Why does my engine burn oil? Is it time for additives? Our review shows you the latest, best, cheapest additives to end your problem, with tips, shipping, guarantee info

Why does my engine burn oil? Is it time for additives?

It use to be that when your motor has 100,000 or more miles on it, it will begin to use oil.

Now, with new additives to control oil burning, years more good miles can be had from cars and heavy equipment - thereby avoiding costly overhauls, as the remedy.

The most common reason for your motor to use oil is your engines sticky piston rings. These bracelet-like rings  - when freely functioning, fill the space between your pistons and the cylinder they go up and down in.

When stuck in their grooves - they lose their outward stretch  - thereby opening up the way for your motor's oil to get sucked up into the combustion cycle. From there, its send out he exhaust pipe into the air.

As shown in the picture, the left side and right side arrows pointing downward - if you reverse them, shows how sticky piston rings open a space to allow your motor oil to escape.

Any mechanic will gladly dismantle your motor and replace those piston rings - thereby ending the problem at cost of $2000 up.

What additives do to control oil burning.

There is a big difference in this new product compared to common part store additives like Lucas, Restore, and STP, sold for that condition.

Lucas, Restore, and STP depend on a sticky, honey-like ingredient to make oil itself sticky and too thick to escape as fast - and burn away. That's all you get and what you get bogs down an already sticky loaded condition in your motor. That part is not good, of course. Nothing is done to solve other problems contributing to oil burning.

A new "chemical thin-based product" from Mega Power, using new anti-wear chemistry, a cleaning and freeing conditioner, and 2 other wear reducing and friction modifying ingredients "does as it says to end oil burning" - customers with high mileage oil burning cars and equipment, tell us.

Customers tell us, they get a "tune up thrown in," and a "smoother, more dependable car or tractor as the product works in. That because wear roughen surfaces on your pistons bearings valves and gears - changes from rough to smooth - reducing a serious friction condition older engines develop that multiplies wear out speed. Another ingredient MC+ then coats to fill worn spaces - making for more compression and smoother running motor. That is good!

As you may know, engine overhaul at over $3500, is the repair approach. Mega Power is not equal to that but does returns years more great oil burning free service - at a fraction of overhaul cost. Ordering info below.

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