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MOTHERTo Little Johnny.

  • Didn’t I tell you to wash all of your hands before eating to keep healthy?

Little Johnny:

  • But, mommy, I only use my fingers to touch food, so I don’t need to wash all of my hands to stay healthy.

Dentist: To patient.

  • Of course, You don’t have to brush and floss all your teeth. Just the ones you want to save.

Car Diesel Truck Owner to

  • Do I really have to use your option of more-expensive conditioners to end my engine transmission problem. replies:

  • Of course not! Find cheaper products elsewhere for your fix. There’s hundreds of sites to search out.
  • However, Google had you come here to end your engine transmission problem so every internal part runs trouble free as long you want.
  • Is this what you want?
  • Purchasing our Engine Transmission Problem Solvers with MC+ conditions every internal engine and transmission part to last as long as you want your cars, and diesel tractors, RV, boats, and motorcycles to last, after the fix.
  •  To last as long as you want your cars, and diesel tractors, RV, boats, and motorcycles to last, after the fix is your best option here!
  • Here's how to acquaint yourself with this option.

Please, bookmark this page, and spend 10 minutes reading around our site to see the benefit of choosing out auto tune up and repair options as your best tune up and  repair option.


   This is the site you need - with me... to help you end your car, diesel truck, tractor, boat, RV, boat motorcycle fuel engine transmission radiator steering a/c mechanical problems!

What People Say

       "I'm very pleased we could follow your recommendation to fixed our motor with $100 worth of  your suggestions.

      We were told it would take $3,000 for an overhaul. I'll come back for more to help our other vehicles avoid expensive repairs... "MC

What Mechanics Say:

     "Your tune and repair option impresses customers and they return for more."

     "You tune repair option program is making me 5 weeks income in four"

     "I'm following your suggestion to do your Mega Power  engine transmission or radiator service you promote to see if that ends the problem first - and results customers have - have them return for other work - I guess because they feel I'm honest in trying to help them."


      "3 times we took the trans- mission apart to get it to shift right.

      -Then we tried your product.

       Your method made it shift beautifully.

       "Your tune up and repair Mega Power Product Options is now a good source of extra income for us an our customers  respect our expertise - even more, when they experience driving performance improvements they never expected.         Thanks again."      DF  Trans Repair.

Repair Shop Owner

       "Rudy says... George's Mega Power Additives and his auto tune up and repair options program has made us a steady steam of customers over the years - while other shop have come and gone. 

       As a result, I believe, George and his auto tune up and repair options program is helping me outlast competitors - who come and go, and don't offer your car care and repair benefits you taught us to promote.... Thanks again for your help! Rudy - Rudy's Auto Repair'

Most important are these facts:

       There are hidden - those products and methods to do so. I found, use, promote and recommend them for your fix.

      They are special cleaners, conditioners, anti-wear with qualities that:

  • Clean and free trouble-causing parts.
  • Many products can do that!  However...
  • None can then smooth rough, fast wearing pistons, bearings, gears, valve assemblies.
  • Nor - promote a return to good working - additional years of dependability Like what I offer.
  • That's my life's goal and expertise in auto care and repair.
  • All my tips and products work!

PS: Tips How, below...

auto repair additives

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End internal car, diesel trucks, tractors's, RV, boats, even motorcycle operating problems. Just install what I show you to avoid costly repairs

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