Anti wear solutions for cars

Anti wear solutions for cars.

My motor is new! All I need is good oil to protect it!

You won't say that after reading this review.

Valvoline, a motor oil maker reports that between motor oil changes, this harmful list of ingredients bathes your motor pistons, bearings, cams, valves and gears as they pass through your engine:

  • 3 gallons of fuel.
  • And a cup of carbon.
  • A cup of acid.
  • 100 gallons of water. 

Those wear increasing ingredients form in your oils, transmission fluid and anti-freeze coolants and bathes your motor pistons, bearings, cams, valves and gears. In your motor they slip pass your pistons as they go up and down.

That is why we recommend Mega Power as part of your oil change and tune up and repair addition - as the best possible engine transmission  cooling system protector and anti-wear.

In the course of thousands of up and down revolutions of your pistons 3 gallons of raw gas, moisture and acids will slip pass your pistons as your pistons compress a quart size fuel mix into a whiskey glass space - ready for combustion, and as combustion occurs.

Did you know that?

Yes,  that much gas, acids, and moisture slips pass your pistons and mixes with your motor oil - then gets sucked out - or eventually drains out during an oil change - so what? Well, think about this point...

  • Most of the gas and water will get sucked out and reburnt pretty quickly in your motor smog recycler - but not all of it. 
  • Any acid, gas, carbon or water remaining does 3 harmful things" to cut the life in half of your engine transmission, and cooling system. 
  • Those harmful ingredients thin out your oil, and thinning weakens your oil lube films ability to separate moving parts.

So what is happening is that metal-to-metal contact occurs, more friction results, faster wear out happens - years sooner. You don't want that negative inside your car do you? No! 

Mega Power helps your cars stay healthy by actually healing such damage with MC=, then by adding a anti-wear slippery protector to those surfaces so they slide on the protector - rather than raw metal, like before. That is what your car engine and transmission needs. That is better than doing nothing, but hoping for the best - isn't it? Sure.

  1. Those harmful ingrdients form acidic residues that make for sticky moving parts - resistance results -  a prime reason for most repairs. And your motor ands transmission is made for no resistance to run at its best longest time.
  2. Acids etch the smooth shinny surfaces of your cars pistons bearings valves gears seals and such. This changes those surfaces to rougher, friction making surfaces that cut car life in half.

That means, the car owner using Mega Power is introducing preventive measures that keep their cars and equipment at like new peak performance, years pass when others car and equipment owners can using other brands of additives, and conventional methods of oil change and care.

In the course of thousands of up and down combustion cycles a cup of carbon, a cup of acid, 100 gallons of water will slip pass your pistons as combustion of the fuel creates a powerful force, repeated thousands of times an hour to mix with your motor oil as the power made speeds you down the road. 

The oil break causes moving surfaces to touch. A bit of metal-to-metal friction occurs and produces resitiance to slow you down a bit. As athe surfaces touch and slide a bit of grinding occurs during that moment in time - and wear occurs. Start up is the worst time for this.

When you change oil, the watery stuff drains out with any acids and carbon in it. However, a thin sticky film remains behind and that acidic film etches the smooth shinning surfaces of your clean shinny smooth pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.

Tens of thousands of car dealerships and auto repair garages perform millions of repairs on cars - cause by those contaminants - not to long after the car makers warranty expires.

So, is there anything you need to worry about? All that, of course.

Mega Power is a research company who specializes in chemistry anti-wear products that neutralizes acids, heals the damage it caused, and add a protective layer over every part - thereby doubling and tripling the time and extending by many years before aicds, raw gas, oil breakdowm friction, and wear out occurs.

Once residues build up, Mega Power includes pre-cleaners to remove those  harmful acidic residues then, heals the damage acids and friction causes, and add a protective layer over every part - thereby doubling and tripling the time and extending by many years the engine, transmission, power steering, and radiator cooling system before acids, raw gas, oil breakdown friction, leaks, and wear out occurs.

Are not all additives the same?

What Doug says about Mega Power.

What Mike says about Mega Power.

 sizeand mix with your oil. Similar negatives are occurring in your transmission and radiator.      Acids are an engine and transmission sludge maker.  

Would  you not like to keep your new car that way?  This review shows you the best way know! Others have different opinions. However, you will like our  new are protecting products from Mega Power - as you see the hidden help your new car needs - that Mega Power provides you.

For example: Google "new car break in," and you will read varying opinions on what should be done to protect your new car or truck or equipment. None are as good as the one this review shows you.

Most people will tell you to baby your new car - that means, don’t hot rod them, or drive them at top speeds for long, until driven so many miles, or until the manufacturers suggested first oil change.

Some will suggest no break in at all. Most people are going to follow the advice of the manufacture and that's fine. My point is this. New motors and transmissions need much more than that! They need anti wear solutions for cars that only Mega Power provides.

Anti wear solutions for cars.

Valvoline, a motor oil maker reports, that between each oil change, this list of harmful combustion-blowby-ingredients escapes pass your motor’s pistons.

Consider what Combustion Blowby – produces in your motors ...

  • 100 gallons of acidic moisture. 
  • 3 gallons of gas or diesel fuel more or less.
  • And a cup of carbon.

Similar negatives are occurring in your transmission and radiator.      Acids are an engine and transmission sludge maker.                          Acid develops in 4 year old anti-freeze coolant and eat holes in gaskets

In time, over 20 performances will occur on the way to cutting your car and equipment's life in half. Mega Power ends these 20 problems benefiting you with years longer trouble-free driving pleasure.

Our anti wear solutions for cars and equipment from Mega Power will provide protection against blowby caused acids sludge friction even new cars start producing from when new.

About sludge – formed by acidic combustion blowby is the number one engine and transmission problem causer. Sludge – about 2 cup full will stick to your motor's piston rings, valves and valve adjusters, and cause motor tapping, oil burning, leaks and power decline.

The problem. When you change oil, only the watery thin oil drains out. The acidic sludge is stuck inside doing your car in. With Mega Power that sludge is removed.

These top 3; Blowby, acids, sludge, and oil breakdown are the fastest causes of your new engine and transmission wear-out. They will cause a 5 to 15 horsepower absorbing negative. - making the car feel worn. Mega Power neutralizes acids - stopping present and future damage and costly repairs

What you should know. Blowby, acids, sludge, and oil breakdown start in small enough percentages and ever grow starting from day one – when you drive away from the car dealer showroom. They slowly, but consistently are changing your clean, shinny close-fitting, slow-wearing pistons, bearings, valves, and gears to rough – fast wearing ones.  

Mega Power reduces blowby to its lowest level possible like no other product can About blowby...

Did you know - Since the 1980’s, the government has mandated combustion blowby be re-cycle back into the burning process of all engines to reduce it as a chief smog maker.

This helps clean the air we breathe – but is detrimental to your motor. Who cares? You do after reading this report. To help you is a somewhat set of new car care and maintenance products from Mega Power. Your cars need Mega Power. Order below.

Mega Power neutralizes acid, heals the damage and removes sticky residues in a very simple install procedure. Mega Power provides the exact and inexpensive help you need to completely protect your engine, transmission and radiator. Mega Power is what will win the fight against those car and equipment killers – for many extra years of trouble free – like new power and dependability!  Order here....

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