Anti wear solutions for cars. 
     The do-it-yourself  Total Vehicle DIY  ANTI-WEAR care and tune 25,000 maintenance method. Features include exclusive harmful negative removers, now cutting car truck life in half -  I feel from personal usage it does that for me  slowing 10 years wear rate to one or two - and, long term customers tell us that to.  For you, an assured way to learn the method -its easy, to end, or avoid wear problems.  Maybe, double your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c systems  like-new, trouble free life  - before overhaul or replacement is needed. That makes vehicle ownership tens of thousands less expensive.  Can keep more of your money in your pocket - for family bills, not the repair systems. Of utmost value to learn to use. Start here!

These Mega Power Products are Packaged in Kits to upgrade the protection missing in  your vehicles Car Maker's oil, fluid change intervals.These Mega Power Products are Packaged in Kits to upgrade the protection missing in your vehicles Car Maker's oil, fluid change intervals.

Anti wear solutions for cars. Contact Info: On a smart phone, to ask a question, order order items by phone, call me 24/7 ... george at  512 665 3388.

   What's here: 

  • Picture shows items I package for Do It Yourself car and diesel servicing  - where you want wear problem avoiding features - not in the oil or fluids installed at a 25,000 mile change out service. 

  • The service product covers each components service and its anti-wear, shown and explained as you learn more.
  • The method of service, care, and repair with features and benefits you have been looking for - explained. 
  • For the first a place for Pulling together the best of vehicle and heavy equipment anti-wear research, and invention of many, and me - the county's  expert explaining it. 

  • You are introduced - at last, to a simple, inexpensive vehicle care and repair avoiding service that proves in performance provided its what your vehicles and wallet needs.

  • A easy-to-use method to protect the operating integrity of brand new vehicles from their premature wear and tear, performance upsetting, and repair wear negatives.  Yet,, strong enough for...
  • For protecting your older vehicles to add to their longer life, also. 

  • Even worn cars and diesels Does so by a periodic service product unlike any other! It works on the tiny unseen micro level of wear and tear - where problems originate from. Something common rinse-out service products, and magic ingredient products can't provide.

  • The service products I'll show you, performs  many complex actions to remove the harmful, wear out causing negatives from gas cap to exhaust tip. 

  • And replaces those harmful, cuts-your-vehicle-and-diesels life in half negatives with anti-wear that slams the breaks on performance problems and provides the new car like protection you are looking for. 

  • A method of care and repair avoiding that pays you with more distances on each fill up of fuel. And that now enables all your vehicles so treated, to go on to double and triple their given, like-new, trouble-free life!

  • If you want this method of care and protection for all your cars and diesels - no matter brand of small to giant size - Bookmark auto-tune-up-and repair-options,com for your site for this help.

  •  - and Now, you have me at hand to help you - me, george christ - a mechanic, and repair shop trainer - ready to help any man woman, mechanic, small fleet owner cut their life time vehicle cost in half - while enjoying the benefit of owing trouble-free vehicles - years longer than any other method. 

How to do so...   

  1. For Service Anti-Wear Solutions For Cars, Click. 
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  3. For Anti-Wear Solutions To End A Problem, Click. 
  4. For phone help and ordering, Click.

Mega Power's Servicing Method...

   How to do each component service in 2 steps.

  1. Step One : Add the MP Cleaner marked such, into the old oil or fluid - just before you drain the old fluid out. With cleaner in the old fluid/oil, run or drive the vehicle for 10 minutes to facilitate cleaning. This removes, and holds in suspension harmful residues you drain out with the old fluid. It will be positively dirty.  A good sign of removing negatives. Ingredients called Friction Modifiers, included in-the-cleaner start the healing and friction removing process. The motor's service will have the motor start running amazingly quiet! Other components will show improvement, also.
  2. Step Two: After old oil/ fluid is drained out. Add, long with the new oil, or fluid the 2 marked protectors included in the kit. These will  mixed in with the new fluid and add their long life extending protection. A few minutes of driving afterward will produce  improvements like more zip - as the protectors add their enhancements. Repeat during the next service. Oil every 6000 to 12,000  miles. Other components, the service last for 2 years.

  3. Conclusion of value.

    The quality and steps shown assures you of total protection. See story below.

    Mega Power covers more than the common, minimum protection offered at the dealer. You can "feel" Mega Power Car Service Package boost the new-like feel, and trouble-avoiding protection needed 

    Exceed car maker maintenance. Adds needed long-term, trouble free performance missing in synthetic oil and component fluids. 

Click to order or read more:  Anti wear solutions for cars part 2 

Anti wear solutions for cars.

Valvoline, a motor oil maker reports, that between each oil change, this list of harmful combustion-blowby-ingredients escapes pass your motor’s pistons.

Consider what Combustion Blowby – produces in your motors ...

  • 100 gallons of acidic moisture. 
  • 3 gallons of gas or diesel fuel more or less.
  • And a cup of carbon.

Similar negatives are occurring in your transmission and radiator.      Acids are an engine and transmission sludge maker.                          Acid develops in 4 year old anti-freeze coolant and eat holes in gaskets

In time, over 20 performances will occur on the way to cutting your car and equipment's life in half. Mega Power ends these 20 problems benefiting you with years longer trouble-free driving pleasure.

Our anti wear solutions for cars and equipment from Mega Power will provide protection against blowby caused acids sludge friction even new cars start producing from when new.

About sludge – formed by acidic combustion blowby is the number one engine and transmission problem causer. Sludge – about 2 cup full will stick to your motor's piston rings, valves and valve adjusters, and cause motor tapping, oil burning, leaks and power decline.

The problem. When you change oil, only the watery thin oil drains out. The acidic sludge is stuck inside doing your car in. With Mega Power that sludge is removed.

These top 3; Blowby, acids, sludge, and oil breakdown are the fastest causes of your new engine and transmission wear-out. They will cause a 5 to 15 horsepower absorbing negative. - making the car feel worn. Mega Power neutralizes acids - stopping present and future damage and costly repairs

What you should know. Blowby, acids, sludge, and oil breakdown start in small enough percentages and ever grow starting from day one – when you drive away from the car dealer showroom. They slowly, but consistently are changing your clean, shinny close-fitting, slow-wearing pistons, bearings, valves, and gears to rough – fast wearing ones.  

Mega Power reduces blowby to its lowest level possible like no other product can About blowby...

Did you know - Since the 1980’s, the government has mandated combustion blowby be re-cycle back into the burning process of all engines to reduce it as a chief smog maker.

This helps clean the air we breathe – but is detrimental to your motor. Who cares? You do after reading this report. To help you is a somewhat set of new car care and maintenance products from Mega Power. Your cars need Mega Power. Order below.

Mega Power neutralizes acid, heals the damage and removes sticky residues in a very simple install procedure. Mega Power provides the exact and inexpensive help you need to completely protect your engine, transmission and radiator. Mega Power is what will win the fight against those car and equipment killers – for many extra years of trouble free – like new power and dependability!  Order here....

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