Make more income. Work Less doing so.
Auto Repair Shop Profits - How to.
Use Your "Unused" Automotive Knowledge to increase Your Profitability. This is How I Did It! Teach Others To Do So.

   Enjoy a system to help you take  home to the "Boss" a few hundred extra dollars every week.

   Enjoy customers coming in saying, t"hey got great reports of your repair work."

   Enjoy giving top dollar estimates with hundred more in profit many times a week.

    If you want those happy experiences join my system.

    Go from worrying about how to shuffle cash around for first of the month bills to worrying about the next vacation location, the gift of cash to help your inlaws out or parents, or kids. 

   That's the life I want you to enjoy as a repair shop owner. Here's how it became possible...

   When I took engines apart, I could see their surfaces were covered in muck. Or if not, their surfaces were pitted and gray looking. Not the shinny smooth clean easy moving appearances when new.

Any mechanic knows those are what causes your car troubles.

In my search for solutions I came across additives that cleaned them up, often stripping the lube off the surfaces - not good of course.   

But never smoothing out the surfaces nor reducing friction until I found all those characteristics in the major Mega Power Additive product line.

I started using those products - at first adding them for free to test half of the cars. With customer response of never having had a car run this good, led me to charging for the products - about $200 to $400 with most of it profit.

Customers never complained.   

Selling their products through Distributors to local garages.

I became a distributor and sold their product line to hundreds of repair shops whom I taught to duplicate my install and pricing methods.

Now listed online : my secrets and a $500 investment in my service products and way to promote them can double its amonunt every week or so. 

It consist of 3 engine treatments, 3 transmission treatments, 3 radiator treatments. retail to $200 each.  The joining of our system reveals an opens their secrets each week to do so. 

What if you say no thanks?

 I’m sorry to tell you, the folks in the nonprofit world are better direct marketers than any repair shop marketers! They make better use of direct mail, they use virtually ALL media, They use broadcast, they use online and social media. Their direct-mail packages are much better than most for-profit businesses’ mail. Their email outreach is linked to “breaking news,” on time.  When they get a new donor or a significant donation from a repeat donor, most – not all, but most —- directly, individually respond by mail or phone, not (just) email. Recently, we made a number of donations to about a dozen charities we support.

Almost all send periodic print newsletters and printed annual reports showing how money raised was used. Happy Trails Farm Animal Sanctuary consistently does the best print newsletter. Most are “promotional.” They tie to a season, they offer premiums with donations --- logo caps, mugs, blankets, Christmas tree ornaments, plaques, calendars.

They have “match” campaigns, with the “secret mega-donor” matching each $1 raised by the deadline. The Standardbred Retirement Foundation has a raffle with a trip to Paris, to the harness racing tracks in Europe, as top prize once a year. Combining online and offline, these charities average 54 to 104 communications with donors per year. One to two times a week. Most have media in which they give recognition to donors. Some have awards, like The Salvation Army. Most have at least one big annual event. The national political groups; PACs, campaigns, RNC, DNC are also very, very good at all this.

In my system, I talk a lot about… Continued… 


This is just the beginning of the secrets where I revealed the one “secret” key inside of my system that will unlock greater profit in your estimates, bring back repeat customers in 7 days that use to go to your competitors. And why we follow nonprofits methods helping for profit auto shops repair grow their profit by hundred every week, and why you should let us help you model them in every possible way.

If you don’t have access, then join system.. Plus, help to start making those extra hundreds every week  and thousands of dollars worth of bonuses, a second-to-none community, and the tools to help you gain the edge in your business.

For giving back the joy of new-like vehicle performance  in older vehicles owners will love you for.

Auto Repair Shop Profits can grow hundreds a week with this program.

If you are interested in learning more about my program, text or call me for the setup cost. george 512 665 3388 There's never a cost. Your investing in future profits todays. 

Using our system your customers will brag about the work you do - we attribute it to Mega Power additives.

As you add them being part of your servicing, repair, its profits each week and customer response from it will be the joy of your life. 

Forget yesterdays ideas. Discounts. Gimmicks. Ads that don't Work! Instead:

  • Use Your Unused Mental Automotive Knowledge On Wear and Tear just sitting there earning nothing with this program. . This is How I Did It! Teach Others To Do So.
  • Its sitting in your brain not making you a dime - while others are profiting off it. Yea they are - but you are blinded by what I call, the Use me - I'm a great mechanic syndrome. 
  •  I began by thinking about the How good I was way cars are repaired and what customers think about it. I came to this conclusion.

 Change Your thinking from When you fix vehicles now- their engines, transmissions, radiator problems

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits:

Mega Power includes the new teaching programs to help you learn to sell more. Unlike a trade association where all the members complain about their troubles, Mega Power starts with a specific profit producing program that produces hundreds of dollars extra profit every dy. No need to figure it out with Mega Power. Just follow the plan shown and you can't make $25 to $100 more income - each day in any other way!

Call me now, at 512 665 338 to learn more about Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits for fast track guys... Order the trial pack.....Start thevery next day to producing $1000 to $5000 more income each month off customers you already have. George 512 665 3388

Compare my method to others:

10 Steps to Grow Auto Repair Shop Profits from Sales faster in the next 6 months than the last 60 months. Steps 6 to 10 reviewed with new ideas that profit you more from Mega Power.

#6: Analyze everything about customers. What they suggest...

There are no more excuses on why you shouldn’t know a lot about your customers in 2011. In today’s online era, small businesses have more free tools than ever before to help analyze customers. Use online survey websites to find out about your customers’ needs and wants. Use Google’s free website analytical tools to see who’s coming to your website. There are plenty of CRM and auto repair shop software that will help grow your business. Take some time to research all of these tools. It will pay off big in the long run.

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits

What Mega Power Says:

With a Mega Power problem-Solving Product line and Marketing Plan, you skip all the nerdy, marketing jumbo mumbo and put out our ads that specifically bring in customers looking for special products for their particular car fix needs to help them. Its the riffle approach to marketing rather than the shot gun approach - which is offers no specific help to customers looking for specifics.

Auto Repair Shop Profits from New Products.  Forget yesterdays products, ideas - they don't sell! This does!

#7: Sharpen your axe

What are you doing right now to improve your marketing skills? Growing your business is a lot like football game. It’s 90 percent mental and 10 percent physical. If you focus too much of your time on operations, you’re not going to grow sales. - you got it backwards!  This is a problem for many small businesses. To avoid this, here are some questions you need to ask yourself:

  1. Are you taking classes that will teach you how to sell more?
  2. Are you a member of any business or trade associations that provide educational resources?
  3. Remember, if you don’t take the time to study, you won’t have the know-how to grow your business.

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits:

Mega Power includes the new teaching programs to help you learn to sell more. Unlike a trade association where all the members complain about their troubles, Mega Power starts with a specific profit producing program that produces hundreds of dollars extra profit every day. No need to figure it out with Mega Power. Just follow the plan shown and you can't make $25 to $100 more income - each day in any other way!

#8: Interact with existing customers

So many auto repair shops lose sight of what’s important – their existing customers. Your existing customer base is a gold mine of sales opportunities. Unfortunately, many small business owners spend too much time trying to get new customers with flashy advertisements that are too expensive and just don’t work. You need to appreciate the customers you have. If you could get each of your existing customers to regularly frequent your business, just think how much sales would increase. Make a commitment to your existing customer base.

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits:

Do your customers say this? What mike says:

We don't leave you to figure it out! You got more important things to do!

Ecah month you get a tip and sales sentences that work to produce sales of very profitable and customer loving services - you can't ever get on your own. Why invent the wheel - again? With Mega Power, you are making money hand over fist - and customers are loving you for it!

#9: Increase your pricing

Don’t get scared when we say this...Increase your pricing across the board by two percent in 2011. We all know the recession has been tough, but a two percent increase is not as risky as you may think. If your business operations and customer service are great, customers will have no problem paying for an oil change that costs $20.40 as opposed to one that costs $20. We’re not talking $5 here. It’s worth the small risk. Increase your pricing by two percent and start watching your profits grow.

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits:

Sure you can raise your prices. But, most customers have an idea of the cost. They talk to friends and family and read newsy stuff for facts on pricing on the internet. overpricing will get you more - " customers asying: Well, let me think about it, and I'll let you know. Thanks for the estimate."

Instead the Mega Power way is so simple - discovered by Rockafella over a hundred years ago that made him a billionaire.  We'll show you his secret and how to use it the very next day to make your profit register climb like a jet taking off.

#10: Have a plan

You would be amazed how many large and small businesses do not have a marketing plan. Not having a marketing plan is a lot like going on a long road trip without a map. You may get to your destination, but you’ve wasted a lot of time and money to get there. The same applies in marketing. Create a marketing plan that will drive your business in 2011. Write down all those great thoughts you have on paper and discuss them with your business partners. Create a plan of actions. Having a detailed marketing plan will get you where you need to be. 

Mega Power says:

Ya! if you could have figured out such a plan, you would be rich already!

The Mega Power plan is simple, its in use by thousands of the smartest repair shop owners, and customers are drawn to it like metal to a magnet. Why not test it out for free and see. Ask for a 30 day trial pak.

It's cost is $500 but will bring back $1200. Profit = $700 extra you would never have made testing a plan of your own!

Call to order this pak and get the details. Sold satisfaction to produce $700 extra profit - and more, or the difference refunded.

Mega Power's method for more auto repair shop profits

What's in the Mega Power Trial Pak:

  1. Our Newletter with tips and theory to test.
  2. 5 popular problem-solving engine kits that produce sales
  3. Delivered by FedEx in about 3 days
  4. Access to our web site lesson that in a few minutes gives you all you need to use Mega Power.
  5. You have me by phone to help you anytime you have a question.
  6. A Free Engine Service to use on your ownr car or truck so you will know what to expect and can tell customers. A $250 value.

Call me now, at 512 665 338 to ask a question or to order the trial pak..... George 512 665 3388

Say you want to know about the Mega Power Trial Pak.

There's easier better ways to grow profits than the way you are using. Working less, earning more. Be smart - Join us by using george's program.There's easier better ways to grow profits than the way you are using. Working less, earning more. Be smart - Join us by using george's program. Learn more call 512 665 3388

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