Clean Your Engine This Way To End Its Problem

Cleaning your engine aids.

  • "On my One Year Old Ford Diesel pick up - the treatment stop the cleaning your engine treatment stopped the oil seal leak; the dealer couldn't!"

  • 98 Honda owner - "no longer burns 2 quarts of oil  between oil changes. The mechanic said a $2000 piston rings job would fix it. Following Mega Power cleaning your engine tips ended its oil burning in less than 30 minutes - and its been running great since then - for less than a $100, not $2000"

  • "Cleaning your engine stops the tapping. "Stop my valve lifter tap in minutes when a synthetic oil change couldn't."

  • "I bought my Chevy Astro Cargo Van with 124,400 miles on it. Your cleaning your engine oil change treatment ended its sluggish ways, and it quit burning 2 to 3 quarts of oil between oil changes. I thought it was worn out! I thought a new motor was needed!" Not any more Thanks to your Mega Power Engine Treatment.

  • "I'm soooo happy your Cleaning Your Engine Treatment gave my motor a new lease on life. Thanks for introducing me to a great product. I'm now installing the Treatment in all my vehicles. I recommend it to anyone." GC

  • "I tried your Treatment. Within a mile or so, the transmission shifted again, smooth and strong as ever. I thought it was worn out! Well, it is, but this gave it new life, it seems." TE

  • "Hot or cold, my 99 Chevy once again starts up fast like it use to. And the tap tap tap is gone. You were right! It was a sticky valve problem and you product save me an expensive repair, ending it."NC

  • "Your Mega Power Engine Transmission Treatment picked up a good 40 more miles driving distance between fill ups. That reduces my yearly gas need 2 gallons per week. That's a great improvement! JV


    Of course, You can pay up to $100,000 to purchase new trouble-free vehicles. However, overtime, the shiny clean, smooth pistons, bearings, valves, and gear surfaces change to problem-causing by friction, acids and sludge. They become rough moving, and trouble operating.  And...our $100 [to $400 for large vehicle] can also end them!

   Otherwise, the weakest parts then fail or falter, and repair is needed. Good oil should prevent such troubles - but, now you know they don't! Now, what to do?

   Since your grandpa's model A Ford days, car buffs, shade-tree-mechanics and researchers have tested what will overcome those problematic conditions caused by friction, acid pitting, sticky binding, and their rough-operating troubles. It's quite complex and two companies have succeeded and built empires selling them. But...

   The one Mega Power Cleaning Your Engine Service Product is your cure treatment :

   This site  explains what I know about putting together combinations - after years of usage in my own older cars, pickups, Diesel rigs, RV's, Boat and motorcycles - and in my auto repair shop, and then selling these additives to repair shops to profit off them.

  1.  My advice and option is to do the revitalizing with additives I'll show you!  And what I teach mechanics and individuals to do first is the following. ADD them and...
  2. Drive. It avoids a costly repair perhaps - that's good -right? With the engine or component cleaned and recondition, you will Climb the steepest hills a gear higher with reserved power again.  Gain better fuel savings. Spend $5 or more less at the gas pump gaining 20 to 40 more miles on each tank of fuel. That' my auto tune up and repair option method! I'll help it -be yours...
    My reasoning for using Mega Power Cleaning Your Engine Service Product is its your cure treatment : It's because vehicles are tuned by its computer and only when everything is clean and smooth operating only  a "service with proper additives can do that for the computer to also work right."  I favor Justice Brothers - but they are only sold by repair shops exclusively. And Mega Power - also as good but, less known... and sold to individuals, race car engine builders, machine shops, equipment owners, and auto repair shops for cleaning your engine.
    If you do their own servicing like me, these are here to guide you on what to buy, with personal instructions to end your component problem  - and I guarantee our option ends the problem - as good as repair!

  1.  About me!  I call myself, the Cardoctor.  I train mechanics and individuals in such usage.   My option is supported by and from the world's top research people on additives-for-problem-solving. I am the Country's Expert on explaining what additives to use and what to avoid.

      And you can phone be for advice -that's what I get paid to do, also. 

     Want more info on

   Your best bet is to glace over the options on the rest of this page. It shows how to find the cleaning your engine service and products to end your problem. I suggest you book mark this page. Read a few pages on how I detail the service. And then decide if this is for you

 But this auto tune and repair option reverses the problem chemically to do so. It meets your goal to avoid an expensive hit on your budget doing so - I couldn't believe it myself!  Here's why it works....

        But you can do it!  Not by repair however, but by adding the products I've found  - and in 2 easy steps I discovered [tens of thousands are using to end their car problems with] YOU  can end any dirty fuel injector problems, engine tap, oil burning, sludge, blowby, rough shift, overheating, steering whine , and every sort of leak - and be your own super hero doing so. 

        Many men and women, not just mechanics, use my auto tune up and repair options.

       They are inexpensive, simple, easy to use. They provide fast results. Need no tools or repair skills either!  Just add and drive and the problem goes away!

       The idea behind why there is Just 5 component servicing treatments is to add the best way to get to the problem cause - and reverse it!

       Unlike other products sold online, in parts stores and quick-lubes that only "treat the oil," or rinse "out sludge," but can't get to the sludge cause. Mega Power invented the missing ingredient to to do so.

       Each of the 5 treatments go to the cause, remove sludge cleaning your engine, the heals the damage. By conditioning every part with new like operation it ends the cause for you, and the problem. 

    If you want to enjoy the same car and diesel life improving benefits take a test drive with MP inside! MP keeps more hard earned money in your pockets by ending car and equipment trouble instead of by repair.

    Enjoy the only ideal care and protection for your new vehicles, too! I hope you experience the MP brand servicing products. Test its cheaper, faster, better solution for your car care and problem-ending needs. You are paying for it even if not using Mp. try a service pack today and get them at half price.

     So Mega Power Researches, lead by the owner, Bud Esterline  used a holistically approach that not only is cleaning your engine, but also frees up every trouble causing engine part or component system - and the causes of their trouble - sludge! Quite an accomplishment!  ! The problem causing problem is healed with MC+ - and ingredients in 2 steps - my addition to the problem solving. This returns the vehicle to normal - amazingly.  As you use driving to do so. 

        The right additives are made by the Mega Power Brand. Their Engine Conditioning Treatment - detailed here on  

        Other variations end transmission problems, radiator problems, steering problems - even a/c problems instead of replacing their dirty, wear roughen, trouble-causing parts - to end their problem?  Or prevent them!

     That is the auto tune up and repair option solution, made to end the problem, does so by reversing it - with the same results as a repair! But, cheaper and faster! And adding yaers additional driving usage by doing so.

    NO ONE HAS EVER SAID, NOT SO!  2 refunds have been given in the last year!

       Unlike other products that only "treat the oil," or rinse "out sludge,"Mega Power invented the missing ingredient way to clean your engine right.

    To do so, each of the 5 treatments go to the cause, CLEANING YOUR ENGINE to remove sludge, heal the damage, condition every part and return a new like operation.

      If acid, residue, sludge, and friction, [wear and tear] or- you don't know what's causing your car problem, Mega Power Additive Conditioners Can End the Problem!  OR EXPOSE IT! How so? Mega Power Additive Conditioners End Internal  Problems By Reversing The Problem Cause!

    They are my 
    cleaning your engine solutions, here to help you understand the causes, remove them, and enjoy a new power of control over when repair is really needed. 

    If cleaning your engine is your goal - read over the site and its solutions to get the How-to sense of doing so. I'm your Expert for ending your vehicle problems. george christ

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