The help for cars not broken, but not running right that new additives fix.

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Start the benefits to making car driving more enjoyable, trouble free, by ending its problem - - Why pay for costly repair when new options given here by means of me, and my expertise about additive usage  will benefit you more!

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Other things of interest...

These tune and repair options feature new types of problem-solving products to end wear, residue and mechanical problems chemically - and they work as you drive to end your engine transmission radiator steering and a/c  wear and tear problems - before the affected parts fails completely, thereby ending the need for actual repair. Which I'm sure, that's the help you want. 

This site is not a Madison Avenue Ad Agency ploy, but My own and other mechanics and Researchers remedies - I put in recipe format with simple to follow directions. 

Your fix will be a great low-cost DIY option, with tips directions and products field proven to restore your car's engine transmission or other component's strong performance again.

You want that benefit as an option to, I suppose!

Here how this Auto Tune Up and Repair Options page helps you. It explains this method -  and send you to the remedy page with tips, and explanation of your problem, and product for its   remedy. All for you to enjoy being in control of ending your cars problem - this better way.                                                  

Just think about this option for fixing your car.

   Do you know how, when a car engine or transmission suddenly acts up, the sudden anxiety flows over you that this is going to cost you a lot of money, you may not have?

   Or the fear that the trouble upsetting your car will cause a break down on the freeway, and perhaps cause a major traffic tie up. Those are real fears. 

   After taking apart hundreds of engines and transmissions, ready for overhaul, or needing some internal trouble-causing part replaced, Researchers found, 95% of engine transmission and radiator trouble results from acid-loaded residues, too sticky to drain out when changing the oil or fluids - even when using synthetic oils.

Additives to end car wear and tear problems.

Formulas and product to end car problems 

   Of the hundreds of additives sold, only a few are have research develop and then field-tested formulas proven to remove those problem causing residues and restore the engine transmission performance again.

Which products are they, and how do you find and install them?

   That, as a mechanic became my quest.

   I found that brand, and explains how they work, and how to use the right one to prevent preventable troubles, and fix those that research found can fix.

   This information - given below, explains to what extent this is possible - and, how well worth-it it is to use them - for a better running car, and to save, or avoid spending a lot on surprising, and unexpected internal wear and tear problems  - that if not fixed this way, will be costly - the normal way. introduces the few products that could help your ailing car truck tractor or machine -

  • Run a lot better - years longer!
  • Maybe, reduce the problem it has.
  • Then, keep it from getting worst - 
  • So you wouldn't have to have it repaired or replaced for 6 months to a year or so? 
  • That's the option offered with products we found and cover here on auto tune up and repair options.
  • Thousands of car truck tractor RV boat and motorcycle owners have discovered just that kind of help here.
  • They chose the option to use what I call "problem solving" products that avoid or put off repair your car is needing. 
  • Imagine that! A "mechanic in a can" fix for mechanical problems - chemically, shown on the page covering your wear and tear engine transmission radiator steering or A/C problem.
  • However....
  • If there's an actual broken part - please seek repair help  on other sites. 
  • Here... at auto tune up and repair options - we cover fixes for those vehicle problems where its a running, shifting problems that wear, sludge and friction are present - but have not caused actual failure - yet!
  • That's the good news about auto-tune-up-and-repair-
  • Here, How  auto-tune-up-and-repair- fixes work. 
  • As a mechanic - but with expertise in the use of problem-solving chemistry, along with the few experts who do the actual discovery of formulas  - which me and other mechanics test and promote in our own shops, I have taken those that work and listed them here for you and other mechanics who want to  be educated in their use - to avoid the common repair for them. Make sense to you?
  • Try the auto tune up and repair options for your problem
  • You will be amazed -like we constantly are that they work - just as I'm suggesting - they reduce, or  eliminate  the  problem - so its not an issue - and you can avoid the actual repair for 6 months to a year - or more!
  • Just reducing the problem, or holding it at that level so it won't get worst - IS THAT A VALUE YOU ARE AFTER?
  • And you can live with it for the next 6 months to a year, or so until you can get the hundreds or thousands saved up to overhaul your car - to end the problem.
  • OK, you now know the option at auto tune up and repair options,com HAS IT FOR YOU.
  •  Book mark this auto tune up and repair options page - and tell family and friends about us, thanks for that! They may need this auto tune up and repair options equipment care help, too!
  • Here's what a few customers have said about my auto tune up and repair options for their car problem.

When new, your car's pistons, bearings, valves gears seals and sub-systems   were shinny smooth, clean, and fitted close together. That's when your car created the most power, great zip, best fuel economy - and ran trouble-free!

Over time however, acids, high temperatures, and extreme pressures, along with sticky residues change those clean, shinny parts and systems to dirty, wear roughen, and difficult to move.

As dirty conditions slow the movement of piston rings, exhaust valves, gear shift valves, injectors, sensors, fuel delivery, and lower horsepower development your car or heavy equipment operates poorly like you do with the flu.

The tips and products here undue the problem and get your car running great again - or keeps them trouble free indefinitely - customers tell us. That's my experience, also! Right now....

Those negatives inside your engine or transmission create one of over 400 problems - and often the premature wear out of the weakest part. That is what we can stop to prevent their failure - avoiding repair  for years and years.  You want that benefit, too, don't you? Sure. In the mean time...

They cause such conditions like valve tap, sludge build-up, oil burning, rough shift, leaks, overheating, and power decline, and such you're having a problem with now! So here is how we help you, and what to do about it!

The good news is that by testing and research, along with advances in modern chemistry, the auto tune up and repair options web site shows you what new products can now chemically end  the noise, end loss of power, rough idle and engine miss, stop oil burning, rough shifting,  overheating, steering squeal, leaks and such - problem your vehicle has.

Even those - especially even when you think it from worn conditions. Is this what your'e after? Read on...

How possible.

First of all, dirty conditions makes your performance problem and think your car is worn out when its not - if run untreated.

New problem-solving products can reverse and fix all that out of a can! 

This is possible by a company called Mega Power's whose products end problems by ability to change your car's dirty pistons, bearings, valves gears seals and sub-systems back to shinny smooth, clean, and close-fitting again. That ends your problem -believe it or not - out of a can!

I was so impressed after testing Mega Power in my customers cars and my own - and the amazing results obtained, I became a distributor of the product line. Further testing of all other additives made me an expert in this niche.

What to expect!

The auto tune up and repair options will - as the fix, will return your car  back to its great zip,power, best fuel economy it had at first. "Oh." You say. "My car runs strong" - it just has this little problem that needs ending" - but not so, as you will see - proving that what I say is so! 

Which auto tune up and repair options do that - you ask? 

My name is George Chris, I’m the Internets and mechanics expert trainer in all this. I’ll help you too! I teach mechanics all this who want to learn. I’ll help you to! First, this is good to know...

This is how I developed this auto tune up and repair alternative - that gives you a new and better, even cheaper option to restoring your car back to a years before great running condition. That's what you're after, isn't it? Sure!

Over the years me and others figured out the answer to that question - which products do that? And how can you find the right one to install to end your problem? And how are you assured those products will do so to get your cars back running good as new? The answer...

On the auto tune up and repair options page you go to, I’ll explain in easy to understand fashion what products are needed and how to easily install them – just by adding and driving to end your car problem in a few miles of driving!

The answer is in something called MC+ invented by Mega Power.

MC+and me is the new way to fix to day's car chemically.

If your mechanic pays attention to use my tips product and help - that will make his tune up and repair the right, best, most impressive fix -and best ever!

My auto tune up and repair options are mostly out of a can and I guarantee they will quickly get you on down the road of life smiling and enjoying your car again! Please note: If its broke and you need that help, other sites offer that help for you. 2 refunds last 267 days.

What you need and how to order the items needed to end your car problem.

Read on to learn more.

Scan the rest of the page for links that help.

Click a button on the left to find the help you need.

Buy the engine transmission radiator product below, or those customize for a particular problem solving on another page.

Call me. End. george 512 665 3388

Here, you will become smarter about your cars and equipment care and wear and tear running, shifting problem – and have it run as good as new again - in a way that pays you for their usage –before failure occurs. End....

  • Dirty trouble-causing internal conditions cause those problems
  • Throw in a little wear and tear to aggravate the once clean smooth internal smooth operation of hundreds of parts.
  • You now have what causes valve tap, oil burning, rough shift, leaks, overheating, and 400 other performance problems.
  • That's not new news - as those conditions have been occurring since motorized vehicles were invented more than a hundred years agao!
  • What is news worthy is that with the help of research, new chemistry, formulations and me , you have great new easier ways to end those problems.
  • Doing so results on lowering the cost to car and equipment owners and mechanics where, for under a few hundred dollars, you now have a way to fix mechanical performance caused problems that use to require $2000 to $5000 in repair cost to end. 
  • Those are the new options for you today, and this is the Internet's only site, to teach you about them!
  • As mechanics use these same products, they produce much better tune up and repair results that impresses both customers and mechanics - and customers return for more of the same for their good cars.
  • Fleet owners see a 10 to 50% lower cost per mile or hour operation as fewer repairs occur, and years longer great operation results - avoiding premature replaement expense.

What I discovered to end those valve tap, oil burning, rough shift, leak, overheating, and 400 other wear, residue performance problems.

As a mechanic, I found 95 out of 100 times, sticky residues and wear causes most car truck tractor RV boat or motorcycle problems. However...

And... as long as no internal part has actually broken and failed, if your clean and polish those dirty parts - like you clean and wax a dirty, faded car finish, the engine and transmission will run great again.

Mega Power will clean, recondition and smooth those ailing parts chemically. The results are the ending of over 400 problems they cause - and a return of the cars former great running operation!

Usage of Mega Power as I show you becomes a healing factor Mega Power gets its name from. This is because it chemically restores near like-new performance by removing your

  • Dirty trouble-causing internal conditions causing those problems.
  • Chemically ends wear and tear conditions that add to the trouble.
  • Does so by cleaning. smoothing, and reconditioning internal operation of hundreds of parts.

That's what you want to occur, right? Then do the following...

I found, if you follow the recipe I give you, you can rid your car and equipment of those problem-causing negatives chemically.

This is the auto tune up and repair option that will return your engine transmission or other component back to a years earlier state! And it will just run great again, afterward, I guarantee it!

I've tested every known additive to find Mega Power had  those advantages. Then sold them to other mechanics. They now could profit off ending wear and performance problems their customers cars had, with those Mega Power Products.

Over the years that experience has made me the countries expert on additives.

So, you have those auto tune up and repair options here to provide the recipes for each problem anyone can follow us mechanics and chemist discovered.

You will find this site shows mechanics and car and equipment owners what works and what to avoid that's harmful, and what and how to end the problem chemically to restore the cars former great performance.

That's what your car and your budget needs! Otherwise - it will continue to rapidly slide into a costly repair need. 

You want to avoid that situation, don't you? Order Mega Power below.

The Mega Power Treatment shown above is the engine treatment that actually ends engine problems - with its unique advantages. There is a similar Mega Power Treatment for the transmission, radiator, power steering and a/c problems. 

Originally, Mega Power was a service treatment for  brand new cars. I just added more Mega Power cleaners, conditioners, friction modifiers and co-polymers in certain combinations I found, ends specific problems - which is covered on the page title listing your problem.

So, what in Mega Power?

  • Special cleaners, conditioners, friction modifiers, and a protective slippery film called MC+, your trouble causing conditions disappear.
  •  - and returns a great running performance to your car again! Is this the option you're looking for? 
  • Tens of thousands of vehicle owners agree!
  • Does the same in transmissions, also.
  • Actual repair can run $3000 or more. Our method is just under $100.

I'm sure, that's what you need.

Find the Details of this auto tune up and repair option given on the page you go to listing the problem you want ended. That page shows why you should give them a try.

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