3 auto repair shop marketing TWEAKS to produce more income each day!

Auto repair shop owner marketing includes finding the right message to the right person that says to the reader. "I'll check him out first." Our Mega Power Marketing Program shows you how.Our Auto Repair Shop Marketing Program are not more expensive tweaks. They are new methods of care and repair customers psychologically feel are more important and worth buying compared to old style services they see no need for.

Auto Repair Shop Owner Marketing Contact Info: To ask a question, talk about our Marketing Program, Test Drive it, Call me ...george at 512 665 3388 

    Ways that works to build a growing income.

    What does not work that well although promoted - by those who really don't know crap from shinenola. [shoe polish]. What is not working? ...

   Keeping your customers count up in sufficient numbers is one way to keep income growing!  Although it may be the hardest goal for a repair shop owner to achieve! It a full time job going on social media to keep your name out there. And results are at best, weak!  Some feel, Good service and good prices help, but customer find that elsewhere and are not unique!  Discounts ads do little to make price shoppers loyal and profitable. How ever...

    Those shop owners who figured out  a HOOK [ a unique feature]on how to boost profits levels  are on to something!  Of all the hooks, one produces hundreds and thousands extra income each month! its does so with a marketing program - made simple! It supplies the HOOK to start growing a shops income. A Program Invented by George Christ, a mechanic turned marketing genius, who teaches repair shop owners his "perceived valve" methods.  [Uncovered by 3 Ohio State School of Business professors - who turn marketing upside down with their discoveries of what grows a business. Why most fail. ]

It works on the idea that to build income you need to use things you know about what goes on in a motor, now setting in your mind making no money for you, and figure out a way to have that knowledge become useful. That's the idea behind georges' program that boos income hundreds and even thousands higher each months.  Download his perceived value article at: http://.www.customer-getters.com/p-v-the-profit-booster.html

PV Story 

    Research by 3 Ohio State U School of Business professors uncovered the secret. From millions of dollars research on the subject, they isolated and teach that secret to students in their 4 year course - at a cost to students of over $400,000. And what makes that a cheap education is, students, upon graduation go into $100,000 + paying jobs at big companies  - who want talent to boost customer attracting value, who return for more of it, and boost thru the roof income. The secret is an attractive value competitors find hard to copy and advertise. 

     And what thru the roof profit boosting skills do they master in 4 years you might want to try? 

     Basically, its developing a unique appeal having a high psychological value potential customers and customers see is as a bonus  others do not offer. Therein is the secret! Marketing students do show by shifting product features, and advertising to see which have the most customer appeal. Creating ones where none exist! Its effect is like your reading a story and see the value in it, and say, I want that to! And that attracts customers and allows higher pricing and profits - the opposite of what promoting discounts allow you to do!

Our Repair Shop Marketing Program.

Our Repair Shop Marketing Program does not cost! It pays  for itself It is the lifeblood of every good business. A practice if not applied in your business  is near impossible to make up.

Not having such a program is like throwing $100 into the wind everyday.. Someone else gains when you do that! Our Repair Shop Marketing Program can stop that problem - if its your problem - you want to end.

Just what brings in more customers is a form of  specific information identifying you as the " best place for auto repair than others," - as stated by the 2 rules of selling, and 3 improvements to use to put into your business format.

Improvement 1

  • Run 2 ads. The one you have, and a problem-solving ad.
  • The second ad is about a specific problem. Information.
  • Run this ad as long as it pulls. Then run it at a later date. 
  • Run a new repair subject in place of it. 
  • People like learning about their problem before deciding on who gets the business. This puts you on top of that list
  • Our program has over 100 and growing such ads
  • Learn more by asking about them at 512 665 3388
  • we can do ad placement for you 

Why needed?

You need a new better marketing diversity to cover more customers you are missing now, and going to others. Our program will earn more. We'll help you promote and  provide car dependability extending features to do so!


  • Learn how our program helps you find more of the customers hidden car problems that important to your customers.
  • Use our tips for promoting and getting a yes to do them - for thousands of dollars extra profit each month.

Why needed?

You need a new this form of marketing diversity to up-sell services  your missing out on now. Not having it puts you in the same as other class, making it ripe for the customer to see if others can do the fix cheaper. /that penalizes your income growth. Our program will close this g profit loss gap for you. You will earn more. We'll help you promote and  provide car dependability extending features to do so!


  • Are you selling all the services possible?
  • Are  you getting customers to return in a week to do more work?
  • There is a secret to doing that and our program will help you do so.
  • the exact time to do so is critical. Miss it and you lose that income for ever. Catch it where and when we show you, and you will start doubling your income without doubling your work load.

Why needed? 

You need this marketing skill to also add to your other 2 income growing skills. Missing them means cutting your potential in half and your income too!Not having these 3 tweaks puts you in the same hole as other class, making it ripe for the hole that penalizes your income growth not having all 3 tweaks going for you.

Free Report

Our program offer a free report behind the science involved. Right now, others are using that science against you - taking food off your table - for not knowing and countering their marketing effort to do so.

Sign up for our Customer Getter's Profit University Newsletter and get the report immediately.

Work Smarter. Earn More! This is that next step I'll head you to!

Mega Power's tune repair treatment shown here will be explained so that you can in a few try's have it amazing customers of your new repair expertise - they will come back to you for.Mega Power's tune repair treatment shown here will be explained so that you can in a few try's have it amazing customers of your new repair expertise - they will come back to you for.

12 for 6.  Many shop owners try our Engine Treatment out for a test of the product in their own car or pickup first!

Order it here. Afterward, it you want to try it using our program for 90 days in your shop to test its customer pleasing, profit improving features, I'll double your first order from 6 to 12 sets for the shop discount price of 6. Click here to try it on your car.

Is This Your Auto Repair Shop Owner Marketing Theory

  • Some might say, a good marketing program is doing good work and being honest, and that you will get all the business you want! But, it's not that!
  • Were that true, most repair shop owners would be wealthy from that belief. but few are! Are you? Probably not, but this program will you give one that meets that goal. 

Just what brings in more customers is a form of specific information that identifies you as the " place for auto repair that's better to go to" - as stated by 2 rules of selling.

  1. Rule One is: Ads should address the customer's problem and explain how you solve your customers vehicle problem with  better results than makes cars seem years newer, with Mega Power, instead of the ad saying "How good you are at fixing cars." 
  2. Rule Two: See Rule One!

Here's how yo start!

Can you just advertise in just that way? No! However...

  •       If you want to earn more money, quit working like a mechanic and work like a doctor. Doctors, who always gets higher prices because, they know what medicine to prescribe. That's our thing!
  • Not just any additives, no! Just those that heal wear aned tear. That's what we provide you. 
  •       That's what doctors go to school 8 years for, but a year in Mega Power University will have you making doctors wages by the end of the year. 
  •       Doing so will teach you how to do the marketing to have customers come looking for you for help that includes Mega Power Internal Healing Additives as part of the repair method they learn is better.!
  •      This is How to establish higher prices doing so with no customer complaint.
  •       The Mega Power advert method addressing customer issues in your ads is where you start using knowledge in your head just sitting there not earning you extra income. 

       You will likely become much richer following our marketing wisdom that continuing to be honest and just doing good work.

      To start using that knowledge and what our program teaches you, and how to profit from what sits idle in your mind - not making you a dime, download and read this report. What is a great repair shop marketing idea? 

And read the rest of this article.

Mega Power's tune repair treatment is your auto repair shop owner marketing system  amazing customers and boosting your income- they will come back to you for.Mega Power's tune repair treatment is your auto repair shop owner marketing system amazing customers and boosting your income- they will come back to you for.

Auto repair shop owner marketing 

As you can see, Mega Power offers real Hi-tech value to the retailer of Mega Power and to his customers. And of course, a good profit margin.

I'll help you learn how to use the auto repair shop owner marketing program.  Call me if you have a question, and want to try our starter program - to see if it does all we say it does to help you with your auto repair shop owner marketing. Call me now at 512 665 3388. ....george

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