Anti wear solutions for cars part 2

  Anti wear solutions for cars part 2: Contact info :

The Complete Anti wear solutions for cars part 2 Service to prevent fuel, engine, transmission, radiator, power steering and a/c wear, operating problems Add anti-wear protection - The products and explanation of them made easy to do. . 

Mega Power Brand for anti-wear solutions for cars. What to use for servicing the fuel engine transmission radiator steering and a/c systemsMega Power Brand for anti-wear solutions for cars. What to use for servicing the fuel engine transmission radiator steering and a/c systems. Package for each components complete service.

 Here:  Online Ordering of Service Products to clean out each of your car's fuel to combustion and wear causing negatives.  Includes service for the transmission, radiator, steering, and a/c system service in one package. With Added Long life, Anti-Wear Protection You Can Feel Protecting to keep your vehicles going trouble free. 

   For individual, repair shop, fleet service servicing.

  Packaged to complete all vehicle component cleaning services -but not the oil or fluids which are sold at any part store. 

   Each component service removes:

  • trouble-causing acids, residues and friction. 
  • Protectors then heal and smooth and add a slippery coating  - 
  • all the service cleaning 25,000 50,000 100,000 mile requirements, but with the anti-wear solution for cars not commonly found, included.

  Each complete vehicle service covers:

  • the fuel to combustion to exhaust cleaning service
  • and engine cleaning service
  • and transmission cleaning service
  • and radiator cleaning service.
  • The complete vehicle component service kits needed.

Order for 2 or more vehicles for better deals.

    Each of the vehicles components service kits -besides  its unique cleaning features have included our bonus anti-wear protectors for that unit. The only product brand to offer such to cover the fuel system service and engine, and transmission,and radiator, and power steering systems. 

   Our unique vehicle 25k 50k service provide you anti-wear protectors called MC+, included for:

  • Years longer trouble free life - 
  • Returns stronger performance by recovering horsepower absorbed by dirty conditions and friction, them sends that horsepower to the wheels you did not know was absorbed by crud and friction - back to the wheels, giving you mega power...the feel of anti wear working. 

Included in the package are directions and my help if needed by phone.

Each service is easy to do.

They are the strongest protectors and ant-wear; no on else has!

They exceed Mercedes specs for mileage servicing  - but ends internal wear negatives good for every vehicle you own - no other oil or product can offer for  a strong extra long life - that will always be zippy.

Included in the anti-wear solutions for cars package:

  • 1 service kit with items to covers all 8 required car care services to keep your vehicles healthy.
  • Directions and my help if needed by phone.
  • Each service is easy to do. 
  • They are the strongest protectors and ant-wear no on else has! 
  • They exceed mercedes specs for quality service  -

Pricing, and deals for  individuals, repair shops, fleet equipment owners for a 5 component entire vehicle service  come with directions, 3 day shipping, phone help if needed, guarantee, are as follows:


  1. Fuel engine service treatment. A 6 item service. Value $225. 
  2. Transmission service treatment. 3 item service.  Value $125
  3. Radiator service treatment. 3 item service.          Value $  95
  4. Power steering treatment.  3 item service.           Value $  75
  5. A/C service treatment 1 item.                               Value $  55

                                                         16 items. Total Value     $575 

                                                                 Our price just     $225

Click cart button to buy the 5 vehicle components protection treatment special. Service exceeds 25,000 mile, 50,000 mile new vehicle warranty service specs. That's because...

They do more than clean. They also end internal wear negatives no other oil or product can, for a more years of strong extra long life - that will always be zippy. That's the mega power you are protecting the entire vehicle with - not just the engine. Total 5 kits with 16 items included for a complete service. Order by clicking cart button now!

BETTER DEALS> Anti wear solutions for cars part 2:
Order automotive anti wear service solutions for cars for
2 or more vehicles for better deals.

The Better Deal!

Service and protect both your vehicles. Order two sets to service both vehicles so both have added years of protection.

Total 10 kits with 32 items needed for two car servicing.

16 items. Total Value  $450   Our price right now:  $350.

Save an extra$100. Click cart button to buy this Special.

   Purpose : These 5 Mega Power Brand anti wear solution kits come package to clean and protect the following 5 car systems:

  1. fuel system, and engine,   
  2. the transmission, 
  3. the radiator, 
  4. steering 
  5. and a/c system.

   Each service kit contain the finest cleaners, friction modifiers, and various protectors, all with anti-wear ingredients needed. Exceeds Mercedes Benz requirements - but for any car - or diesel rig, dozer, motor home, boat, motorcycle, to extend its years of trouble-free operation. Made to install easily in 2 steps. Last the life or longer of the fluid or oil mixed into.

end Anti wear solutions for cars part 2:

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