up problem - as follows:

Directions to install Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatment

When you receive your Mega Power DIY Tune Up Treatment, you will notice I put the numbers 1-2-3-4-5-6 on their product caps.

  1. Step One: Simply add items 1-2-and 3 of your Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatments go into the gas, oil, and air intake, to clean your dirty upper motor tune up systems of your motor. You drive for a week to let Mega Power do its job. Performance will bounce back during the first day of driving - which does the actual tune up as you drive. Nothing to take apart!
  2. Step Two happens a week later during an oil change. You add item I marked #4 on the cap to your motor oil. After 10 minutes, of running your motor, do and oil and filter change. On top of the new oil install items #5 and #6. These will add more friction reducing, and also adds a slippery anti-wear protection  - that smooths the motor to a purr! Last for years with just a minor touch up of Mega Power I show you to use.

If you read this far, I'm pretty sure Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Additive Treatment is what your motor needs! Order Mega Power now! It is delivered with more detailed directions - all easy to follow, my phone help if needed, and delivered by FedEx in about 3 days, to your door. As you ncan see, Mega Power is complete, nothing stronger - nothing sold like it! Mega Power is faster and hundreds of dollars cheaper than a dealer $500 plus tune up! Get on with life and a great running car with Mega Power, for years to come! Guaranteed or your moneeeey back!

DIY-Engine-Tune-up Treatment Ordering Info

Order here, one or more sets of 6 tune up treatments. 

Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatments as shown.  Comes with simple install steps. Then drive for the tune up result. Phone help if needed guarantee included. Price is $65 plus $16 s&h= $81.00 total. Click cart button to order...

Buy two sets for both cars and save $20 and save you and both cars a lot of avoidable trouble. 12 items. Same satisfaction guarantee! Just 125 plus $16s&h= $141.00 Save $20.

The patented aluminum bottle is a mechanic's tool they or anyone can buy if they install Mega Power every day - as a tune up assit tool to feed item #3 into the PCV valve - for instant results. Just $125.

Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatment

Mega Power's DIY Engine Tune Up Treatment even works on worn out, high milage cars you be told needs a motor overhaul - so says Mike.

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