Cat Cummins Deere Engine Help Revitalizing Product to End Problems. Restores Near
Full Power. Puts off overhaul!

You need this Cat Cummins Deere Engine help Revitalizing Product!

Even helps your Mack, Detroit, Navistar, Deutz, Ford, IH motors run great again chemically using a new engine treatment from Engine Doctor.

The  new engine treatment from Engine Doctor can clean and free your  Cat Cummins Deere Engine motors piston rings and valves which - when clean and free, along with our friction reducers - reduce friction by smoothing wear roughen surfaces, then our co-polymer filling your worn engine surfaces to close the wear gaps  -

 This is the engine treatment you need to restore your motors former easier faster starting, full combustion, and all of which returns nearly full original horsepower.

Engine Doctor Revitalizing Product ends  Cat Cummins Deere Engine help problems, restores motor running like new again. End Problems Restores Near Full Power. Puts off overhaul! Just add, then as you work the former smoothness and power returns!

What customers say.

  • Some customers tell us, Mega Power has put off a promising overhaul need for several years. I also have that same experience.
  • "Doug says...
    "About an hour later ..... this trip was anything but usual. The motor purred, and felt more responsive and powerful than it had in years. The motor ran almost as if new. And this Mega Power Testimonial....
  •  "It’s been about 6 months since George serviced my truck with Mega Power, and it still runs great. I would recommend this worn motor help product to anyone, particularly people who, like me, are considering retiring an older vehicle. Mega Power worn motor treatment really has given my truck a new lease on life. Sincerely, Doug CohenMiller\Mega Power Testimonial
  • Ordering Mega Power  Cat Cummins Deere Engine help Treatment  for Large Trucks, Heavy equipment, Boats, Fram Tractors, Power Generators

    Mega Power truck additive is a 5 gallon treatment for large truck motor's with 5 gallon to 10  gallon motor oil capacity engines.

    Included in the 5 pak, are:

    1.  3 anti-wear cleaners.  One for the motor oil, one for the fuel system, one for residue removal at oil change. 
    2. 2 oil conditioners: One gallon is added with your new oil at oil change and for oil future replacement - if your engine uses oil. [Some truckers add this 2nd conditioner  - if the one gallon treatment stops their engine problem, to their gear box for easier shifting and to cool the gear temperature by reducing its friction. Or order an extra gallon at  $54.] 
    3. Directions detail the easy-to-install procedure - along with phone help, if needed. Shipped FedEx to your door in about 3 days. Satisfaction guarantee to do as advertised.
    4. Please note: No refunds asked for last 267 days.

    Ordering by phone or online: 512 665 3388

    1. Truck: To 10 gallon motor oil capacity. Includes
    2. 2 gallons all weather Diesel Truck Fuel Conditioner & Injector Cleaner.
    3. 1 gallon Engine Oil System Flush & Emission System Cleaner
    4. 2 gallons Engine Oil Treatment for oil burning  control and to restore lost compression.
    5. $400 plus $50s&h= $450 total. Shipped to you in 3 days by Fedex with easy to follow instructions
    6. Special: 6 free gallons of Motor and Gear Box Conditioner set aside as long as supplies last, with your order.
    7. To ask a question, order, talk resell pricing, call me at 512 665 3388 ... email

    For Cat Cummins Deere Engines needing Help to  Revitalize them. Engine Doctor ends wear and power decline Problems. Restores Near Full Power. Puts off overhaul!

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