Winning race teams engine endurance additive.
Race team finds winning edge discovery.  Now ending engine problems for car owners.

Winning race teams engine endurance discovery takes away engine problem causes. Now lowering cost to end engine problems for car owners.

Dear Vehicle Owner, …

.....AND who keeps their vehicles on the road for longer….???

    Winning race teams engine endurance additive discovery.

    Now, it’s easy to prevent the most common causes of breakdown - before they appear!

    Imagine ending car trucks equipment problems which rarely needs major repairs, and never lets you down. 

    Just imagine the money you save and inconvenience that would avoid.

    A distant fantasy? Not at all...

    My name is George Christ. I’ve been a mechanic for 50 years using that system. And during this time I assure you, from my and my customers’ experience, it’s a reality!

    All thanks to those [what I call a ]  “Winning race teams engine endurance discovery” by returning the newer like state in every engine system - not just ending engine problems, but also giving any vehicle years of great anti-wear endurance life to enjoy. 

    Their discovery they taught me and others to profit off of, which Cleans Up and Frees Up, then Coats every part with a slippery trouble-ending state [works only in that order] is what we want yyou to use to enjoy those same benefits  

    Since then.... another company - added to its usefulness. They let me promote the latest version to everyone.

    Mega Powers Engine Treatment [with a team of researchers ] invented other multi-purpose problem ending formulas, and I now make know its secrets at this web site : ..not just to mechanics, but to anyone wanting a good shortcut to end most any engine problem, but prevent them too!

    Now made easier than ever, not just mechanics, but car and equipment owners to end today's Hi-Tech Engine problems economically. Saving engine in a green way to last years longer.

    I created a 2 step way using those additives so  powerful to ending engin problems just by mechanics, to turn back your vehicle's to its best state - and keep it there as long as you like.

   A brief read of what is now possible follows with the worn motor treatment] by their inventions - gives you the power to do so.

   Have at hand also, regardless of mileage, the Mega Power way to ] clean, restore, and protect the most important parts in every component of your car - from bumper to bumper. Not just turn back time on your old engine. I call my Worn Motor Treatment and Fixer!

   The Worn Motor Treatment creation is the first and still only complete engine treatment! Its 6 features reduces engine friction to boost horsepower and endurance. Some call it their: Winning Edge to eliminate the 6 most common causes of engine issues:

  1. Oil blockages and sludge.  
  2. Carbon buildup 
  3. Residues 
  4. Friction 
  5. Binding 
  6. Horsepower absorption 

   And it’s so easy to treat your vehicle with Mega Power's Worn Motor Treatment.  Just pour it into your vehicle’s fuel and oil chambers … and drive! Here's how Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment rejuvenates your engine:

   ✔ Reduces engine “wear and tear” by increasing oil circulation to all parts – destructive friction is decreased, Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment helps you avoid the number one cause of engine failure.

   ✔ Stops oil becoming a destructive, sludgy, sticky mess – as you drive your oil becomes dirty and thick. Eventually it blocks fuel flow and causes a reduction in power. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment uses carbon technology to clean your oil and keep it working effectively for longer.

   ✔ Restores sticky piston rings, valves, bearings, gears, and sensors – dirt and acid builds up on these parts slashing their lifespan. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment cleans and freshens while leaving a special slippery coating to keep them clean as you drive.

   ✔ Prevents expensive oil leaks – when your vehicle looses oil, metal scrapes on metal causing premature wear and, potentially, a seized engine. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment finds and fills worn areas and holes with its special copolymer coating.

   ✔ Restores power and lost acceleration – If your fuel injector’s blocked or clogged you can lose up to 20% of your acceleration. Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment lubricates and forces sludge out your injector, so it runs like new.

   ✔ Works better the more you drive – Mega Power constantly works to clean and maintain your engine. The more you drive, the better Mega Power Worn Motor Treatment works!

   Click here to rejuvenate your engine and save thousands in costly repairs today.

Announcing Mega Power Transmission Treatment It costs an average $2,600 to replace a faulty transmission. Now you can reduce the chance of yours ever failing for just <> The most common causes of a faulty transmission are:  Leaking transmission fluid  Clogged transmission fluid filter  Broken transmission bands  Broken transmission gears  Ruptured transmission deals Mega Power Transmission Treatment inhibits these problems before they cause irreversible damage to your car. The 4 ways Mega Power Transmission Treatment protects your transmission: 1. Stops clunky, jerky gear changes – by smoothing rough worn surfaces, reducing friction and “wear and tear”. 2. Prevents fluid leaks – by finding and filling worn areas and holes with its special co-polymer coating.[protection]. 3. Reduces wear and tear – using an advanced transmission conditioner which neutralizes acids, and removes sticky blockage-causing residue 4. Cleans and restores essential transmission parts – by lubricating all moving parts as you drive, including your shift pistons, bearings, gears, and shift valves. <> - <> Don’t wait until your transmission fails, get miles more out of it with Mega Power Transmission Treatment.

 Introducing Mega Power Radiator Service When your radiator fails, your engine [ and transmission [rapidly overheats with [sudden ] potentially disastrous consequences. [ Overheatings danger to an engine is it sets up its failure as heat - over 400 degrees takes the lubrication factor out of oil. Simply put, it allows friction as heat You could blow your head gasket – a $4,000 repair. Yet most radiator failures are preventable. How Mega Power Radiator Service safeguards your radiator: ✔ Eliminates scum build up – this dangerous blanket stops heat escaping from your engine ✔ Neutralizes acids – these hole eaters ruin your gaskets, springs, and radiator coils ✔ Cools your engine – draws heat away 20% faster than other radiator products. Don’t wait until you’re stranded by the road with steam pouring out your bonnet! <> - <> Protect and restore your radiator system for only <> At last! The power steering service you can do yourself Does your steering wheel “screech” when you’re turning a bend? Is it tougher to turn than it used to be? Faulty power steering system isn’t just noisy, it’s dangerous. If it fails while you’re driving, you’re in real trouble. A new power steering pump costs $400-600, and a new steering rack can cost an eyewatering $2,000. The smart choice is to use Mega Power’s P ower Steering Service for just <> Service your power steering from the comfort of your own home: ➔ Reduce the buildup of harmful residues – lubricate all moving parts so dirt and sludge can’t build up. These are a common cause of heavy and noisy steering. ➔ Make steering effortless – “grease” the steering system and reduce friction as you turn your wheel. ➔ Clean your hydraulic system – eliminate sludge and other “goo” which can interfere with steering performance. ➔ Guard against leaks – leaking steering fluid will completely ruin your power steering within a few miles. <> - <> Keep you and your loved ones safe from dangerous power steering breakdowns. Did I mention your cast iron, no quibble, 100% risk free, 60 day money back guarantee? I’m so confident you’ll be delighted with your Mega Power products, you can try them risk free. If you don’t feel they improve your vehicle’s performance after 60 days, just let me know and I’ll send you a full refund – no questions asked. Revive and protect your vehicle today All Mega Power products come with easy to follow, step-by-step instructions. But if you need help, call me. We can even Facetime so I can look over your shoulder. <> - <> If you’re interested in getting Mega Power for your vehicle, please don’t delay. Order yours today. Why not do it right now before something else distracts you? Best, <> <>

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