Texas Jobs.
How to earn more in a day than most make in a week. 
   Great income potential. To ask a question, apply, details call me...george 512 665 3388

Texas Jobs:Contact Infor: To ask a question, inquire about local opportunities in your area, learn more. call me...george at 512 665 3388.

Your own job with fame and fortune helping others succeed.

It sounds od but those who become a wholsesale additive distributor earn that much. This one is not so much in actual sales as inopening 50 account s and then ] refilling inventory as a residual income source. This Texas Jobs offer may be just right for you.

Building the success and fame of others to have your own. 

As you may well know specific skills are require in most fields.

However, our prospects get running their own auto repair business mixed up with and ad about their auto repair skills.

Its good, you may catch fish, but its like fishing with a hook witout bait.  

Running any business requires constant business attracting skills. That requires marketing skills. Just an ad about what you do is not a marketing effort - altho if seen will bring in some business. Not good enough.. so

So the next step is to offer lower prices for specific services to match or better competitor ads. This is hopes to the find and sell other needs - but fnd this type cientel will let you kw later - after checking if they can get the service from others at a lower price.

So you see, th ehelp they need is to get higher prices, and more loyal customers. Enough to produce $500 to $4000 more a month. 

Failing in those ways treir shop owner eran minmal income.

They really need someting that customerss wil come in for, and pay top dollar for, and return for more.

Baiting that hook for those kinds of customers is done by advertising  a percieved value that provides the rpair shop owner such help.

It may sounds strange but its possible with a certain brand of additives with a perceived edge.

  A Business to Business Sales Position.

Some need an hourly pay arrangement and routine. This is not one of them. Go elsewhere for that. 

Others want more and do more taking some risk - for the gain possible. That's me! Is it you? If so read on...

Some call this type job "self employment." In our case, self employment is powered by possibilities we see we can make work for us - and its that possibility we can win that provides strong motivation we need.

Such possibility compels one to feel the effort behind self employ-ment will pay better than an average job would.

Possibility drives people to be self disciplined to work a plan that can and will change to meet the goals needed for their success. 

Money to earn and you get it by helping others do better.

In this business, income per day, week, month, and year varies but on an established territory, the daily commissions I made ran from $400 to $2000, an averaged yearly income of $50,000 up - I worked 7 months out of the year. Others made a $million in the same time - I did not have that luck, nor smarts, nor the desire to do so. What's do you have in those areas?

Do you like working causally. This is for you! Yet the business side is serious, makes you determined, yet easy-going, and a be-yourself person who needs no boss except a foreseeable goal - n0 time clock.

Pay on this job based on sales - of course. and I liked this type work - for the following reasons. How about you...

Earn what ever you want in this way...

  • Start by introducing yourself, and an explanation of why - what you have is a no-risk-way prospects can use their car care expertise in a new, more profitable way. 
  • This is what will improve their income making ability. Is it worth a try for them - some yes, others don't know. Both are willing to try your idea - and seem to be a 1 new account out of 3 to 5 prospects - first time trying... 
  • That opens new accounts. The more accounts you open the more you make in this way! I had 200 accounts i opened and services and it took more than a year of persistence to get that many accounts.

That's the way professional gamblers and top salespeople work!

  • There are 4 New-Account Opening Suggestions you provide for the prospect to check out. 
  • They pick one to try at no risk. They find the program info helps them to immediately increase income off customers they already have - they love this option, of course.
  • Then, get paid a second handsome income restocking those accounts you open - as their supplies run low, usually on a weekly to monthly basis thereafter.

While most jobs have a money cap, require a college education, or special skills - this one does not! M or F. Young or retired OK.  call to learn how to start in your area.

Details on what we offer for you make make all the income you want.

Texas Jobs. Sales: Supplying problem-solving products mechanics need to service and repair engine transmission radiator power-steering components.

Texas Jobs: How to begin.

After a brief education about: our business, accounts to go after, and  what our products do - that better than any competitors,  we  help you work a plan on and how to contact, and then set up local businesses as clients and customers.  This includes...

Record keeping of all potential businesses - and a way to educate them on how you will help them earn more  - in less time each month.

Texas Jobs: How I did it...

I took one street with the most repair shops and started at one end and went from shop to shop to introduce myself. Explain we have a program to reduce their work load and increase their income by thousands of dollars every month.

I set up an appointmentwhere aI can take a hlf hohand out of our educational literature to 200 to 400 prospects. These highlight tips to increase the prospects customer service and new customer attraction.

A week later a second handout covers specific marketing tips and 7 steps to getting customers to order additional services – using products we provide making the 7 step sales process possible.

A third flyer introduces our program to help them produce and extra $1000 to $5000 monthly using our proven marketing expertise and our products – the only ways for them to earn and extra 50,000 to $100,000 during the next five years.

This no-limit commission paid position is for someone who wants to be paid above average for his extra production with a monthly restocking commission factor as an income growing advantage. 6 figure range is reachable. Are you a 6 figure person?

This person understands that all small business owners have the same mindset. This mindset demands outstanding products from vendors that impress customers the purchase was a good value, unique, filling the need of his customers at a profitable price.

Texas jobs with Mega Power Automotive  Produict Line

You would provide such products from a catalog and take orders, maybe learn and use a demo to be even more productive - like me in this picture.

Our products are a no-equal top quality service product line needed by those who service and repair cars and truck engine transmission radiator power steering an air conditioning wear and tear problems.

You do not need to know anything about fixing cars. Just what does so from our line up of products. The labels and literature do the explaining and you show them a list of items they need for a month to have on hand. Our phone tech will take calls any time, to help your customers learn the steps - even pricing factors and advert help.

Texas Jobs, Business to business, Sales Opportunities

With millions of vehicles around suffering from aging and the wear and tear process causing dozens of problems in their engine transmission radiator and air conditioning systems you will offer the only product line with remedies needed.

There is a huge untapped market for this product line for out of warranty car and equipment owners seeking ways to extend car life, as well as end wear and tear causing conditioners they worry about in their cars and equipment.

The most ideal business to provide these products and install them are those businesses who do servicing, tune up, and repair work. There are hundreds of them around.

Each represent a good income potential of many thousands of dollars each month. Income your accounts will now earn, and they will produce for you and themselves for many years to come. Thanks to your understanding of their mindset and new income producing products you represent.

That says a lot about our business and its commission making opportunity. Does this Texas Jobs business-to-business sales position sound interesting to you? Learn more!

Like all Texas jobs that are commissioned sales positions a learning curve of 3 months to a year is needed to produce above average income.

If you can handle that, its OK. However...

However, it seems most of our sales people do well with a 2 month learning curve. 2 months - not a year or two, seems to produce enough accounts and income for you to be more creative in developing even more accounts - perfecting your ability and confidence to gain new customers from new prospects everywhere. ...............

The business owner wants product not sold in part stores or Wall-Marts, and has customers coming back for more!

Even better for the business owner is a marketing plan that goes with this product to help attract higher paying customers.

Texas Jobs. Sales position. Automotive field. Commission only.

This position gains its respect and high commissions from 3 advantages.

  1. You provide exclusive products with high profitability to auto repair shops who need them to perform various services as part of the repair process.
  2. The accounts need restocking on a monthly basis - so you earn a residual income 12 times a year - with no cut in profit percentages - as other companies do their sales crew.
  3. The more accounts you start up - the more income you make - as there is no income limit. As for work schedule, time for other matters of life can be taken care of, yet you know your accounts are consuming your products and will need restocking soon. For the person who hates punching time clock - no time clock to punch.
Those and other advantages mean you will have above average income potential and yet have daily freedom for other responsibilities.

Texas Jobs. A great business providing our products that increase the income of automotive tune, lube and repairs shop owners.

Your accounts pay by credit card or check. You may chose to deliver or they can be delivered by FedEx. Your commission is sent to your bank as money's sent in is tallied every few days - or as you request.

To find out more about this opportunity, call Mr George at 512 665 3388. We do not discriminate against age, sex, religion, or heritage.

Texas jobs. My experience working this product line

Accounts are developed from a mailout system where prospects ask for product info and help. You purpose is to set up and supply products to these prospects looking for new hi-quality products that will increase their daily income and fire up a much greater business success for themselves - that their advertising just is to costly to do and fails to do.

Prospects want our products because they are the only ones to increase their income by $50,000 to $250,000. The products sell themselves using our simple to follow sales formula your accounts will love you for. That program provides them an easy system of customer education that promotes customer desire for these problem-solving products - opening a new avenue of service to help their customers end, and avoid wear problems not otherwise possible. It helps attracts more good-paying customers for your account and weakens their competitor advantages.

Your future income begins when you show the programs and prospect selects one for his needs and amount of profit increase he's after. You take orders and the following week deliver the items ordered. Or they are fedex to them. As their inventory is consumed and run low, you restock their inventory.

Work from home. Easy consistent to follow program. Chose your work hours. Earn a new vehicle for free following our spiff program. Hire others to help you as your business grows and you nesd such help, for even more income. Step up to greater profits by becomeing a direct from factor Rep. Our system works! Call now, get more info - its free.

Texas Jobs. If your disposition leans turn Unlimited income rather than an hourly thing. And setting up and maintaining accounts helping locals busineses improve their marketing, competitiveness, and income by following the countires most successful small business growing program - this soon-to-end opportunity may be for you. Work from home. As your accounts prosper, so does your income. Keep adding accounts, keep increasing your income.

Texas Jobs. Sales. Automotive product line. Work from home. New account development. You keep all accounts, future monthly income. Buy area possibility. Good second income. Call 512 665 3388

You follow a 5 step account-getting program. No canvessing.

  1. Send out an annoucment program to likely prospects
  2. Send out what customers like and say using your product.
  3. Send out annoucement about reasearch showing what works and invitation to learn one of the steps free - the first step to theri new business prosperity.
  4. Send out an invite to try a trial started package that will earn them $1000 extra income to take home - which they can repeat every month.
  5. Set up accounts and goals to help their customers request and order your products for all their cars or risk premature wear out as their cars age and wear cause premature wearout problems and costly replacement.

Texas Jobs.
Automotive product line.
Distributors wanted.
Work from home.
Thousands of near-by
business prospects.
Call for infomation.

Texas Jobs: Job Description

New Account Sales.

Send resume to:
Or call Personal for details:
At 1 512665 3388

Automotive product line.

    Products are needed by millions of ageing vehicles for tune up,
    repair, Hi-milaeage oil change services, and to end equipment wear and performances problems. A service contract asuures a loyal consistent business customers want to keep as a self insurance to protect all their vehicles. Non-contract produuct cost is triple the contract price. has no guarantee.

    Your duties after a training period:

      A systematic method is shown you.

      Using this method you ... Visit area auto related businesses.

      Show product line, prices, show product worth,

      Perform a product demonstration.

      This picture shows one demo you are taught to show prospects.

      You also learn to show this impressive demo.

      After a demo is shown, a brief tip on marketing is offered.A review of how our product increases their yearly income $10,000.

      They select one of 4 opening orders. These
      are delivered the following week. Someone will go with you to reiterate the potential. Do more account training - if needed. Arrange for signage, literature needed.

      Accounts are restock by you monthly.

      Above average commissions based on sales.
      See example below

      Work from home. Can be part time.

      Work your own schedule. No clock to punch.

      Developing 50 to 200 accounts is your goal.

      Send resume to:
      Or call Personal for details:
      At 1 512665 3388

Texas Jobs, Sales. Job Description

No automotive skill or knowledge is needed.

A sales background will speed up your learning curve.
No particular personality trait is better. Any will do.
We will show you what’s involved.

A closing question technique pinpoints the need for them to start using our products – as, up till then, no other means to increase their business and success has been given them.

They wait for customers to come in for a fix. Our method gives then 20 different new opportunities to earn up to $200 additional income off each customer.

To begin.

Initial activity includes hand out of our educational literature to 200 to 400 prospects. These highlight tips to increase the prospects customer service and new customer attraction.

A week later a second handout covers specific marketing tips and 7 steps to getting customers to order additional services – using products we provide making the 7 step sales process possible.

A third flyer introduces our program to help them produce and extra $1000 to $5000 monthly using our proven marketing expertise and our products – the only ways for them to earn and extra 50,000 to $100,000 during the next five years.

A flyer gives our introductory special and how they are to proceed in the taking of their business to the next level. A one minute demo you are taught, shows the superiority of our products over all others.

Our flyers teaches them the value of our marketing and product worth to increase per-customer profit $25 to $200 during the coming years. This is what makes them $1000 to $5000 a month income – over what ever else they would earn off each customer. Unlimited Income.

How your commission is made.

Typically, we sell wholesale. An account will buy $200 to $1000 a month to qualify for wholesale prices. Otherwise, they pay retail.

For accounts to make $1000 additional profit each month, the account would need to sell 20 services each month using 20 of our service kits.

Commissions are paid per level of volume for the month. Level 1 to $2000 is $40 per $100. Level 2 to $3000 is $45 per $100. Level 3 to $4000 is $45 per $100. Level 4 to $4000 is $50 per $100.

The 1st month you are covered by being paid $3 for each prospect form you fill out, plus $25 for each account you find to buy $200 or more, plus the 1st level commission.

Commissions are paid for each sale, and each repeat sale you make.

Texas Jobs. Sales. Automotive product line. Work from home. New account development. Favorable product line. Opening new areas. Establish company. Not multi-level. No investment. We train.

Young or retired person OK. Man or women. Disability OK. Easy going nature OK. Sales experience not necessary, but helpful.

You keep all account commissions and future monthly income. We pay per new account you visit and give a report on, besides all commissions on sales. Paid next day on sales.

Buy area possibility for greater income percentage. Fuel allowance.

A good second income for someone. Work own schedule. At least 20 calls a week. 5-6 figure income now being made from commissions.

Texas Jobs, Sales Call us for more details . Job application.

Details by phone. Specify your calling about employment opportunities. Mr. George. Call 1 512 665 3388.

Send resume if you like, to: george2007@grandecom.net

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