Does your cat tractor burn oil? Great new product stop oil burning giving your tractor a new lease on life for a fraction of what repair cost to do so.

A new product from Mega Power will end your cat tractor burns oil problem. It will give your engine a new lease on life and may keep it working for a year or two - until it can be overhauled - customers tell us.

What you should know about Mega Power

The Mega Power Product does so - not by thickening the oil common as additives do.  Instead, Mega Power cleans and free sticky piston rings - the cause of oil getting sucked into your combustion. 

And by reducing friction on worn surfaces on the cylinder and piston - closing down the wear gap so only the proper film of oil is there. Limiting excessive oil burning by closing wear spaces wit MC+,  layering a slippery co-polymer over their surfaces.

The tune up improvement results from less combustion escaping and mixing with your oil - weakening it - Your motor oil will stay and not be as black, as a direct result - between oil changes.

That is a true cat tractor burns oil limiting factor. So is this...

A tune up improvement also results from the friction reducer MC+  that smooths wear roughen surfaces - releasing horsepower, which, if it stays rough, absorbs horespower that use to go to the wheels.

Several more years of dependable service results. Some additional 20 to 40 more miles on a fuel fillup is reported, and hours longer duration before a fill up is needed. That is a good cat tractor burns oil ending advantage.

Oil burning occurs as wear gaps increase and piston rings become sticky - and fail to expand outward to block oil escape. You know that, most likely. You also know its a $5000 plus engine rebuild that is the usual remedy

New ways more productive ways to end that problem

  • Mega Power stops oil burning by use of new problem-seeking chemical anti-wear cleaners and conditioners. Because Mega Power replaces solvent based cleaning additives, and goes where they cannot, oil consumption stops.
  • The advantage for: Being chemical that unglues sticking piston rings, compared to a solvent additive, which only has a rinse quality. Mega Power will clean and free sticky piston rings - that action ends one of 3 oil burning problems Mega Power addresses.
  • Freeing sticky piston rings allows your piston rings to expand outward as they should and to hold your motors combustion above the piston, instead of combustion slipping pass sticky poor-functioning rings. This ends Excessive Blowby.
  • By Mega Power reducing the huge amount of blowby - which is highly acidic, from going into your motor's crankcase, less sludge builds up, no acid damage, and wear-out almost stops!
  • Until Mega Power, you could not do anything about all that! Mega Power Treated oil stays clean twice as long, and give tens times the protection, compared to what synthetic oil. Order Mega Power. your equipment and budget needs Mega Power.

That same ring-freeing benefit stops oil burning

  • To allow your piston rings to flex outward again - Mega Power ingredients, by cleaning and freeing, and by something called friction modifying, allows piston rings to again stretch outward blocking oils escape to the combustion cycle.
  • By removing sticky residues and friction from your piston rings and cleaning your valve stems and friction modifying the stems, and rings, more power improving output is felt.

That same friction reducing power improving advantage is spread to every part.

  • Add that benefit to your oil burning control. And this one...
  • Mega Power MC+ is a friction modifier that slams the breaks on the friction process. It does so when, as your piston bearing, valve, and gear surfaces rub - raw metal-to-raw metal, the slide instead of grind against each other.

Now add MC+ advantages to oil control

  • Mega Power MC+ adds a slippery anti-wear coating to every part. It then begins to layer itself in a film over your piston skirts and cylinder walls - closing down your wear gaps.
  • In those ways Mega Power stops oil burning and restores horsepower lost from blowby, friction and oil burning.
  • By Mega Power in your fuel and motor oil, Mega Power reduces the dirtness going into your catalitic converter. Otherwise your older motor - any motor, will from clogging your very expensive to replace catalitic converter.
  • Mega Power is what your motor needs - and sooner, the better.

Directions to install Mega Power: Small motors

Cat tractor burns oil treatment

  1. Mega Power comes packaged as a  6 item treatment.
  2. 3 items work to free the upper piston rings as it cleans the valves and combustion area, to stop oil burning, as you drive.
  3. 3 items are use from the oil side cleaning to get to the bottom piston rings clean and working to stop oil burning a week later, and provides friction reduction and surface building, added after an oil change to the oil.
  4. For motors under 2 gallon oil capacity - 6  12 oz items are installed. $80 plus $15 s&h= $95 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by fedex with easy to follow instructions. Ordering 512 665 3388
  5. For 3 to 10 gallon crank case oil capacity, 6 gallon size items are installed, following the above two steps. Just $400 plus $40s&h= $440 total.

 Ordering  by phone 512 665 3388

Cat tractor burns oil summary

By starting in the fuel tank, your fuel system is cleaned and acid neutralized. The fuel pump, seals, and injectors get a cleaning and bath of anti-lube to protect them from acid and moisture pitting. Water picked up is made burnable - will not rust in this manner.

Mega Power cleans the manifold, combustion area and top piston compression ring area. Rings, piston area, and injector tips are cleaned along with your valve head and exposed stems. Black smoke problem subsides as rings free up. Power increases as our cat motor burns oil problem starts to diminish.

The oil side cleaning and conditioning gets the oil pump pressure control valve and lifters cleaned. Cleaning works ont the lower piston rings - allowing them to expand - so their their oil wiping action pushes oil back a way from getting sucked into the piston, on its downward suction stroke. Oil burning stops. Full power returns.

More Cat tractor burns oil help

That is how Mega Power ends your cat tractor burns oil burning problem and several other power deterring wear-related problems.


Mega Power goes in the fuel tank and oil like other products, but what happens next ends - ends what other products cannot - your oil burning and power decline ends - and great performance - like you originally bought, returns. Those old fashion products just can't fix today's Hi-tech wear and oil burning problems like Mega Power will.

Mega power adds a greater load moving and load carrying power.

Mega Power reduces actual friction, cleans piston rings and valves, and fuel injectors.  The product lubes the pump and removes moisture - its biggest wear making factor.  These advantages are what you want for hours more work from each fill up of fuel. Maybe go 50 more miles to each fill up. That is my experience, too

Mega Power is a problem-solving vehicle care product that works where oils and fuels and other additives cannot. Sold - your satisfied, or your money refunded. Please note: 2 refunds asked for last 267 days. Order today at our risk - not yours. You will get on with life - once you have Mega Power on your team.

Ordering info

Price for one Mega Power Treatment for cars and pickup trucks: 6 items. $80 plus $15 s&h= $95 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by fedex with easy to follow instructions. Ask a question. Ordering: 512 665 3388

Price for 3 gallons for cat tractor burns oil problems: $200 plus $25 s&h= $225 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by Fedex with easy to follow instructions. Ask a question. Ordering: 512 665 3388

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