Boost your fuel economy and horsepower using
Mega Power Fuel Optimizer.
And now let it give your car years more trouble-free life.

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer boost horsepower output - but increases fuel economy by 20 to 40 miles each tank of fuel by two engine improvements.Mega Power Fuel Optimizer boost horsepower output - but increases fuel economy by 20 to 40 miles each tank of fuel by two engine improvements.

Contact Info: For racing quantities and resale call and ask for pricing and delivery. 512 665 3388.


Mega Power Fuel Optimizer boost horsepower output - but increases fuel economy by 20 to 40 miles per tank of fuel by two engine improvements.

Unlike similar products sold online and in parts stores that are from caustic ingredients, the Mega Power Fuel Optimizer is non caustic, and will not "cake up" in the combustion area.

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer "boost mileage" by two motor  operating improvements:

  1. Making fuel burn slower pushing the piston down with more engine spin is one purpose of Mega Power Fuel Optimizer purpose. One of two horsepower increasing benefits.
  2. Smoothing micro-rough engine parts surfaces taking away friction drag.  Allowing more crankshaft spin, a horsepower second improvement to better fuel economy, and horsepower boosting. 
  3. An Extra : We are including Mega Power's Transmission Protector. Containing Mega Power Product for smoother shifting but, with its transmission horsepower decreasing MC+ to add to the horsepower and fuel economy boosting.  These are the least expensive ways to create more horsepower like when towing or racing. Only the MP Octane Boost item needs addition to the fuel to continue all its features. 


Mega Powers Fuel Optimizer includes MP Octane Boost. MP Fuel Injector Cleaner, and MP OIL TREATMENT. and MP TRANSMISSION TREATMENT. In 12 oz bottles. , [Under $30] gallons, [as low a $69] and in drums [ call for price 512 665 3388  

ORDERING online Sent to your door in 3 days:

4 item Mega Power Fuel Optimizer kit - just $90. 

By using Mega Power Fuel Optimizer, in our Total Engine Service Kit, you boost fuel economy and horsepower. And take away its trouble causing negatives...

Rather than just boost combustion boost and power, fuel economy improvement is also restored when removing accumulated residue and friction resistance in your motor and power train components. In that sense, you're restoring fuel economy and boosting power by removing their negatives - which also is wearing out and running your car into the ground faster.

Excessive friction and residues lower fuel economy and speed up your car wear out by many years. Not good, of course. Mega Power will reverse those negatives - to benefit you in several ways. Shown below.

Fuel economy boosting Mega Power Fuel OptimizerBy using Mega Power Fuel Optimizer, packaged in our total engine service kit, shown here, for a few bucks more, you boost fuel economy and horsepower. And take away its trouble causing negatives...Imagine the good that can do for you.

You may want more protective benefits: the Mega Power Fuel Optimizer Total Engine Protector offers those advantages. 

Boosting your cars fuel economy and horsepower with additives added to the fuel traditionally has been done by octane boosters.

Except for hot rodders, and racers, the motoring public ignores octane boosters. They tend to have a negative, caustic side to them - which is not good for interior part surfaces. But great for power boosting.

Octane boosters- Each pint raises 10 gallons of fuel by 2 points - enough to notice. Helps when towing. For racing, you add a pint to 5 gallons aviation fuel for 2 to 5 point octane increase.

Friction modifiers and conditioners, on the other hand, restore lost horsepower, and release absorbed horsepower. Mega Power Fuel Optimizer includes Friction Modifiers and Conditioners work by cleaning, freeing, and reducing friction to boost power and fuel economy.

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer restores your motors snappy valve and piston ring action, which also reduces misfire - spark mis-fire is  a horsepower lowering factor. Those advantages restore the amount of horsepower lost as your Mega Power motor conditioning takes place as you drive.

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer also includes friction wear modifying and conditioning ingredients, which changes your fast wearing, rough, horsepower absorbing pistons bearings valves and gears - if you install Mega Power into your transmission - into clean smooth slow wearing parts, which transfers the former absorbed horsepower to the wheel speeding up your cars power and speed.

Order Mega power here for all your cars. Your paying for it. You might as well enjoy it by ordering it here - now!

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer Ordering Info

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer includes 6 items including a 12 oz bottle of MP Non-Caustic Octane Booster. Shipped to your door in about 3 days by FedEx. Guarantee includes $25 of phone help free if needed.

Just $75, plus $15 s&h= $90 total. Each order includes a 12 MP Octane Booster for Free. Free Offer subject to change and offered to the first 100 customers. 

Order 2 MPFO Treatments, protect both your cars, save $40. 14 items. $135+ $15s&h=$150 total. Includes 2 $12 12oz bottles of MP Octane Booster = $215 total. Just $175 Order now, Save $40. Subject to an advertised price increase, soon. Order Now!

Order a Mega Power Treatment for your cars transmission $75, and engine optimizing. $90. 9 items. Easy to install. Directions and guarantee. Just $135. Save $30

   More ways than one to boost fuel economy and horsepower.

Those Mega Power products are all fuel economy improvers. Were it possible every additive would contain them. but none can. Besides that one ingredient, Mega Power Fuel Optimizing Products draw more fuel economy from 4 other engine improvements, not just by slowing the combustions burn rate - I shall describe below.

2- Improving fuel fogging through more effective cleaning and lubrication of the injectors moving parts. A horsepower improving state makes more horsepower. Less fuel needed to do so.

3- Removes intake scum and carbon, stopping its blotting effect allowing all the fuel to burn. A horsepower improving state. Less fuel needed to do so.

4- Boosting fuel economy is now possible by the products horsepower resistance lowering negatives in your motors metal-to-metal friction making with MC+ newest anti-friction features.

5- Mega Power's Enhance Lubrication ingredient takes over on metal-to-metal rubbing. A soft surface improvement it gives stops friction drag and horsepower absorbing.

6- Returning sluggish sticky residues to their snap close state enables the ideal trapping of the fuel not allowing its escape. An ideal finish to all the ways Mega Power Fuel Optimizer Boost fuel economy and horsepower to the rear wheels.

True, airplane fuel with its 105 to 110 octane may be the easier route to do so -those who want engine preserving feature go for Mega Power Fuel Optimizer.

Store-bought additive lies

A search of additive product labels may promise improvement, but the street talk contains little talk of any such help noticed.

Since several areas of your motor can have or collect a form of resistance, removing such should recover lost fuel economy. Detailed in this engine valve lifter article.

Types of common fuel economy boosting aids

A device to pump more air and fuel flow into the combustion area is often the best mechanical means to gain added fuel economy. This add-on engine device is called and engine supercharger. Cost rage $3500 up.

A product to clean and free power robbing negatives does not produce the economy improving power restoring results is the next best way. Of course, cleaning a newer clean car not yet infected with sticky residues and acids show little improvement in fuel economy. Mega Power's product for this cost about $65 for the engine and $65 for the transmission.

We call it the Mega Power Fuel Optimizer.

In order cars and trucks to reach lost fuel economy, the removal of negatives by a complex chemical anti-wear gives a return to former fuel economy and returns added zip and performance. Mega Power meets those goals.

Mega Power Engine Fuel Economy Restorer

Using Mega Power's Engine and Transmission Revitalizers is liked and used for its ability to end wear or performance problems - and their preventing of them.  

4 forms of resistance removal is possible with Mega Power

  1. Removal of sticky residues on gas air and oiling surfaces.
  2. Friction modifying - a return of the micro smoothness on the surfaces to keep them moving without drag.
  3. Addition of a protective coating to fill worn spots.
  4. Conditioning of the fuel to burn slower, and to stop drag on rubbing surfaces eliminating their horsepower eating and rich burn negatives.

Mega Power's ability to provide those advantages gives immediate power improvement that reflects a 20 to 40 more miles better fuel economy with each fill up.

Lifetime use of Mega Power as a Mega Power Fuel Optimizer prevents the lost.

Use of Mega Power at a later date restores the lost economy.

of that

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer for engine and transmission. A fuel and motor oil additive.

In older cars and trucks to reach lost fuel economy, the removal of negatives by a complex chemical anti-wear gives a return to former fuel economy and returns added zip and performance.

Using Mega Power's Engine and Transmission Revitalizer./

     Products to service your car engine and transmission is the best way to gain fuel economy. Using friction-removing and residue-removing Mega Power Service Products.

    1. Removal Sticky residues on surfaces on gas air combustion oiling emission and gear surfaces.
    2. Friction modifying - a return of the micro smoothness on the surfaces of each moving part.
    3. Addition of a protective coating to fill worn spots.
    4. Conditioning of the fuel and oils to remove their power eating ways.
Mega Power Transmission Fuel Economy Booster Treatment

Mega Power's ability to provide those advantages gives immediate power improvement that reflects a 20 to 40 more miles better fuel economy with each fill up.

Your cars need Mega Power Fuel Optimizers. Order them here. Get on down the road of life free of negatives driving your cars into the ground years sooner.

Mega Power Fuel Optimizer

Order Mega Power Fuel Optimizer for your engine and transmission -Details:
Protects the motor while enhancing fuel economy 20 to 40 miles per tank. 6 needed for the Motor and 3 for the Transmission. Just add and drive. Working togther is when fuel economy is quickly notice. Sold with a satisfaction guarantee. Sent to your door in 3 days by Fedex. Includes easy to follow directions and free phone help, if needed.

One set each Mega Power for your Engine and Transmission. The Mega Power Fuel Optimizer $160 for both. Order now during our customer get acquainted sale and save $30. Just $130 - includes shipping, directions and guarantee - for a limited time. Offer subject for removal at any time.

Order Mega Power for both cars Engine and transmission - Save $100 Regular priced at $320 for the 18 items, NOW just $199.00 shipped to your door

Mega Power pays for itself in fuel saving and extend the dependable life of your engine and transmission for years longer than other methods of care. Order Mega Power Fuel Optimizers for two cars 18 items - Same guarantee. Larger savings. Just $199, not $320, for a limited time. Order now!

Pictured above, Mega Power for Engine and Transmission Fuel Optimizers promotes the benefit found to consistently improve a vehicles performance and fuel economy. 10% is common savings of fuel.

Product success is a result of removing internal, power deterring sources in motors that can waste one gallon in fuel in 25 i newer cars.

This following article reviews this product shown above, and spoken of in a story by an expert and his attempt to boost fuel economy in his cars.

The quote and link page info begin here:

  • * "There's no more reason to believe the performance claims of most of these devices than their economy claims. Many "performance parts" you can buy in the shop actually do little or nothing; on those that do work, there is no reason to expect better economy as well.
  • Since the huge fuel price spike during the summer of 2005, I have been looking for a variety of options to save fuel. There is a product called Fuel Optimizer by a company called Mega Power that claims to save up to 10% in fuel. Their 2-part kit is an engine oil additive and a fuel additive. I tried it in my Ford Explorer and my MPG went from 14.2 to 15.6 MPG (most all city driving).
  • If you are looking for a product that works, I recommend this product. The company has a website [1] however, there is no direct information about this product on the website. They do have a "Contact Us" link where I think you can find out where to find the product in your local area."

End of quote.


Click Link below to go to the full story and web page. Use back button to return here. Click here... This link takes you to the full page article where the following quote is taken from

The Home page address says this about their site:

"PESWiki is guided by the New Energy Congress, a network of 50+ energy professionals who are dedicated to clean energy technology advancement. Both the NEC and Pure Energy Systems (PES) Network were founded by Sterling D. Allan, CEO. Many others knowledgeable in the industry also help make this site what it is -- a movement for identifying and promoting the best clean energy technologies." Go to the PESWiki Home page.
Mega Power Fuel Optimizer Home Page

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