Tune repair shop marketing tips for hundreds more dollars income each week.Tune repair shop marketing tips for hundreds more dollars income each week.

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Perceived Value Marketing 

is this an idea for you?

What would investing in a sales making program like this do to your income?

The 4 areas where this tune repair shop program makes your job selling as owner easier. Lesson One:

  1. From better ads that attract more customers at lower cost. These ads are single message ads that pull more customers.
  2. Have a way of closing of more estimates at higher prices and profit. These need our approach which educate customers in our better repair having a holistic message showing all the internal parts are cared for, not just the ones needing replaced. Your learning this method elevates your value to each customer.
  3. Find a way to get customers to return to you when they use to go to others for services you did not know they needed.

Any program promising to grow your business and income sufficiently each week should pay its own way and a like profit, too. 

  • It should produce extra income from sale of something extra to each customer does so because it enhances the customers purchase.  
  • If its and expertise your purchasing it should provide amazingly better car performance and long term dependability customer see and feel that's important to the customers goals.

Tune repair shop programs to increase the sale of services

How our Tune Repairs Programs do just that in the 4 ways needed.

Invest in our Tune Repair Programs levels below you want to guarantee you more income each month. 

  • The at least $500 extra profit a month program. Just $500. Will guarantee a return of at least $1000 or more, or we'll pay the difference. $500 extra profit monthly to produce a new $500 profit each month. Run out of product early in the month? Reorder as needed. Keep the income growing ordering as often as needed.  Otherwise, a new supply will be sent a few days before the start of each new month - or as directed
  • Signing up HERE for the $500 extra profit a month program. Guarantees at least $1000 or more return in new business. Includes ads to use. Info on easy to install products needed that produce amazing driving improvement customer are after. Phone help as needed for install and marketing help. A $500 value included for 'FREE. All just $500 a month to assure $500 in extra profit or more each month. 

The repair shop owner who advertises with these statements is a shop owner running nakit and fools himself into thinking the public is seeing him - he thinks, as the best shop to go to -whether true or not makes no difference:

  • Shop name, location. Types of services. Branding.
  • Uses discounts as the appeal. A proven money loser.
  • Says, We're the Best! Does anyone believe that?
  • List certifications.
  • Shows meaningless awards.

Shops that do well list a strong differance car owners see will  improve their life after repair.

This program attracts new customers, and build a 101% customer loyalty building effort - producing 5 weeks income in 4.

Compare profit building methods.

The thing in common about any business is to reach a sales goal - which includes income needs during the year. compare the common way against our way below: 

  1. The common natural way: Business flows or comes from the law of average. The wait and see idea. Referred to as branding.
  2. Our Tune repair shop programs teaches you a "perceived value" to follow in 3 distinct business areas. Each raises the level of sales and income. 

Learning to test value brings in better-paying customers, produces better profit-making estimates, increases customer loyalty, at lower cost - is difficult!

However to test what works without knowing how to fill sub-conscious needs likely customers have - is doomed to fail. You can purchase that knowledge - from us.

Our program has found and uses three secrets as monthly lessons.

While limited marketing schooling, and trial and error testing capital is none existent for most people, they can try to beat the odds on what works by implementing their own ideas - hoping for enough business that way.

Tips for getting above average income. 

  • You could - at lo-cost, knock on doors in the evening and explain who you are and what you do - and encourage them to try your service - as politicians do at election time.
  • You could pass out and hang flyers on doors so they get your message home or not!
  • You can use yelp, local ads, have a web site, hang flags, have pretty gals outside flagging people in.
  • It all comes down to Testing! What produces the most income at the lowest price?
  • Research uncovered what identical businesses do, where one struggles, yet one becomes very prosperous.
  • This review explains this latter method as the lowest cost per customer acquiring and business successful method.

Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs:

Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs provides shop owners with new ways to end wear and tear problems for car owners getting their cars tuned and repaired. Providing over $500 to $2000 worth of tune and repair services for your customers cars gets you higher prices, more repeats, attracts higher paying customers, and hundreds of dollars extra income each week for you.  

Call to ask a question. Find out about our Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs. And Get Acquainted Started Package. Full refunds if its not for you after a 90 day trial.

Call now! 512 665

As a Mega Power Dependability Service Center, you'll advertise that you and your Mega Power Expertise provide the only known Products and Services to end dozens of engine and transmission problems - restore  their performance, then keep those cars running great - and most will return to continue the benefit!

Returning for such service reduces the need to trade off their cars giving the car owners years more usage of their cars - as the engine and transmission will run trouble free with continuation of the dependability service from Mega Power.

Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs 

No other  Tune Repair Shop Program service or product gives your customers cars a second like-new life time operating experience!

Doing so - at very low cost to the car owner - but producing huge profits every month for the auto repair shop owners in the program.

Sound like it might help you?

Call us for our report on Perceived Value. See what the program is like, ask questions, see what it cost for a trial program. what the possibility for profit increase can be.

Once in the monthly Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs an increase of income is guaranteed.

This happens by a slight change in a pro-active  ad campaign to show the motoring public you do more than fix cars and change oil and fluids.

What the Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs will you teach to do?

Gain special expertise that helps car owners end avoidable performance problems now in the shop for removal while making the car run "good as new again."

Mega Power Dependability Tune Repair Shop Programs.

Your Mega Power Expertise will end 20 engine transmission wear and performance problems using Mega Power Problem Solvers - containing problem solving chemistry using Mega Power's products as part of the fix.

Our automotive tune repair shop program increase sales of upgrade services an income by 20% to 50%. It becomes easier with a small change in your business-thinking, claims a mechanic who promotes that idea, and has thousands of small shop owners following his program.

Tune repair shop programs to increase customer loyalty as the profit growing strategy.

Needed buying steps the customer must have to make a buying decision work in 3 areas in your business we our program.

  1. The 1st place to start growing your income is with this tune repair program "in your mind." There to start growing your understanding of what people really want from their mechanics.  This is a critical theme the program teaches you to master.  By failing to understand  human nature an concerns about transportation, you cannot start growing your income!

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