Car engine additives. These      6 end your wear residue performance problem in all 6 motor sub-systems and chemically restores full power in 10 miles. Avoids engine repair need.

Car engine additives. The common approach to them

People look at car wear and tear problems from the oil side point of view.

They want to improve the oil in some way to help end the problem their motor oil is a big contributor to, in the form of a sludge reduction.

Part store help

Parts stores are full of such products to flush, add detergency, add slimy thickness to their motor. And oil too. They make no claim to be experts on oil nor car additives. They are in the parts business and know that well.

My Idea

A company called Mega Power I favor, and me take a different approach on the subject of car an equipment engine additives. Instead of just improving the oil, to ending the actual trouble spot surfaces all 6 of your motor sub-systems produce.

Here are the most common engine problem areas few mechanics understand as to the significance of over 20 wear and tear and performance decline problems. Fewer know the real chemical remedy. Their idea is a repair. So, I'll help you  find the right remedy.

I use equipment like doctors use in surgery to test for results. A good approach. However, I bet the price of your purchase, just driving around the block will show you an amazing difference to ending your problem! You won't need expensive equipment to do so.

Mega Powers method on engine additives

Then heal and condition those sub-system parts as the way of ending your motor - and transmission for that matter, wear and tear caused condition.

This is done by research, by breaking down the contributing conditions in your motors 6 sub systems, looking for the way to end your motor problem cause. That seems more effective to me!

This method works, customers like Doug, tell us.

And Mike' purchased from me, worked beyond belief!

What the mechanic knows about engine additives

You would think us mechanics are schooled in car engine additives, but that is not true.

Mechanics are taught to identify a failed part or sensor, replace it, and get you down the road again. No basic step is taught us to go to the cause. Or sure, we talk oils and brand favorites, and fluid changes as recommended, but that it! 

Of course, we also see the bad results from parts store additives and that forms an educated idea of what not to try. We believe in fuel injector cleaner - as it is results specific - but normal wear and tear prevention or cure - we have no clue - except to replace affected parts with new ones.

Back to what research shows about car engine troubles

What researchers did is help Mega Power get to the nittie gritty of wear and tear. Mega Power packaged the different formulas. I'm the expert on which one to use to restore your car and equipment performance, and to show you how to prevent such in new cars and equipment.

You benefit from our test and experience

.... in the use of  our car engine additive suggestions to get your equipment running great in the best way, the cheapest way, with longest term benefits - avoiding the years of frustration experimenting to find the remedy. Check out mega Power's car engine additives

Mega Power's car engine additive benefit

A money saving, head ache avoiding, budget helping remedy for the do it yourselfer who want the peak like new performance out of his car and equipment until the day they are replaced = years past what others usuing other method gain.

As you read the specific page about your problem, you will have explained in an easy to understand way how your problem started

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