Great auto repair shop owner marketing ideas that offer more advantages, sell more services, produce more income.

Shop marketing ideas include the corrective measures needed. One of the problem-ending corrective measures is the install of Mega Power into the engine and transmission.Shop marketing ideas include the corrective measures needed. One of the problem-ending corrective measures is the install of Mega Power into the engine and transmission.

What is a great repair shop marketing idea?

     It is one that ups your repair expertise and profits.

     How does your program do that - so its better?

Our auto tune up and repair options and its marketing ideas increase the use of knowledge you already have - but have not figured out how to use them to profit by that usage.

Just what auto repair knowledge do I have that I'm not using?

      When you went to trade school they taught you a lot!

      One of the things we learned was that additives are bad!

      That oil has all the additives needed.  Others might cause                 damage. Avoid them.

      Have you ever taken a sick child to the doctor? After the exam,         what do you expect the doctor to do? Gives you a prescription          and says,  to return if this does not work.

      Why do doctors earn twice to 4 times what any mechanic                 earns? They know the laws of marketing? Do you tell the doctor       you're not going to uses additives to make your child well? No?

      You learned how to identify and fix failed items on a car.

      When a car comes in for an estimate, you find the problem and         its cost for repair and tell the customer that is your estimate.

      That's where the first mistake that lowers your profit occurs.

What is a great repair shop marketing idea? This one!

      If you want to earn more money, quit working like a mechanic and work like a doctor. That is where you start using knowledge you already know, but it sits there not earning you extra income. 

To start using that knowledge and what our program teaches you to start using - you already know, download and read this report What is a great repair shop marketing idea? 

and the rest of this article.

What is a great repair shop marketing idea to promote?

New engine and transmission additive products from Mega Power are offering more advantages to both shop owner and car owner.  Learning what they do, and how they do it, then advertising that information as part of your expertise helps car owners with car problems see more value in the additive expertise you offer.

A Mega Power Treatment to service the engine consist of 6 items. These clean the six areas of the motor and also adds conditioning features to reduce friction and fill worn areas.

How to promote Mega Power:

  1. Make Mega Power install part of the corrective treatment to remove residues, friction, and their power decreasing negatives that rob engines and transmissions of their like-new performance.
  2. Include Mega Power in estimates as part of the problem solving procedure.
  3. Bill customers for Mega Power as a part at $150, and labor install at $150.  
  4. That's the billing taught to our Mega Power re-sellers. 
  5. Mega Power is not an add-on product - No! It's part of what you use - as part of your car care and repair expertise to restore full combustion, proper valve closing speed, carbon removing, and friction reduction as part of the tune and repair process.
  6. Order a half dozen Mega Power Treatments - order here:
  7. This includes 36 items needed, directions, phone help, and marketing help needed. Just $60 each total $360 with a 12 month repeat ordering contract. Save $210. Shipped by FedEx to your door.

The Product details:

  1. Mega Power Cleaners frees and cleans sticky bogged down moving parts to match the performance of the new parts installed.
  2. Mega Power Conditioners go where oil cannot and safely cleans troubled-spots in the engine, and where cleaning was not possible before for perfect restores breathing and combustion.
  3. Metal conditioners including MC+ smoothe friction roughen, trouble-making moving parts. Smoothing stops the rapid wear factor and ends horsepower absorbing negatives. 
  4. Restores 10 to 20% lost horsepower giving tire-burning performance that impresses customers.
  5. Included as part of what's being fixed, customers you provided a real value they can feel and enjoy as they drive.
  6. Customers come back for more - and why not - since you are the one to provide this type car care customers enjoy each day.
  7. It  - provides years longer life before tear-down and clean up overhaul is needed. That's good!
  8. That's the beauty of your Mega Power usage expertise.

To get started with Mega Power you need to know pricing and inventory stats,  install procedures, pricing, and reorder fulfillment. 

To get all that and see other marketing help given to you to attract better paying customers by use of car owners seeking Mega Power advantages from you, call me... george at 512 665 3388.

New products are going from the old idea that solvent based engine cleaners - sold as an engine flush product, are what your motor needs - they are harmful, not helpful! Acids are your engine, and transmission's biggest problem causer. Acids come from combustion escaping past your motors sticky piston rings and mixes with and sludge's your oil. Sludge then travels and settles in the 3 worst places - causing more problems - like combustion blowby, oil burning, leaky seals, and noisy valve tapping.  Advantages of new chemical cleaners are featured in Mega Power's  Engine Treatment. These neutralize acids as they free and clean your motor's sticky piston rings. This ends blowby, limiting acid loads going down into your nice motor oil. Mega Power liquefies acidic residues and removes them allowing oil to again feed valve lifters and stopping the engine tap, oil burning, and power decline. The same Mega Power feature helps revitalize your motor's leaky seals and gaskets - stopping their seepage - all which popular engine flushes sold in part stores and quick lubes cannot help your motor with.

In your auto repair shop owner marketing of value, Mega Power Engine Treatment will up your car care expertise - and gain a strong allegeince with customers who will feel the results of Mega Power at work denoting the addition of a real engine service promoting longer engine life.

       3- Mega Power includes MC+, that friction modify to reduce friction wear out rate of wear. An engine smoothing and power pass-thru advantage. Slowing down the rate of wear by friction reducing is a longer life gaining benefit you also need, for the lowest form of car ownership expense. ---More auto repair shop owner marketing... friction modifying

      4- Mega Power includes MC+, which adds conditioners to improve oil film strength when hot - reducing metal-to-metal contact damage - as the film remains intact under engine heat and movement stress. A wear avoiding aid.  ---More auto repair shop owner marketing...

      5- Mega Power includes MC+, with co-polymers. These fill worn spaces and quiets older motors and provide slippery movement to make rolling down the road easier - you can feel it protecting as you drive!

      6- Mega Power increases valve closing speed and this restores lost horsepower  - which occurs as sluggish valves reduce fuel volume when needed most.   ---More auto repair shop owner marketing...

As you can see, Mega Power offers real Hi-tech value to the retailer of Mega Power and to his customers. And of course, a good profit margin.

I'll help you learn how to use and promote Mega Power.  Call me if you have a question, and want to try our starter program - to see if it does all we say it does to help you with your auto repair shop owner marketing. Call me now at 512 665 3388.

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