Why valves tap? Easy-to-use remedy anyone can install that quiets tapping an avoids its costly repair need.

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Easy to install remedies anyone can use that quiets tapping an avoids a repair need.

What you should know about your engine tapping.

  • With valves,  a tar-like residue slows their snappy closing speed causing a space to appear. 
  • With each engine rotation the valve space closes with the hammer-like tap you hear. That is not good, of course!
  • There are now 2 ways to end your problem.

The mechanic's way to end valve tap

Most mechanic's tell car owners with engine tapping they need  a $2000+ engine overhaul. This is to replace dozens of $20 to $40 a piece valve-parts, pay for machine shop engine "head work," and 7 to 10 days for hand cleaning and re-assembly - as your remedy.

Of course, actual repair is good!  The addition of new clean shinny  valves  - the noise makers when dirty, will  quiet your engine an restore smoothness again! I've done lots of those engine repairs, and they work well to quiet the engine problem.

Why valves tap? 2 methods for a fix.

An alternative to repair.

Our way, the Mega Power Valve Treatment ends the tap and restores quiet smoothness, and at lower cost.

Today's car do not need a drastic repair to clean and thereby quiet valve tapping. Hi tech products like the Mega Power Valve Treatment will do the cleaning that quiets the tap, and at way less cost than actual repair cost. I suggest you try the Mega Power method first! Its simple. cheap. fast. Guaranteed!

Mega Power is made as a new car engine protector to prevent valve tap.

Our Mega Power Valve Treatment- shown above uses 6 ingredients found to end the tap. That's what you want - Right? sure!

Mega Power's success comes from their unique products, and my way of installing the 6 items f shown you to quiet valve tapping. 

  • The treatment comes with 6 items. Simple directions included. You start by using 3 cleaners to clean and free the top of your motor where residues collect on valves from the combustion side. Next...
  • Then 3 are added a week later, during oil change to clean the  valve lifter parts, and valve stems, from the oil side. That is the only way to stop your tap! Mega Power is easy to install. Driving does the actual fix. Is that what you're after?

Order this Mega Power Valve Cleaning Treatment today. Have a quiet and smooth motor tomorrow! Avoid a big repair hit, yet have a quiet, stronger running car doing so with Mega Power. 

Mega Power comes with 6 items shown.  Includes easy-to-follow directions, Guarantee. Includes phone help if needed during installation, a $25 value. Shipped by Fedex to your door in 3 days. Just $85 plus $15 s&h total $95. Order now... 

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