NEW! Car TuneUp Secret returns a strong smooth operating performance, amazing zip, and more horsepower without need for new parts. 
It is the way me and thousands others have found to keep our cars pickups diesel trucks tractors RV's boats and motorcycles going amazingly new-like when old and with high mileage - years past when others, using other methods of care, must overhaul or replace their vehicles.

Car tuneup help for cars and equipment using Mega Power Car Tune Up AdditivesCar tuneup help for cars and equipment using Mega Power Car Tune Up Additives

Car Tuneup Contact Info: On a cell phone, to ask a question, order items listed by phone, call at 512 665 3388

This engine cleaning car tuneup method restores a like-new performance in older vehicles!

  • I'll show you how to do the same below.
  • This performance improvement process does what it does by complex chemistry that removes years of sticky power robbing residue - even those cause by friction, now choking the life out of your engines. 
    Something a great car tune up and replacing parts can't do.
    It is a chemical tune expertise I teach mechanics to upgrade their repair skills. 

    Having engine performance trouble is worrisome.

    Repair can be tough on your mind and your wallet - and most times, passable, but less than 50% of what's needed - a

    How so? Replacing a few old parts with new, leaves hundreds of your other, dirty, sticky moving engine - and transmission parts, for that matter, sticking. Forced to move and overcome friction - the second, and third horsepower lowering negative.

    That's why today's cars need the new types of cleaning products I'll show you here, that go where new parts - and fuel injector cleaner cannot, to do your car tuneup best fix.

How Mega Power Tune up Treatment works.

    Mega Power provides an exclusive advantage called Friction Modifying.

    Friction Modifying smoothe's and fills any worn wear-roughen piston bearing valve and gear surfaces. Those are internal sources of your problem - this method corrects.

    This Mega Power car tune up treatment gets your car motor running great again in as little as 15 minutes! It ends the worry you motor causes by its cleaning and conditioning advantages.

    A simple Mega Power 2 step install

    A simple Mega Power 2 step install anyone can do uses 3 items to tune the top of your motor components, and 3 products a week later [step 2] during and oil change.

    By installing Mega Power before a tune up cleaning you get your fuel injectors cleaned, your piston combustion area carbon is removed, and at the same time the cleaning frees and cleans piston rings and valves.

    Mega Power may be all the care your cars needs as it cleans car tuneup parts that are just dirty - which it cleans clean.

Ordering info: car tuneup treatment

One Mega Power Engine Tune up Treatment 6 items shown. shipped FedEx to your door with easy to follow instructions, phone help if needed, and guarantee. Just $80 plus $15s&h=$95 State side. Other areas a bit more for shipping.

2 MP Car Tune Up Treatments for 2 cars: just $120+ $15 s&h= $135.00 total. Save $45

For auto repair, lube, or fleet pricing, order 6 Tune up Treatments. $50 each. $300+ $20s&h= $320 total. Save $90.

Have a question, or to order by phone, Call, at 1 512 665 3388 day or evning.

This method works because it cleans and frees six of your motor tuning sub-systems and other motor parts that, when dirty, causes your motor to run like its all wearing out - when all it needs is this Mega Power loving as the fix.

Mega Power restores from 5 to 15 missing engine horse power. Mega Power's friction reducing advantages that restore lost horsepower - see video. Once you're onto this tune up and horsepower recovering secret, you will love giving this tune up care to all your cars and enjoy performance better than what most mechanics can provide.

The special cleaners recommended will end your engine problems of rough idle, stalling, and power loss. Restored performance and the end of those problems becomes possible by the cleaners ability to clean and free sticky piston rings and valves, dirty spark plugs, sensors, and such.

Order below, and have this car tuneup treatment sent to your home in a few days with easy to follow directions and detailed below.

Please note: Mega Power is the brand chosen because Mega Power ends several of your motors internal car tuneup problems like valve tapping, motor control sensors, spark plugs, and even dirty fuel injector caused negatives - you want removed for sure!

Those dirty conditions is what you eventually pay a mechanic $2500 to tear apart and hand clean. They can now be cleaned using Mega Power's new Hi-tech chemistry - and you can do it yourself.

As shown in the picture, those dirty conditions - is what you eventually pay a mechanic $2500 to tear apart and hand clean can now be cleaned using new Hi-tech chemistry - and you can do it yourself.t repair need.

I teach this car tuneup method to mechanics, however, anyone even you, can add them to your gas tank, and motor oil, and drive - driving does the fix, nothing to take apart.

The picture below shows where the cleaners, from Mega Power, go to get the job done. On the way to this motor area six motor sub-systems are cleaned to restore motor performance.

So, let get started on what needs car tune up attention, the products needed, and how to proceed. It takes 15 minutes time.

Car tune up idle, performance  product from Mega Power

Nothing complicated

This car tuneup method starts with a bit of education you can use on all cars to end and avoid avoidable motot problem.

This method gives you brave new car care smarts. Just install, drive a few miles, and it has your motor running good as new and quiet again - just like a pro does it - maybe better, if they don't know this secret...

Where the problem starts

    Car tuneup problems are caused by a worn sensor and spark plugs, or friction and sticky residues.

    The electronics are fixed by a mechanic. This method goes after friction and residue removing to end that source of your problem.

    Friction from wear roughen your motor's pistons, bearings, valves, and gears. This changes them from clean and smooth to wear-roughen, and sticky moving. Those conditions cause your problem, and new products can clean and free and reverse those negative conditions. That is what your car needs.

    What often contributes to a tune up problem, but ignored until now are your pistons, bearings, valves, and gears.

How new products end those problems by freeing and cleaning

    Just as congestion and a cold will deter your top ability to run and play, friction and sticky residues on your motors intake and exhaust valve stem will slow their snap closing such, a space occurs and the lifter will smack the valve stem, creating the tap. This service ends that problem too!

    That slow closing will produce a rough idle if still closing as the piston starts it upward compression of fuel. In that case, the piston will push back out so some of the fuel it was ment to compress for combustion produces a drop in power and a rough idle. This service ends that problem too!

    Even if you don't think so, I'll bet those conditions are the cause of your motor problem. And, this "fix" is what you need to order to end it - guaranteed!

Rough idle and tap can come and go. A second problem that needs ending.

    Blow-by - referring to escappe of that fuel down pass the piston's sticky rings allows gas and exhaust to sludge the oil, causing a new set of problems.

    Study the picture to see where the problem is and new products that go to this area of your motor to tune up the inside, for a great running motor again.

    Begin with your piston: Notice the piston has 2 downward pointing arrows showing "blowby" - a very negatgive engine problem and the father of engine trouble - and this service ends that problem too!

      "Blow-by" will sludge and gel your motor oil. Sludge will gets inside the lifter - a part of the valve adjusting system, and holds open its check valve. This causes the lifters self-adjusting piston barrel to collapse and reduces the opening of the valves. A power reducing negative this service ends, also.

      This is the second cause of lower power output and causes engine valves to stick, causes knocks and tap tap tapping - sounding like a bolt is lose inside your motor. If you don't have that problem yet - you will. This service ends that problem too!

      Are any of those conditions robbing your motor of its full power potential? Probably so!

      Mega Power Car Tuneup Cleaners end those problems

      The special cleaners clean and free the lifter. This allows oil to again push the lifter adjusted up, and - the motor will again run strong and smooth.

        Mega Power Engine Tune Up Treatment.

      Mega Power, the inside motor tuneup product.

      This engine tune up treament from Mega Power will end those 3 internal problems. To do so, Mega Power cleans both the combustion area rings and valves, and oil side valve lifters.

      Combining friction modifying, and with special cleaners, and oil conditioners, that go where oil cannot the motor will again function like when near mnew - an amzing achivement.

      If you read this far, you may want to order this product to get your car running geeat again.

    Ordering information: Car Tune Up Treatment

    The Mega Power Engine Tune Up Treatment sent to your home with instructions - and my personal phonee help, if needed. Call in your order now.

      Includes the 6 Car tuneup items shown

      One Mega Power Engine Tune up Treatment 6 items shown. shipped FedEx to your door with easy to follow instructions, phone help if needed, and guarantee. Just $80 plus $15s&h=$95 States side. Other areas a bit more for shipping.

      2 MP Car Tune Up Treatments for 2 cars: just $120+ $15 s&h= $135.00 total. Save $45

      For auto repair, lube, or fleet pricing, order 6 Tune up Treatments. $50 each. $300+ $20s&h= $320 total. Save $90.

      Have a question, or to order by phone, Call, at 1 512 665 3388 day or evning.

      End rough idle, miss, stalling, noise, power loss

      End oil burning, valve and lifter tap, and lousy fuel economy

      End smelly exhuast and excessive tail pipe smoke, and moisture

      Restore like-new smooth, powerful car performance in minutes

    With this method

      You end that wear and residue problem not possible before.

      You will enjoy faster cold morning starts, smoother idling, and great performance as you pull away from stop signs, pull into freeway traffic, and pass slow traffic.

      This review shows the cause and how to end the above listed problems.

    Problems solved that people ask Mega Power to end:

    • "My motor runs a little "rough. I did a tune up. Why?"
    • "I have new spark plugs. But it runs like it has a "miss" on one of the cylinders. Why?"
    • "My car waste more fuel than it use to. Why?"
    • "My motor is noisier - It has a tap it didn't use to have. Why?"
    • "My car's exhaust smell is "strong. Why?"
    • "My car failed Emission Inspection. Why?"

    The 6 internal problem causing motor areas that your problem comes from - not just your dirty fuel injectors.

    This review shows you how to easily clean those 6 areas ending your problem, using specific Mega Power Products made for that purpose.

    1. Fuel system - tank, filter, fuel injectors, engine idle circuit

    2. Air and gas intake, exhaust sensors, catalytic converter

    3. Combustion area related parts - top piston ring, intake and exhaust valves, valve stems and oil seal, spark plug,

    4. Oiling system cleaning, hydraulic lifter oil pump check valve, lower piston rings, pistons bearings, valves, shafts and gears, and such

    5. Oil conditioning and co-polymer anti-wear for parts to slide easily on

    6. Friction reducing and healing of worn-rough surfaces

      When you are through reading this review you will have learned a powerful, car-saving, money saving method of care that will last you your whole life.

    Lets begin by looking at the main problem area - that this method I call a tune up treatment uses to ends your motor problem

      Please note the arrows in the drawing of your motors combustion area

      1. Those by the side of the piston

      2. The valve heads

      3. and the valve stems

      4. Piston blow-by

      5. Oiling system - not shown but cleaned

      6. Emission smog reducing system -not shown but cleaned

      7. Friction modifying - shown in a video

        They produce all internal causes of the above problems.

        Details of the other sub-systems Mega Power Car Tune Up Treatment covers to end tune-up problems are listed in detail on the links in this page and any refernece page you go to.

    What you want to know is this:

      Your car tuneup needs 4 types of cleaning and 2 types of protectors - to free, clean, and friction modify to end your car tune up problem.

      Ends this car tune up problem inside your motor

      The Mega Power Car Tune Up Treatment How-to-install-it detailed below, covers those and other sub-systems to get your car running great again.

    Did you know:

      Dirty internal conditions cause rough idle, loss of power, miss, smelly exhaust, tap, oil burning - and makes you feel like your motor is heading for a costly, $2000 motor overhaul. It is! If not stopped.

    Where problem areas are - is where Mega Power goes

      Power-robbing residue and friction caused conditions cause sticky pistons rings, valves, bearings, and gears surfaces are cleaned.

      Those negatives surfaces absorb power that use to send you zipping down the road - are now waster overcoming end.

      The Mega Power Tune Up Treatment - shown here, goes into those areas and four more areas to end your problem and have you zipping down the road again.

      Motor Cleaning products. Mega Power Brand

      Those products

      And, my instruction contain the important secret tune up tips thousands of vehicle owners and mechanics use. They avoid unnecessary expense, reduce anxiety, end tune up problems the inside of your motor has.

      You already seen where the areas this car tuneup product goes to work on. Now, this Demo takes a moment to help you understand the uniqueness of Mega Power's friction reducing advantages.

      After you watch the demo, come back for the details and ordering info, below. Bookmark this page.

      Car tuneup, tune tips, tune up products. What you need to know...

      The old car tuneup idea was to get a car tuneup two years or so. That's the old way. Cars are different today and need new tuning methods and products.

      The new tuneup way is to drive until a performance problem, miss, rough idle, stalling, tap, smelly exhaust or power loss occurs, then do a tuneup to end them.

        The new way implies doing more than changing spark plugs, filters, dirty oil, and failed sensors when needed.

        It means a serious internal engine cleaning is needed.

        That is the time to replace worn spark plugs, sensors, an instal anti-wear to protect the motor against enemies to its longer life. Before it gets worst.

        Mega Power Invented this Tuneup Treatment to clean and reduce friction. I'll show you how to use this treatment below.

      Please note the the items cleaned as shown on the product box.
      Picture: What a Mega Power Tune Up Cleans

      Here are the instructions - that come with it:

      When you get ready to install them - I'll be there by phone to guide you - if anything is unclear. Anyone - not just mechanics can install this product easily.

      To use the 6 Mega Power Car Tuneup Products - follow these two simple steps!

      Step one:

      1. Add the red bottle #S injector cleaner to the fuel tank.
      2. Add the black bottle #F valve and ring cleaner to the motor's oil.
      3. Install the yellow #I combustion cleaner into the motors air intake. I'll show you how.

      Step Two. One week later, you change you oil, in this way:

      1. Add the yellow #ES to the motor oil for 5 minutes,
        then replace dirty oil and filter.
      2. To the new oil add the two bottles #E and #10 to the new oil. That is it! Driving does the actual work and fix - in minutes. You're done! Enjoy your cars quiet, smooth, zip and performance, again! Guaranteed!

      These simple car tuneup tips & secrets are

        These are the only known way to Clean, Free, Smooth, and Coat every part in your motor and its 6 sub-systems

        - instead of taking it apart for $1,500 to $3000 to remedy the problem. Now, you don't have too - just live with it.

      Car tune up Demo... !

      Ordering information

      To have this Mega Power Engine Tune Up Treatment sent to your home with instruction - and my personal help Call in your order now.

        Includes the 6 Mega Power Car tuneup items shown

        One Mega Power Engine Tune up Treatment 6 items shown. shipped FedEx to your door with easy to follow instructions, phone help if needed, and guarantee. Just $80 plus $15s&h=$95 States side. Other areas a bit more for shipping. br>

        2 Treatments for 2 cars: just $120+ $15 s&h= $135.00 total. Save $45

        For auto repair, lube, or fleet pricing, order 6 Tune up Treatments. $50 each. $300+ $20s&h= $320 total. Save $90.

        Have a question, to order; Call at 1 512 665 3388

        Shipped to your door in 2-4 days with easy-to-follow- instructions, our money-back guarantee, if not delighted.

      Learn more about other Car tuneup secrets for your engine and transmission

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